September 2nd, 2010

A Good Day For Donuts: Cesc Fabregas Joins Twitter

Yessss! I’m logged on! Cescy hails his technological breakthrough.

Our F5 love Cesc Fabregas is on twitter. He’s followed the likes of other Spanish ‘ballers like Xabi Alonso (who tweets about Dexter), Sergio Ramos (who tweets photos like this) and Alvaro Arbeloa (who confirmed Cesc officially today) on the twitterverse.

FYI, if Cesc ever mentions his love of donuts on twitter, we’ll be shutting down as all our hopes and dreams will have been met and gratified.

PS: You’re part of the Kickette Army on twitter, yes?

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94 Responses to “A Good Day For Donuts: Cesc Fabregas Joins Twitter”

  1. mary mundia says:

    My gosh am so glad that cesc has joined twitter only that am wondering why he does not return my message or maybe he hates beautiful kenyan ladies i do not expect him to do that any way no hard feelings am just happy for him and hope that he will be active like the rest of us.Cheers and youll sleep tyte

  2. Inés says:

    I’m following him since the beginning!
    like, I guess, many of us!

    • R Madrid says:

      Iker and Higuain r on Twitter! Official in realmadrid's official web! @ikcasillas @real_higuain

  3. Saniker_Cescy says:

    LOL.Alas!after waiting for sooooo long, cescy finally made himself known to the twitter world much to our bliss.

  4. Barca4life says:


  5. Elsebeth says:

    I found his sister on twitter, but i dont want to follow her. Must be weird for her to have so many followers just because her brother is famous. She is probably nice but still

  6. cherryboomboom says:

    OMFGGGGGG Cesc is seriously getting twitter crazy !

    Like he goes on it a lot and keeps on "twitpic-ing"


  7. Steph says:

    I’m SO glad he got a Twitter! :D As soon as his sis said he got one, I started following him. lol. Then Arbeloa confirmed it the next day and tweeted to him, it was so cute. :P Seriously, following these Spain boys on Twitter is awesome. And did anyone else notice Cesc tweets in three languages? lol, I love it!

    • Steph says:

      Also, I wonder if anyone has tweeted pics of donuts to him yet? haha.

      • YasminMarisa says:

        Oh my god that is such a good idea! Love the way you think. ;) Not sure if anyone has done it but I usually get doughnuts from this market near my grandma's house so maybe next time I'll take a picture and tweet it to him. Do you think he'll mind that it's not Krispy Kremes? Lol. And if I do should I mention you in the tweet?

        • Steph says:

          haha, thanks! :P OMG, that would be hilarious! You should and see if he replies! Nah, I don't think he will. They're still donuts. :P OMG, haha. If you want, sure! I'm seriously considering doing this, too. lol.

          • YasminMarisa says:

            Lol ok I'll definitely do it next time I get donuts then! Haha. You should too. We can both do it! And if you want I can include you in the tweet just let me know what your username is. If you want. :) It would be so funny though if he replies! Lol. =))

            • Steph says:

              haha, awesome! Yeah, I’m thinking about it! I’ll probably go and get some donuts just for that. :P Oh, sure! I’m bbaddict22 on Twitter. What’s your username? I’ll follow you. :D

              • YasminMarisa says:

                Cool thanks I'll follow you too. My names YasminMarisa. Same as it is on here. I'm getting donuts today! Hehe. Tweet will be coming soon! ;)

                • Steph says:

                  Oh, yay. :) K, I'll go follow you back. Haha, really? Yay! :D Can't wait to see it! lol.

                  • YasminMarisa says:

                    Just sent the tweet hope it worked! Took a while though cos I forgot my phone so had to use my camera to take a picture of it instead. Then i forgot to add the picture in the tweet. All done now though! Yay! :)

  8. Barca4life says:

    What is with Fabregas and donuts?? How could I have missed this?

  9. Dedo-7 says:

    OMG i have to sign up in twitter if i learned how to use btw i thought facebook is the best site for these things….
    does anyone have an advice for me ? :s

    • Cesc' Mia says:

      You know Dedo-7?
      That’s just the same thing I did just now !
      Just after i read saw this post on Kickette, i decided to create a twitter account right away!!

      I too don’t know how to use twitter very well but i guess it’s worth the try for my dear Cescy,, :)

      And i too am a fan of Facebook, from what i heard, Cesc has his own official Facebook account, but I haven’t found it yet.

      I suggest you do what i did, create a Twitter account!
      Seriously, it’s gonna worth the struggle if you love Cesc as much as i do!! :)

  10. raven says:

    HELL YEAH! My mind broke down the minute the read this on Carlota's twitter. FINALLY! CESC-Y HAS A TWITTER! askhfalsefuhvsak.dHFvp!! I've been waiting for him to make one for the longest time! >w< We can all stalk him better now! (I sure hope he tweets photos, too~♥)


  11. reem says:

    yess! finally!!! i hope pique have it soon! i can’t wait to read them retweeting each other! <3

  12. Zhenya says:

    Anyone have any suggestions for twitter translators? Babelfish just doesn’t cut it! Seems like more of the non-English speaking ballers are joining the Twitter bandwagon, but would be nice to know what they are saying, instead of just the jist and waiting for pics!

  13. D0li says:

    Is it me, or has anyone failed to notice that Iker casillas is on twitter and that he is following Britney Spears, Usher, Wyclef Jean, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston?

    • Zhenya says:

      Sergio and Arbeloa tweeted a few weeks ago that Iker doesn't have a Twitter acct. I don't know if he's opened one since then.Iker told them to pass the msg on, I was thinking he should open his on acct so he can pass on his own messages! :)

    • Steph says:

      I'm pretty sure it's fake. It's been around for a while and I'm surprised they didn't take it down or report it or something when Arbeloa said Iker didn't have one. Weird. :/

  14. neenyah says:

    Anyone noticed he followed Iniesta and Puyi first… even before following his own sister?? JAJAJAJAJA!!!

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Ha ha ha Oh I did notice that too, not sure why I was glanzing over what he had written in all three languages which is dumb of me since they all say the same thing, but I notice the sister in like third place, lol. I also wonder if Pique had his own account would he be the first one on his list? Probably so…

  15. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    Cescy, I hope you bring with you Pique, it would be so exciting to see you two show your love not only on camera but actually get to know what you guys joke around. Sooooooo cute. I don’t tweet a lot but I will keep up and will have to be careful of my tweets now that they might get seen by the players which would be embarrassing :)

    • JV says:

      This is me. I don’t tweet, but I am looking forward to what will inevitably be pure gold from Cesc. Ditto about Pique. How cute were Pique and the Spanish national teams’ random piggy back rides?

    • Steph says:

      LOL. That would be awesome. :D Can you imagine what they’d tweet to each other? haha. I want him to get on Twitter now, too! :P

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        Thank you ladies for posting the links since I hadn’t seen them. I’m surprised something good came from yahoo sports. They tend to put football in a less serious sport and usually use it to make fun or put teams/players in a bad light.

        Well, I tweet sometimes, most of the time its just to myself to rant. I often do it when I am mad at my team, lol. No one in my family understands so I have to look for “comfort” elsewhere like here :) And that’s a hilarious pic of Pique being “lifted” by those two. He’s seems to be pretty heavy, lol. I still wonder how during the WC and Barca games he got/gets beaten up and bloody. How hard are they hitting my lovely Pique? And I too am surprised those pictures didn’t make it to Kickette since its really worth breaking news.

        the cutest thing would be if Pique tweets Cescy… “i wish you were here” in all three languages…. just smiled at that thought. Hope it happens, Pique needs a twitter account ASAP.

        • Steph says:

          haha, that would be adorable! :D One can only hope he gets him on there and this happens! :P

          • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

            That picture of Cescy with his long time lovebuddy is just precious. I wonder what he told Pique, “oye tomarnos una pic para mi twitter?” LOL I bet Pique won’t be thinking about it much anymore and get his own account. Another way to have a friendly competition of who gets more people, who gets more funny pics, and what I hope for more, who gets the most inappropriate pics of each other during road trips first! I do hope though that their gfs or wives don’t get mad and asked them to take them off for any player on twitter. Yes, sometimes it could be said its an unhealthy (not me as i find the drooling totally acceptable and a right as a football citizen) obession drooling over these men but hell we only get to look and not touch. No harm done.

  16. *Maylea* says:


  17. Liz says:

    i followed him immediately after his sister tweeted that he joined!

    • Zhenya says:

      That's how I found out! She tweets a lot, I wonder if that's how he got so many followers so fast at that hour of the day!

  18. EternalDreamer says:

    Ok, Cesc is really getting to me, in a good way. I've never really been a fan, but am finding him pretty adorable as of late – and he tweets in Spanish, Catalan and English. Very thoughtful! :)

  19. Zahara (spain NT es mi amor) says:

    yay!yay!yay!yay! my week is made!! yay cesc is on twitter!! i do believe in fairies!i do believe in fairies!


  20. Leya says:

    Can anyone tell me the deal with Twitter? When it first came out, I was like "isn't this kind of like Facebook status on steroids?" and I vowed to never get one.

    But is it worth it to get it to follow all my favorite ballers???

    I'm welcoming comments, opinions, stories, etc. Thanks in advance!

    • YasminMarisa says:

      It is definitely worth it! I was a bit like you vowing never to get it but now that I have, I love it! I'm so addicted. It is a bit like facebook status on steroids, but the great thing is you can follow so many people, websites etc so it kind of becomes more of a news feed type thing. Also, if you wanna stalk celebrities I find it's a lot easier on Twitter cos a lot of them have it and they tweet pretty regularly. Plus you don't need their approval to start following them. And there's retweeting so information spreads around really fast. I find out everything from Twitter and I don't use facebook anymore except to talk to my friends. I don't even read newspapers as much anymore cos I can just follow them on Twitter. Anyway, clearly I love it but I don't wanna force you into it but I highly recommend it cos if you follow the right people it can be really entertaining. And of course I'm following Cesc! ;) and kickette. Hehe.

    • YasminMarisa says:

      Just realised that my stalking celebrities comment sounds kinda creepy. But I don't mean it in a creepy, obsessive stalker way I just mean you can see what they say. And if you're lucky they might just reply to you!

    • Dedo-7 says:

      thank god im not the only one who doesnt have twitter here……

    • Steph says:

      It's totally worth it! :D And now that all of these guys are getting on there, it's even better. lol. Get one! It's pretty fun, actually.

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      Hi Leya, is my opinion that it is worth as long as you know the difference between reality and not get too caught up on whether or not they reply to your comments and questions. I've seen many tweets to the spanish guys and many sound to me sort of a threatning. Saying things like I won't stop until you answer me back. That's a little scary to me. I admit to tweet a comment or two but I don't expect an answer. Besides, we have to be realistic and see they have thousands of people asking them things and most likely by the time they get to their accounts your tweet ends up right behind thousands of others and they won't get to it. I often think if you say something clever they will notice. We love these men and its fun to see they are normal in many ways just like us but with those fab bodies and gorgeous faces and niiice legs and beautiful eyes, and…. forgot where I was going with this. Hope our opinions help. Don't expect much other than having a good time reading their funny stories/info/hopes for the next match, looking at cute pics, and sometimes learning something personal about the players.

  21. C16 says:

    I'm just waiting for Piqué to join so I can jump on the Twitter boat… Piqué on Twitter would be EPIC!

  22. LosAngeleno says:

    I love that he was so excited to go from 10 subscribers to 800! His adorableness factor just keeps increasing for me. (And his sister seems sweet, too). Wish I could send him a box of Krispy Cremes right now.

  23. Zinny says:

    I actually followed Cesc when he had about 900 followers and now he's up to like 19,000. I just tweeted him something in Catalan using google translator but I know some girls who asked tweeted him about Doughnuts. That's a bit weird to me…I don't want to be harrassing the poor guy.

    Hopefully he tweets some (naked) pictures!

  24. te.amo.cesc says:

    yess!!!! my life is now complete…hahaha LOVE YOU CESC!!!

  25. cescOBcescD says:

    yay!!!! excuse me while i proceed to stalk him..

  26. gin_in_teacups says:

    Yesssss!!! I’m crazy excited for this one! I think I might have a celebratory donut in honor of this occasion.

  27. LoveFabrique says:

    I was waiting for Kickette to put this up. LOL OMG I freaked when I found out… now the other half of Fabrique needs to get twitter…

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      My thoughts exactly when I read the title of this post. While I think Cescy is so adorable and love his shy and sensible side the part of Fabrique I totally love is the Ique part… This day just keep getting better and better.

  28. MrsNesta says:

    I was on Twitter when his sister tweeted, went a bit funny and then squealed, I have his name in my twitter name as he's the captain of Arsenal (so you better not go to Barca or it would be really inconvenient to me) :)

  29. WagInTraining says:

    haha, oh cesc, you and your love for donuts and donut discotheques.

  30. ASM says:

    i gonna create my account immediately!i cant contain myself anymore..hope more player join twitter afterwards..i also love how alvaro welcomed cesc and called him cescky LOL.. :)

  31. meh says:

    wtf… why doesnt Pique have one? :’(

    • ASM says:

      i have strong feeling that he's going to follow..well,his BFFs(cesc and puyi)already had theirs,so who expect pique to be left out right?juz sayin.. ;)

    • DJ says:

      tweet cesc to ask pique to get one too. it'd be so cute when they're tweeting one another:D

  32. yumnapique says:

    I'm new here :/ can't wait till cesc gets pique on twitter! :) love from South Africa :D

  33. YasminMarisa says:

    He joined on my birthday! Is it sad that I feel like it's a birthday present for me? Whatever, I'm so happy!

    • sil says:

      no, not at all. i fully understand you :P

      the spanish NT won the european championship on my birthday and 2 years later they won over portugal in the WC… and yes, I'm sure, they wanted to see me happy on my birthday :D

      • YasminMarisa says:

        Thanks! :) So glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that. Isn't it nice that they wanna make us happy on our birthdays? Hehe. ;)

    • Zinny says:

      Spain won the World Cup on my 18th birthday. Definitely memorable :)

      • M says:

        HEY WE SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY! <3 But I'm a year older, oops. :)

        Did you know Xabi married Nagore a year before on 12/7/09? :D

  34. jecca says:

    Patience, my dear friends. I think Arbeloa's on a mission to get the entire national team on board.

    • Steph says:

      haha, it seems like he is! I actually tweeted something like that yesterday. :P I love Arbeloa's tweets. I'm a little pissed, though, cause he was replying to people a while ago and I was taking a nap! :( I could've tweeted something to him and he might've replied! Boo. But anyway, he's awesome. lol.

  35. LosAngeleno says:

    Quick! Someone alert Sheryl Crow.

  36. fieryheart says:

    Hooray !

    I immediately followed our dear Cesc after I saw Kickette's tweet.

    Hopefully, more of the Spanish players will create Twitter accounts especially Gerard Pique ;)

  37. Sally says:

    He's going to get a ton of followers just from Kickette!

  38. Dahlia says:

    This is one of best days of my life :D Thanks to this man..!

  39. marleynne says:

    i was soooooooooooo happy when his sister (she was the one that confirmed) wrote that he finally had a twitter account :D

    i'm sure she is the one to blame ..that cesc now has an account :P

  40. CrazyforNando says:

    YAY! I'm so happy like a kid in a candy store!!!

  41. robin says:

    yayy im so happy about that lol

    i hope we will see lots of funny tweets from fabregas or xabi and of course sergiooo! : )

  42. cescist says:

    Twitter was made for him! FINALLY! i had the worst day ever but this made it so worth it! his tweets will be epic!

  43. DJ says:

    YES! he's the one i've been waiting for this entire time! i finally created an account on twitter to follow him. i love how he tweets in english, catalan and spanish <3<3