April 1st, 2011

Alena Seredova: Silk Jumpsuits Are A Privilege, Not A Right

Oh soon-to-be-Mrs.-Buffon, Alena Seredova, you’ve been doing so well since your last jumpsuit mishap! What could’ve possibly obstructed your judgment during your latest fall from our well-dressed wagon? A mutant uprising of painfully stubborn ingrown toenails? The self-realisation that you’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget? The abysmally small middle man who created a body contact barrier between you and your future hubby?

Clearly, Alena, we all know you can do better than…that. Even Hugh Hefner could do better than that.

Kickettes, which part of Ms. Seredova’s outfit do you find the most optically offensive: her seemingly bra-less approach to Italian national television appearances, her pajama pants’ drop waist, or her lace/crystal/rhinestone choice of mid-heel height footwear?

Gigi baby, lucky for us, your presence here is perfect.

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10 Responses to “Alena Seredova: Silk Jumpsuits Are A Privilege, Not A Right”

  1. Catie2838 says:

    She is straight up wearing pajamas. And she could probably fit that Chiambretti fella in her pocket.

  2. Gen says:

    Gigi… oh YES PLEASE!!!

  3. Johanna says:

    I'm melting at the sight of Gigi….

  4. Rosalie says:

    I actually really like her shoes, the jumpsuit…not so much.

  5. mochara says:

    I have a question: Are they really mega tall or is that guy in the middle just a midget?

    • Stat says:

      He's a midget, for real. His names' Chiambretti, his show is quite famous. He's well known for being a smart, ironic micro man.

  6. chefdi says:

    That (solo) foto of him is frameworthy, love the blue eyes too ~ thanks Ladies, have a great weekend!

  7. Miss XOXO says:

    That one reason that make me look twice to Gigi because his sexy blue eyes.

  8. Rossanera says:

    …. and Gigi's wearing running shoes.

  9. elephantmousie says:

    believe it,for Italian television she even looks decently dressed! which doesn't justify the absence of her sense for fashion..but I also don't get it why she doesn't get a stylist.