January 17th, 2012

Abby Wambach: Dissed At The Ballon d’Or?

Image: Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images.

FIFA Women’s Player of the Year award finalist, Abby Wambach, walked into the FIFA Gala in Zurich last Monday virtually unnoticed by fans, cameramen, paparazzi and most other bystanders.

How come, you ask?

“Unfortunately I strolled in right after Shakira. She’s a little bit more popular than me, I guess.”

Only just a little bit.

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18 Responses to “Abby Wambach: Dissed At The Ballon d’Or?”

  1. Blackwood says:

    that's a shame. When I saw the pictures of the awards it really caught my attention that one of the top 3 players in the world did not get any press (also, I was just saying she looked sexy and sharp in that suit). but it seems she's kind of used to it, and has a great sense of humor about it instead of being offended or acting like a pissed diva. I mean, sometimes I feel bad for her when I see certain interviews where the focus is always on another player, like when she did some notes with Hope Solo after the WWC, everyone was concentrating on Hope and how hot she was (she deserved the attention as much as Abby did, but it would have been great if it had been because of her game, which is as awesome as her looks). it's like she's always put on the background because she's never "the hot chick". I guess soccer is still a men's world after all…

  2. coc says:

    Yeah, Not a Shakira fan at all and I thought Waka Waka sucked as a song and an anthem for the World Cup. A world cup that was two years ago so to say that is why she is at a ceremony now is kinda dumb. However its not her fault she was invited or that she was put center stage. The people who plan the ceremony should make the focus on the players not the entertainers.

  3. Maran says:

    Girl cracks a joke and cue all the catty comments. What do you mean "Shakira had no right to be there"? Sure, if she had crashed the party. But she was invited. What IS the big deal?

    • SlyMysteron says:

      IDK, I think it bothers some people, to use the GGS or the Oscars as an ex., it's kinda like Miley Cyrus voicing a character in an animated movie, (right to be there), but she walks the Academy red carpet wearing a gigantic ball gown. It's just not YOUR moment. FIFA gave Shakira a MOMENT, which was kind of odd, considering that the ceremony is so baller-centric that players don't even get to sit w/ their families. I'm sure Abby is joking, cuz' she is awesome, but there is truth in jest. I definitely think there is something obviously a** backwards about what we place a value on, as Kaya states below.

      • Lucy says:

        Exactly!! it was a night to celebrate football not music and it was a night where footballers should be the stars of that night not Shakira

      • Tough Crowd says:

        She was invited by the president of fifa, let it go! Shakira had the right to be there. And Abby is Right Shakira is more popular then her!

    • Anonymous says:

      The big deal is that Shakira took away basically all the attention from the female soccer players on basically the one day they get any recognition from the footballing world/media. I like Shakira but she should not have presented the award for best female footballer. I mean she was like 2 seconds into her speech and they were already cutting to Pique and usually the presenter actually has some sort of tie to the game i.e. they get prestigious women coaches or legends like Mia Hamm. I mean the men got Ronaldo (an absolute legend) and the women got Shakira? How does that make sense? And I understand it's not Shakira's fault per se that she received so much attention but she has never used any of her fame to promote or support Women's soccer, like ever. If they wanted her to present something she should have done to fair play award or even the best goal. It would have made more sense for her to present the men's award than the women's if Waka Waka is her claim to fame in the soccer world (and yeah I'm sure that would have gone over great…)

      • Patty says:

        Amen to all of this. Except I dont care for Shakira…

      • kel says:

        If they wanted a singer to present an award to the female players then they should have gone with Melanie C. Didn't she do the song for the Women's world cup? And at least she's had a longterm interest in football. Shakira was there because of Pique and a song for the men's WC she did about 18 months ago. At least they didn't pick someone solely famous for a footballing boyfriend. That would have been pretty insulting to the women of he game.

      • Maran says:

        I'm pretty sure she didn't get to pick what award to hand out. And it's pretty funny how it's just females who feel this way. The guys I've been talking with don't understand the fuss at all. They're like "yea it was Shakira so what? She's famous isn't she?" I think you are making to much out of this. Women footballers are still, sadly, pretty unknown to most and I don't think it would have helped their cause to have someone equally unknown to hand out their prize.

      • Taz says:

        this is actually the most sensible comment i've read relating to shakira and the ballon d'or. i didn't even think of it from the perspective of presenting the female footballer of the year award.

  4. kaya says:

    I deeply suspect Abby knows the whole circus ring aspect of the awards is a load of B.S. It doesn't mean it's not wrong, but her statement is almost certainly a humorous one.
    Actually, I listened to a vid featured on ussoccer.com with clips of the WNT about "how to take a good head shot (photo)"; they all sound really down to earth. A helluva lot better role models for young ladies than the women mostly featured on kickette. People are so into reality tv lifestyles these days, which to me is about as tasteful as roadkill.

    • littlegreenpea says:

      they also did these player profile thingies on each other, which was awesome… I really want to meet them one day. If we have the wps this year, I'm going to some games.

  5. Mercy says:

    My thoughts exactly!!why on earth was she allowed to be on stage?like Pep said in the football Shakira’s title is only Gerard’s girlfriend.She should relax a bit.We know she’s Pique’s gal,no need to be everywhere annoying da rest of us.

  6. Lily says:

    Honestly Shakira had no right being there specially front stage lol

    It's a shame she took attention from Abby

    • Kid A says:

      I was just about to write the exact same thing. She drew all the attention, (like the E! channel covering Brad and Angie :) , they put her center stage, gave her a presentation and everything, and their excuse, which the producers of the show and Sepp even felt the need to clarify, was you did "Waka Waka". In the summer of 2010! 'Tis 2012 FIFA, pull my other leg.

      What next? If Irina walks for Victoria Secret will they let her present something as a congratulation for raising the profile of the beautiful game in Men's Magazines and at the Daily Mail :D

      • Catie2838 says:

        I think I'd rather have Irinia prancing about at these things. At least she's been on the scene for a while, I'm used to being annoyed by her. Shakira on the other hand, I liked her before Pique. I'm finding after Pique she's pushing her luck.

        But to be fair, she had been invited by Blatter and if she had turned it down that would also have probably blown up in the news. It doesn't make her less annoying, but it's true.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      That's exactly why some of us were discussing this in other topics, it exactly proves our point, exactly!!!!

      But in the defnese of shakira she was invited by "Blatter", Blatter himself has nothing to do with the game as he never kicked a ball in his life, so who blames her!