November 18th, 2010

Aitor Ocio: Break Out The Cheddar

As the nights grow colder and winter rolls in, perhaps it’s time to abandon that carb-free diet you’ve been attempting to stay faithful to.

Pick up a quality spud from your local M&S, smear it in olive oil, pop it in the oven for 800 minutes (they take ages to cook) and then give Aitor a call. Quite obviously, he is ready, willing and definitely able to help grate some cheese via his sixpack for your Thursday jacket potato comfort food goodness. He’s good for at least a kilo of shredded orange stuff, we reckon.

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24 Responses to “Aitor Ocio: Break Out The Cheddar”

  1. hermosarcherette says:

    at first, everytime i watch Bilbao, my eyes are into Llorente, guess now i have to share my sight (sorry Llorente :*) to Aitor. And… maybe you could gve us some of Mikel San Jose :p

  2. IrishBlue says:

    Meh. He doesn't do anything for me.

  3. Zahara says:

    mamma mia :)

  4. aps says:

    Yes lord. Another hot Spanish footballer!

  5. bri_saldana says:

    WAIT! How the HELL did this guy stay under my radar?!?!?!?! …god i love spallers! (spanish-footballers)

    • Leya_S says:

      "spallers"…love it.

      Also, Aitor is (thankfully) featured quite often on Kickette here, so I'm sure you'll see PLENTY more of him.

  6. senora ramos says:

    damn. he's just sex

  7. Says_Who says:

    Oh Aitor! Poetry should be dedicated to his hip dips and think luxurious hair.

  8. Leya_S says:

    Who doesn't love a man whose name is almost completely comprised of moans…

    • senora ramos says:

      brilliant. this is beyond the best comment on this site, and their have been many fabulous comments. i'd give you 100 thumbs up if i could

  9. Whitney says:

    You know how to keep me coming back Kickette!

  10. BarceLisa says:

    and here I was thinking that Don Balon was a serious football publication. If they couldn't find a photo of Ocio in action on the pitch then nobody can! stay shirtless and proud Aitor babe.

  11. Niina says:

    Oh hell yes. He really is el mas guapo! That body is stunning. Now all he needs is to do is get that ink into a full on sleeve.

  12. His abs need rearranging. I volunteer.

  13. TriniGirl says:

    So ladies, can one of you explain to me why such a fine specimen of a man does not believe in marriage? I read an interview where he said he does not believe in the Church and marriage. He believes in people instead. His tattoos also represent that 'nothing lasts forever'. So maybe he really isn't marriage material. Sigh……………….All of that being said, in a recent interview he said he is 'single and without committment'. So have at him ladies………………..;)

    • Leya_S says:

      I'm a marriage and commitment girl my self…….
      …but it's still early in my life….I would TOTES hit that even if it was never going to get serious!

    • bri_saldana says:

      Problem: NO ONE gets me hotter than FER but i always feel guilty fantasizing about him b /c he seem to be such great hubby & dad.
      Solution: Aitor! So let the homewrecker less fantasies begin!

  14. Alex Samuel says:

    oooohh it's the smile that does it for me, the one that says 'i bet you wanna see me naked'

  15. blitzenTO says:

    He is quite spectacularly sexy, for sure. But are abs supposed to be lopsided like that? Is that photoshopping gone wrong? They just look weird to me.

    That's OK, I'll just shut up and concetrate on the hip dips and the shoulders instead. YUM!

  16. Lashes says:

    He never fails making me speechless..
    All the dirty things I want to do to him including grating cheese on his abs *sigh*

  17. wow says:

    He is so darm fit! look at that Bod dios mio.

  18. Georgina Sanders says:

    Now this is more a birthday gift! Thank you Kickette. I knew I could always count on you to make me smile after that Spanish humiliation.

    Oh Aitor, that Don Balor Award for being this year's most handsome football player is well-deserved for your continuous showmanship of those pecs and abs! :-)