March 28th, 2012

Alessandro & Tobias Del Piero: Looking Polished Whilst Playing On The Pitch

Image: REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo

A petite peacoat or a sophisticated smoking jacket?

Which is Tobias wearing?

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8 Responses to “Alessandro & Tobias Del Piero: Looking Polished Whilst Playing On The Pitch”

  1. Hengy says:

    I've always loved ur Dad,Tobias ! ohhhh u never know how much ! and I love u too baby ….

  2. ChefDi says:

    Doesn't matter and I agree, what a flippin' cute child and ohhhhhh that dad of his gives new meaning to … I can't even think of a worthy superlative but, I love him ~ thank you!!

  3. DebS says:

    This little guy is adorable! More of these please Kickette!

  4. Alessandra says:

    Tobias looks a lot more like his pretty mommy.<3333

    ADP, on the other hand…all I can think of is DILF!DILF!DILF!DILF!!!!!!

  5. Doles says:

    I would say sophisticated peacoat. I can't wait Tobias Del Piero to grow up!

    Just imagine all those bubbas playing footies togheter! Tobias, Shaq, the Beckhams, the Maldinies, Kai, Leo.. and of course Stefan Ivanovic (you must've seen the video of him scoring at SB!)…..
    Future of football is all bright and shining!

  6. rslkdl says:

    No idea, but he sure is a little doll.

  7. Lucy says:

    I love Del Piero and Tobias is so cute!