December 1st, 2009

Alex Gerrard: Ripped and Rockin’

Alex Gerrard

They say wearing too much makeup can make you look older; Alex Gerrard’s natural look in Liverpool today certainly proves this beauty rule. She looks great – all youthful and fresh-faced. Now about those boots…

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26 Responses to “Alex Gerrard: Ripped and Rockin’”

  1. Nurul says:

    At least now I know what Gerrard sees in(/at) her. Sheessh *jealous much*

  2. gibbo says:

    she’s really beautiful!

  3. penie labeouf says:

    she looks stunning..but wait, what happen with the jeans?
    luv the balenciaga bags…but not for the boots…awfull!!

  4. julia says:

    She looks stunning like always!! love the jeans and the boots ! :)

  5. KateAlonso says:

    She looks great and I think I'm her biggest fan because I always support her :D

    But I won't wear those boots

  6. Avenath says:

    Love the jeans…and her legs are awesome…damn you, Alex!…you're making me say nice things about you…

  7. Riya (Come on you Reds!) says:

    So jealous of her and that husband of hers…

    She does look fab (barring the boots) though. Liking the natural make up look as well.

  8. I think she looks great… From the waist up anyway!

  9. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Love the outfit. The shirt is cute, the belt is cute, the jeans are cute… hate the boots. Those are horrid. Bedazzling Napoleon Dynamite’s moonboots again, are we, Alex?

  10. Susie says:

    Love it, even the jeans! She looks fantabulous.

    She's young enough to be able to pull the look off and none of what she is wearing is over the top, so it works for me.

    As for those boots, from the front, they dont bug me but Id have to get a side shot and see the profile in order to really make a judgement.

  11. amzy says:

    the clothes r fine every body has ther own taste but she is a fantastick person unlike some footballers wifes wish her all the best

  12. Boston Red says:

    Her face looks pretty and I’m on board with everything but those fugly KG boots.

  13. Azezah says:

    I checked this pic. I saw the upper half and thought here you go alex, you look preety and classy. And then I scroll and see the jenas and boots, and I am like yeah whatever your usual self!

  14. Erin says:

    She looks fab from the waist up!

  15. bubbly_cheryl says:

    those boots on alex looks so chavtastic it s unreal, or like biker boots, but she looks sooooo pretty other than that

  16. Anya says:

    What I love about Alex is that she's not ashamed of wearing same clothes couple of times. I've seen those ripped jeans at three times.

    Boots are lame, but better than those sea shell UGGs.

  17. CNB says:

    Alex looks good except for the boots and the jeans, which are just plain tacky.

    • laura says:

      u people wouldnt know fashion if it hit u in the face, what is wrong with the boots? dont judge her for wearing good gear, which i may add those 'Dynamite' boots are carvela and aint cheap TUT TUT!!!

  18. Tash says:

    oh god those boots…!!

    i ADORE her and i love everythign else shes wearin ..but those boots…:S

  19. Lana says:

    Love her look here, exept the boots

  20. HiL says:

    She does look great without much makeup. the boots too weird for me.

  21. Merel says:

    How cold was it again?

    Don't like the boots nor the jeans. The upper-half is okay. But still, I'm getting cold just by looking.

  22. shay says:

    craptastic as usual.

  23. E says:

    Love her outfit, minus the boots. They look like Napolean Dynamite's boots!