August 8th, 2012

Abbey Crouch: What’s She Hiding?

Surely it’s got nothing to do with her “now you see them, now you don’t” lips, which she previously denied having anything done to them (despite obvious appearances).


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15 Responses to “Abbey Crouch: What’s She Hiding?”

  1. Timmy B says:

    I really feel sorry for Abbey because the media won't give her a break. Despite the fact that she has denied on numerous occasions that she "HAS NOT HAD ANY WORK DONE TO HER FACE OR LIPS" the paparazzi won't let it go. I totally believe that Abbey hasn't had any work done. The pictures that the media focuses on are when Abbey is either caught in mid sentence or when she is puckering up. Here's an idea. Instead of criticizing Abbey and throwing hate her way, lets appreciate how beautiful she is , how talented a model she is, what a great mom she is, what a great wife she is, and what a fun, cool person she is. Rock on Abbey. Keep doing what you are doing!!!!!

  2. Nikee says:

    Wow…that pic was the first i saw of her without all the make up! she is quite a natural beauty! amazing eyes and such nice skin…why on earth is she putting all the make up on!?

  3. futbolfan says:

    Wow she looks soooo much better without all that makeup!

  4. IrishBlue says:

    Abbey's such a pretty girl, she really doesn't need that kind of thing. She could be a natural beauty if she didn't mess with her face like that.

  5. Cella.xx says:

    Burger or not she needs a few pounds!!

  6. marine says:

    you know it just occured to me that this:…
    looks like she's in the middle of one of these:….

    wishful thinking?

  7. tammyv says:

    I'm only here for that baby and her rockin red hightop chucks

  8. rubii says:

    my wish is never seeing lips touching the nose when smiling,again(irina shayk was the first i saw ,if anybody doesnt know)

  9. AC_USA says:

    Forget the lip. Girl needs to eat a burger. Or two. Or ten. Just sayin :)

    • marine says:

      no she doesn't. if you're implying she needs to gain weight she could go about it in a very different and much healthier way than burgers (ew)

      • AC_USA says:

        Hun I live in US and when you see someone who needs to gain a little weight you say "that girl needs to eat a burger". Its just the saying. I don't literally think that she needs to eat 10 burgers. I wouldn't recomend that to anyone! :)

    • katie says:

      She could just be a small framed girl. She doesn't look like she's starving herself. Some people just don't put on weight.

  10. AC_USA says:

    Forget the lip. Girl needs to eat a burger. Or two. Or ten. Just sayin :)