May 20th, 2010

Alex Gerrard: Wang (Bag) Envy

Alex Gerrard popped out for lunch at Liverpool’s Neighbourhood Cafe on Monday in her unofficial uniform of jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer. She’s been pretty faithful to this fashion combo for the past few months, changing up only her accessories.

On this particular day she chose a pair of Miu Miu wedges (previously worn by Coleen Rooney) and the highly-covetable Alexander Wang Rocco bag.

As we know you know, we’re fashion junkies here at Kickette Towers. Thus, this luscious hunk of studded cognac-coloured leather has been on the top of our lust-list for quite some time.

(Just below Yoann Gourcuff, actually.)

We admit: Seeing Alex with our precious bag brings out the green-eyed monster in us. Indeed, this is not the first time a WAG has paraded one of our wants around right in front of our perfectly made-up faces.  Looking at you, Pastasauce.

Tell us Kickettes – have you ever spied a WAG wearing or toting one of your favorite fashion items? Does it make you want it more or less? Do you think Alex’s “uniform” is working for her or is it time for a change?

Image via Click Liverpool

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22 Responses to “Alex Gerrard: Wang (Bag) Envy”

  1. Danika says:

    I don’t like the bag, looks kinda small.But the shoes look huge on she. Makes me think of the Italian mafia and concret.
    P.S recently Alex was wearing a Birkin, who she probably got it from Dubai. I have to look on a better display resolution screen because it looks like a fake one.

  2. solida says:

    what are you doing Alex? i don't understand you at all. i do love you but now i'm getting tired of you day by day.

    at the same time, i still love you and your little girls, esp your lovely husband.

    i promise you that if i were in england i would steal Steven from you without you even notice.

    love you and your nice family so much!!!!!!

  3. carly says:

    I'm not a fashionista so I just enjoy making fun of what they wear because most of the time I find it ridiculous xD

  4. Jasmine says:

    YUCK I Hate the bloody bag. :P

  5. missy says:

    She can keep her bag if I can have her hubby :)

  6. C16 says:

    I don’t like…. I don’t like Alexander Wang bags in general.
    She always looks the same to me so whatever.

  7. Have I ever seen a WAG with a luscious hunk of something that I covet for myself? Yes, whenever I see Mrs. Roy Keane with her hubby. :)

    • bubbly_cheryl says:

      love that fourth, to be fair that’s how i feel when i see leanne with her hubby….

  8. cutecurls says:

    What the eff is that?! Is she carrying around a dead animal or sth?

  9. Lora says:

    This bag is cool in black, ok in grey but kinda ugly in brown. Wrong choice, Alex

  10. MissEstonia says:

    I love the jeans-tshirt-blazer-heels look on her! She looks great, it’s simple and friendly for every day wear…especially when you’ve got kids and you need to do school runs, etc. I don’t like the bag at all, but that’s just a matter of taste…I’m all for the oversized bag/tote look exclusively cos I’ve always got a billion things to carry between school, work, and home. But…she looks lovely. I’m a definite fan. The picture on her column from the other day…she just actually looked PERFECT in that peach coloured dress. I was so jealous!

  11. Lola says:

    I think I may be the least fashion conscious Kickette in the world because I honestly can't remember whether or not I've ever seen something I've wanted being carried by a wag. I also don't have a designer wish list so nothing on it could ever be worn by a wag.

    I like a good snark when epic wag (or baller for that matter) fashion fail occurs, but mostly fashion sails straight past me.

  12. Blair says:

    I know what might change your mind in regards to this trendy bag. Miley Cyrus was spotted with one today in Los Angeles. Can you say downgrade?

  13. SunnyK says:

    Sorry, but I have NEVER, EVER coveted a single thing I've ever seen this woman wear. To each their own, I suppose! Also, are those knee-pads on her jeans?

  14. Lucy says:

    the bag is horrible, so do the shoes

  15. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    I like her uniform, it works well for her.

    But that is the ugliest bag ever. Yuck.

  16. rubyqueen says:

    i think alex need's to change her's getting quite the same looking all the time.!!! i looooooove all her outfit.but the bag would look nicer in patent black. and can i say i really loved the red mulberry tote abbey clancey wore last month..veryyyy

  17. Kile says:

    Alex looks lovely, but the bag is straight up FUG.

  18. Merel says:

    I will think twice before turning to WAG's for fashion inspiration to be complete honest.

    Charlotte Casiraghi and Olivia Palermo for life.

  19. That's one fugly bag. Yucks