August 31st, 2010

Alex Gerrard: The Lady Loves Leopard

This jumpsuit is by Roberto Cavalli and it costs over £2,000. Just stating facts, Kickettes.

Here’s a tip: if you don’t look directly at the jumpsuit and focus simply on those bad-ass Louboutins you might come away with your eyesight unaffected.

Other facts: Mrs. Steven Gerrard was out at the Hilton in Liverpool on Sunday to celebrate Jamie Carragher’s wife Nicola’s 30th b-day. X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke was hired to do the entertainment and walked away with a cool five figure payment. Remind us to start saving now since the only entertainment we could afford at Kickette’s last birthday bash was an iPod and Apples to Apples.

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76 Responses to “Alex Gerrard: The Lady Loves Leopard”

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  2. rubyqueen says:

    OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I ADORE THOSE SHOES.:D alex on the other hand looks just awful.!!:( why do these people have more money then sense and yet they can't dress themselves for toffee.!!:( but just because she can't dress right it does not mean she's a bad mother and wife..!!because she is amazing at both.:)

  3. Solida says:

    i love the top half of her cloth. the bottom, not so much. it would do better if the bottom half was skirt and a knee length one.

    what? she smokes? i think she should stop smoking cos it's not good for health!

    love Steven so much!!!!!!

  4. abbie says:

    O she looks great with a fag packet in her hand doesnt she. NOT!!

  5. CrazyforNando says:

    The shoes are TO DIE FOR!!! The outfit…well…not so much.

  6. Thea says:

    Only Alex can make Cavalli and Loubitons look like Prmark and Shoe Express.

  7. Jessie says:

    outfit is hideous except the shoes, although they’ve been out for months now, so she’s way behind

  8. abbie says:

    £2,000 for that, it makes me sick. Them louboutins are just woooooooooooow !!!!!!!

  9. Why does she always have that same goth-looking make up on? It would be nice to change up her look every once in a while, because whenever she is going out to a serious, important event, she goes for this dark witch looking eye liner. Time to give it a rest Alex. Its extremely unflattering for her, combined with the orange skin…disaster!

    • Hannah says:

      how can she be a goth and have orange skin, that is not the look that goths go for at all!

      • Jamtart Heart says:

        While most of the outfit/look and fake bake is pure "Sun-kissed Senior in Florida" I can understand the reference, with all that hellish eyeliner, tbh, haha!

  10. Elsebeth says:

    Alex Alex Alex, just because something is expensive doesn't mean you have to buy it!

  11. Ziddy says:

    The suit itself isn't that bad. Just the print of it. I actually cannot stand those shoes. And what's with the attack of crayola on her face? And the packet of cigs just doesn't do the outfit any justice.

  12. Evodia says:

    The combination of her colouring and the outfit just make her look like the Gingerbread man! Seriously, she's losing it.

  13. Jojo says:

    Oh gosh. Yeah the suit stinks and the shoes are absolutely GORJUSS but she should really consider altering her current everyday makeup plan of orange face and raccoon eyes. She used to look much prettier and younger minus those. What really killed me was the cigs though .. I had no idea she smoked!!!

  14. DC says:

    ohgod those shoes! i want them soooo badly.

    i do like her make-up. and clutch….

  15. fifa says:

    love the shoes!!!

  16. Red_Girl says:

    Alex, that jumpsuit only looks good on a certain type of woman – that type is called Naomi Campbell. The rest of us should always steer clear of a] leopard print b] anything that goes by a name that takes you back to toddlerhood (I'm thinking jump/play suit, here) – comprende?

    while you're about it, take the bleach down a couple of shades, tone down the make-up, think about losing 5lbs for the cameras and finally, give up smoking – if your mind can't take in lung cancer, how about stinky breath?


    • liz says:

      You poor deluded girl you would die and crawl in a cave if you seen this girl in the flesh, the figure of a model loose 5lbs she is tiny in real life and has skin like a doll all i can say is god help you if u were pictured (sorry no you must be amazing to be making comments like this) how very sad!!!!!!!!

      • Scarlet says:

        LOL… Alex may be hopeless devoted to Steven and not able to speak up her mind properly, as he is her assurance guaranteeing her luxury life style. But after seeing her in bikini pics and out and about in liverpool I doubt that she has an angelic face and porcelain skin. The Marlboro can't be coincidence, though.

        I prefer using terms like model, angelic, tiny for beauties like Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima… Girls like Kerry Kantona, Jordan or Alex Gerrard are in my opinion "trying way too hard, average looking, non ambitious ladies." Even if that's not enough, they are addicted to the spotlight as flies….

  17. Zinny says:

    Don't really know what she's like but I've never found her pretty or stylish. Sure, she has her moments but her face is always too caked with makeup. I prefer WAGs like Noemie (okay, ex-wag), Victoria, and even Ollala (because she couldn't care less about the spotlight).

    And this, doesn't she pay people to dress her so incident like this don't occur? I do like the shoes a bit, though…

  18. AngelDust says:

    Why Stevie???? Why did you marry her? Why did you have to marry some greasy smoking fashionless characterless….the list goes on and on! Why Stevie! You deserve so much better!

    If you really did cheat with that 16yr old, I don't even care: If I were you, I would too!

  19. aps says:

    I actually think she looks great minus the cigarettes which are a BIG turnoff. Didn’t know she smokes

  20. littlemissfoggy says:

    The outfit’s ugly, but I think her style is more about what’s (supposedly) “on trend” at any given moment, rather than what she thinks actually looks good.

  21. C16 says:

    Why does he face always look like it’s melting?…
    LOVE the shoes though.

    • Jamtart Heart says:

      It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it? I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, who sometimes has great taste in clothes, and the personality to wear a leopard jumpsuit, for pity’s sake. She seems genuinely like she’d be a lot of fun.

      But whatever she is spackling on her face makes her look so much older than she is. :( Lay of the fake n’ bake, Alex! :(

  22. Inés says:

    you're Kickette!

    let's look at the tremendous Louboutins and not the outfit that's s***!

  23. ASM says: eye-cramp just got to a whole new level after seeing this..tbh,i wont leave my house if i dressed like that..ewww..and i dont even know that stevie’s name also can be spelled as ‘stephen’.. ;)

    • littlemissfoggy says:

      Heh, it's not. The Kickette ladies made a (rare) mistake! It's spelled Steven.

  24. danika says:

    When I first saw her picture in the Mail I thought what a ….she got fat, but then I saw the jumpsuit! I really think that separated both pieces would look better with something else, e.g flat sandals and mini dress….
    Second:for my short working experience with Philip Morris I know that Marlboro are some very strong cigarettes, for the hard experienced smokers!

  25. Violets says:

    I’d take Apples to Apples over having to look at this fashion trainwreck any day.

  26. blitzen says:

    And speaking of birthday’s, how is it possible that Kickette has not posted a Happy Birthday Pepe Reina pic? Preferably shirtless and/or dancing!

  27. Lisa says:

    Yulia Vorinin has left her mark…

  28. Claire says:

    *yawn* Dear Orange Alex, get a mirror, please!

  29. Lulu says:

    alex please get some class or at least get a mirror

  30. Jade says:

    On a different note I hate the shoes Alex, but she looks good in the jumpsuit – very slim. I have no idea why she wears so much make-up, it makes her look like a man/old…. she is young, has a great figure, and is probably naturally pretty under all that gunk. I see she is smoking Marlboro’s, tut tut!

    • Violet says:

      Maybe her smoking, sunbathing, make up maxi plastering are aging her skin and face so quickly? Just a swedish guess so….;-)

      Mmmmm, an average looking lady, for scandinavian terms middle-built, I would say. Even her husband's money can't camouflage properly…

      • Adriana Valentino says:

        Greetings to you in Scandinavia. Agree with your comment.

        Middle built – i like it, learn something new everyday lol.

  31. Cammie says:

    Okay..Time to pack away this outfit Alex

  32. Rossanera says:

    Soooooo maybe after I drop out of law school (any day now) I can apply for a job as a personal stylist to Miss Gerard because a) I have taste and b) she has none and c) a girlfriend would NOT let another leave the house looking like that.

    The shoes are heinous, Louboutin or not.

  33. peppy says:

    I watch on youtube a documentary that the Gerrards did. I think it was call ‘A Year in My Life’ but I could not understand a word Alex was saying. I live in America and I know that they speak a little different over there but %$#*!

    • Rossanera says:

      I think she speaks with what Brits refer to as a “Scouse” accent. Am I right?

      • Jade says:

        Yeah, you are right! She has a strong Scouse accent which is a really distinctive accent in the UK, a strange mixture of Irish and Northern-English. weirdly, scouse has got stronger and MORE distinctive over the years, whereas accents down south have got softer and more integrated into a general Estuary English accent. (Not all, but E.E is widespread and some people thought it had managed to infiltrate Scouse, but imo as an accent and linguistic geek who actively listens to accents and lives in Liverpool, Scouse is definitely alive and kicking). No wonder you can't understand her, haha, Scouse divides opinion in the UK (some HATE it passionately, others love it) and the strong regional accents are hard to decifer for people not from those regions.

        • Lila says:

          Sometimes i hardly understand them ( have you ever listen carragher?)but scouse's the best brit accent by far. i really love the way they talk

          • Nando and Stevie's girl says:

            I love Scouse accents! Can’t get enough of Stevie and Carra!! Seriously why can’t Alex try to represent a respectable mother and wife? Stevie needs to take away her clothes allowance, and let her shop at normal stores for awhile……the woman has NO style!

            • Rossanera says:

              Hey hey. The fact that someone has questionable fashion sense does not necessarily make her an unrespectable wife/mother. That's borderline character assassination.

              I do agree with you, however, that this women should not be allowed to shop on her own. Cavalli or otherwise, two-thousand dollars for a Halloween costume is an obscene waste.

          • Scouse accents are CRAZEEEE! I do not understand a WORD, seriously not exaggerating. I have managed to get a little used to Gerrard’s, but Caraggher and Alex, NOTHING, like AT ALL. They also sound a little winy and sound like some kind of song/melody. Have you guys heard Abbey Clancy speak? She sounds like she’s singing, and has a particular tune she has to stick to. I love the thick London accent though, VERY sexy!

    • Violets says:

      I noticed this too! I have family from Northern England, so I’m usually pretty good at understanding thick British accents, but I think that that coupled with the fact that’s she’s not the best speaker in general (at least from what I’ve heard) makes it more difficult for non-Brits to understand her. For example, the Beatles were Scousers as well (George and Ringo in particular spoke with very heavy Scouse accents), but they’re usually pretty easy for outsiders to understand.

      I love the Scouse accent, but I think that a lot of Brits don’t because it’s historically been associated with mostly working-class, industrial Liverpool, not exactly the height of society.

      • Rossanera says:

        I love accents in general. I like the Scouse accent, it has character. It's the Brit equivalent of Gennaro Gattuso's yummy Calabrese inflection when he speaks Italian. LOVE IT.

  34. Malenka says:

    I don't get it. She has all day to figure out how to dress herself and she still doesn't get it right.

  35. Maribel says:

    There is NO excuse for this.

  36. Hannah says:

    She luks alrite apart from the hideus jumpsuit :/ she either likes tacky cheap items or she has no sense of style watsoever

  37. Alessandra says:

    the only thing i love about this post is "apples to apples." had tons of fun with my cousins with that lol!

  38. iza says:

    hot Loubou's;) , shame about that carrot tan

  39. tammyv says:

    pray for me my fellow Kickette's I discovered the Louboutin store in LA yesterday and it is in walking distance of my office…

    Yeah so

    • Steph says:

      haha. Nice! Just make sure you still have some money after buying so many Louboutins! :P

      As for Alex, oh, god. I don't care if Cavalli made that jumpsuit, it's hideous. It would've been better as a dress. Seriously. Do love the shoes, though.

  40. Liz says:

    i think she look great in that outfit! i looove it!

    yeah she could layoff on the tanning, make-up and cigs.

  41. Freya says:

    I had no idea she smoked?!

    • Lisa says:

      sooooo disappointed in her. The Marlboros must be what’s keeping her from going back to her junk food addiction. I knew it had nothing to do with discipline, focus, commitment or any other of that hippie crap.

  42. Angie says:

    As a wise woman (Dolly Parton) once said, it takes a lot of money to look this cheap. This is an eyesore!

  43. Zlatanista says:

    That was horrendous!! I do not claim to know that much about fashion (i know what a size zero is because i´m told i am one), but i do know that that outfit never will look good on anyone!! And i never understood the orange faces.

  44. Elina says:

    Did she really paid over 2,000 for that thing?? OMG!

  45. wanniemelon says:

    kickette, i LOVE apples to apples! i'll take your bday bash over a WAG filled money-fest anyday.

    kisses x

  46. Leya says:

    Haha, so when I first click the "home" tab on this website, I can see the top bars, plus the top half of this post, aka AG's top half. So at first she looked extra cute: glowing skin, cute clutch, stylish bracelet….then I kept scrolling down and my response turned into a slow, surprised, and mortified "ohhhhhhhhhhh…"

    Yeah, its bad. But the Louboutins are gorge.

  47. Hannah says:

    Ha ha :) )