July 14th, 2011

Abbey Clancy: Drunk Yet Irritatingly Orderly

So why when we go out and get drunk do we end up losing our shoes, mobile phones, dignity and anything that suddenly becomes extraneous to our immediate purpose? Life is just so not fair.

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18 Responses to “Abbey Clancy: Drunk Yet Irritatingly Orderly”

  1. tool steel says:

    Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…

  2. Predictions: Brazil to win the Copa, Man U for the Premier and Real for La Liga. What does everyone reckon?

  3. Predictions: Uruguay to win the Copa, Chelsea to win the Premier and Barcelona to win La Liga. What does everyone reckon?

  4. xoWinnie says:

    don't wanna sound like a bitch,
    but Abbey–you have a newborn baby.
    methinks you have more important places to be
    than getting sh1tfaced at a club…

  5. Alik says:

    Always felt she has a great body but an average face.

  6. lucky says:

    I am disappointed with you Kickette,not like you to suck up to someone,that is the only picture where she looks ok, probably when she arrived,but you failed to show other pictures where she was leaving with bouncer holding her around her ,probably because she couldn't walk properly and was showing her transparent panties.Loads of money,and no class whatsoever,rather like her husband

  7. Bree says:

    Actually Kickette you failed to show several pictures where she looks totally drunk and barely standing and showing her knickers by pulling her dress with her hand.Couple of weeks ago she flashed her nipples at her own wedding,I guess we can say we have seen it all from her. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2014…

  8. Katie says:

    without all the smoky eye make-up on, she's about as attractive as her husband

  9. GourcuffLover says:

    Yay her hair isnt that great! Finally !

  10. Kristine says:

    I want to know where she is, wearing this long and long sleeved black dress….

  11. rubyqueen says:

    on the dailymail website she's showing her panties.that's not a good look.!!

    • mena says:

      I saw those, too. Totally not a good look. Abbey is drunk, so I guess that's her excuse, but I dunno. Holding your skirt open like that is such a Paris Hilton move. It's like she wanted the paparazzi to get a vag shot.

      • Marina_Isabella says:

        same thing on her wedding day… 'let me just lift my arms so people can see my nipples… teeheehee I'm so classy teeheehee' attention hoe.

    • Marina_Isabella says:

      and on her wedding day pictures that I found on whoateallthepies . com or .net, – can't remember now – she was showing her nipples… what a classy lady this woman is. [/sarcasm] but kickette seems to be getting paid to post about this woman, they always post nice stuff about her… either nice, or 'mild'… interesting.

      • xoWinnie says:

        lol you act as though she pulled her dress down for all the world to see.
        she lifted her arms and like the TOP of her aereola showed.

      • Eleanor says:

        I'm sure she didn't deliberately show her nipples. No need to bash her for it.

  12. Zahara says:

    hey at least she lost an earring..

  13. kaya says:

    She seems to get more Crouchie looking when she's drunk, at least.