May 18th, 2010

World Travels of Retired Football Players

Images via AP Photos/Reuters. *Editor note: our map is not remotely created to scale but make of it what you will. Please don’t ponder why Figo is situated in the Black Sea; just use your imagination and pretend he’s in Jordan and we’re in Dubai.

Pimpin’ all over the world ain’t easy unless your Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo. Not only are these former footballers still fabulously fit in their elder years, but they’re banking enough frequent flier miles to help the Kickette staff fly to the World Cup. Isn’t that nice.

Is this what all retired footballers (and their WAGs) have to look forward to? Let’s live vicariously through their travel logs to find out how the rich and famous roll.

Retired french internationalPARIS: Thursday, 6 May 2010
Zidane attended a meeting with people to support the European Leucodystrophie Association in Paris. At the ‘Le Prix Ambassadeur ELA’ event held at Musee du Quai Branly, Zizou showed how easy it is to save the world with one million dollar smile at a time.

PORTOFINO: 8 May 2010
The two had a chance to hobknob with the Hollywood elite in Portofino, Italy last weekend. Filming a commercial for IWC watches, Zizou and Jean Reno were engrossed in their white trouser conversation while Figo encouraged Matthew Fox, Kevin Spacey and Cate  Blanchett to toast to his good life.

JORDAN: 9 May 2010
By the time our traditional lazy hangover day rolled around, Figo worked up his superior DNA strength to travel to Jordan from Italy on a 3-hour flight. Sitting next to his home country’s former President, Jorge Sampaio, the powerful Portuguese duo was on-hand to draw attention to the United Nations fight against tuberculosis.

Sunglasses are Figo’s superhero weaponry of choice, but looking good while doing good deeds? Pff…all in a day’s work.

Retired French Internationl

MADRID: 12 May 2010
Squeezing some family time in, these retirees managed to be in the same place for the second time in four days. Zizou brought his son, Enzo, while Figo watched on with wife, Helen.

ANGLOLA: 16 May 2010
After a four-day reprieve, it was back on the road – er, flight – for Figo.  Sunday afternoon touched down on the African continent on behalf of his own foundation and SOS Children’s Village. Suffice to say, Figo’s got enough Pearly Gate credits, so how ’bout tossing a few snarky gals your extras?

Soccer Aid charity matchMANCHESTER: 6 June 2010
While we aren’t certain about Figo’s future whereabouts, our staffers have one task over the next two weeks.

We do know, however, that Zidane will continue to forefather of philanthropy as he takes to the Old Trafford pitch for Robbie Williams’s  charity Soccer Aid match. As a member of the “Rest of the World” team, he’ll be trading travel notes with the likes of Henrik Larsson and Ryan Giggs.

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10 Responses to “World Travels of Retired Football Players”

  1. Mathieu says:

    It is truly an enviable life, the retired lives of footballers. Not only are they able to travel around the world and stay in any apartments they want, they can also do charity.

  2. S says:

    The sweet life of the retiree.

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  4. caitanya says:

    Love them both–may all the hot footballers grow older gracefully as these two gentlemen have (but not leave their careers the way zidane did in a blazing moment of insane and inexplicable behaviour). i still scratch my head about that one …

  5. Jay says:

    more pics of luis figo in jordan here:

    locals that met him said that he was real polite and humble…
    i <3 Figo!

  6. Thea says:

    Love Zizou, Hate Figo

  7. truly_thata says:

    I love Enzo!!!

    • Anna L-7 says:

      Oh gosh I hope you're a teen age girl cause isn't he about 13? is it even legal to say that? LOL. He is a good looking kid though.

    • carly says:

      He is going to be one good-looking young man. Not perving, not perving!

  8. ManUtd7 says:

    Are they really giving you their flyer miles to go to the world cup?? Wow….Thats nice. My friend is going to the world cup….and i wanna kidnapp her so i can have her ticket. :)