August 2nd, 2011

Alex Gerrard: What’s In The Bag?

We have no clue what ‘complications’ mean when the term is applied to a groin strain. And quite honestly, we have no desire to know. It’s never going to be good, especially when it involves Liverpool and England midfielder Steven Gerrard.

Instead, let’s focus on what Alex Gerrard might be carrying as she visits her poorly hubby in his hospital bed. We can see some sort of newspaper (presumably Stevie is keen to catch up on the latest on the phone-hacking saga) but what else does a man require when he’s nothing to do all day but lie in bed and ponder a sore groin? Any ideas, Kickettes?

Actually, thinking about it, Alex is looking at that bag with a fair degree of sadness. Maybe it contains what’s left of his groin after all the operations. Now that would be complicated.

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21 Responses to “Alex Gerrard: What’s In The Bag?”

  1. Lisa Briscoe says:

    Violet!!! You are a nasty piece of work . Alex is a lovely girl. A good wife and mother. I also decided to Start work at 16 for financial reason’s. I suppose I am Uneducated too? I would like to also point out the irony that you can’t spell!!!! Why are you talking about your wonderful life ….going into detail? And are you off to Portugal to stalk the Gerrard’s? As they have a house in the Algarve. Why be so bitter and hurtful?Do you even realise how she would feel if she read your comment. They as a married couple may have more cash than you but that does not stop them for being normal and having feelings. Is this the point that you say “no I am richer than them”. Look just get a grip of yourself & get some counselling. For heavens sake.

  2. Zaraaa says:

    Yhh violet listen darling its a bit bait that ur jealous because ur blimmin saying rude fings abt her tht might hurt her feelings and so watt if she aint educated at least shes gt a brain unpike yu going around judging people about wether ther educated or not. Who do yu honestly think yu r ?? Well yu better stop being a Jelouse brat and get on with it because gerrard married her cus he loved her and he didnt care wether she was educated. So if i were yu shove off !!

  3. Dan says:

    Honestly, if you're not bitter, or jealous or whatever, don't comment. Why comment if you haven't got nothing nice to say? It's your opinion that it doesn't flatter her, but in all fairness she's 6 months pregnant, she's not going to look done up to the nines every day because if you haven't noticed, Steven's been in hospital. She not only has her cravings, morning sickness and other problems during pregnancy to worry about, but her two young daughters are currently out of school due to the holidays.

    Her choice of clothes may be "trashy" or from Cricket or whatever, so what? If she wants to spend money on it let her. Who are you to say what happens with their money and what doesn't?

    They're uneducated are they? So because they choose not to go into higher education, or to spend their lives differently than you would, they're uneducated and not true role models? I honestly don't think Alex has set out to become a true role model, and I don't think she cares what people think of her. She's who she is, and she does what she thinks is right. She's a human being, like you, like me. She makes mistakes, she gets on with life.

    And as for the question about why are WAG's famous in the UK? Speak to the paparazzi and the journalists. They make tonnes of money each year from breaking news stories about footballers. Who better to follow and make a news story of than their wives?

    As for the dress, I can see why she's wore it. It's not her best outfit, but it hugs her bump perfectly and is perfect for the hot weather days when you're not feeling your most comfortable!

  4. Wow says:

    thinking about it, Alex is looking at that bag with a fair degree of sadness. Maybe it contains what’s left of his groin after all the operations. Bahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha, leave poor Alex & Gerrard's Groin alone!

  5. elsebethynwa says:

    haha groin injury, all the Liverpool players who recently had groin injuries have pregnant wifes/girlfriends :-)

  6. Jen says:

    My poor poor Stevie!! Please feel better soon, and come back fit and raring to go. For once……..I know, I know, I think Alex looks real!!! Love her bump look, and the concern and care on her face is genuine!! Thanks for capturing her for once as a real person!!!

  7. gin_in_teacups says:

    Alex looks really nice here. That dress is a great baby bump choice.

    I really really hope Stevie gets better soon. I'd like my captain to be in tip top shape.

    • Nikki says:

      Me too , we need Stevie back in that mid-feild we are currently looking atrocious now , I hope we don;t concede 3 against Valencia lol. Get better soon Stevie ! This is the first time I've seen the genuine care/emotion in Alex's face.

      P.S I really hope the baby is boy !

  8. IrishBlue says:

    Totally forgot she was pregnant, she looks lovely! Poor Stevie though, at least he has his two gorgeous daughters and the alex and the bump to keep him happy

  9. hereforthenando says:

    Best wishes to Stevie's groin during this trying time. I hope that what's left of Stevie G's groin isn't just lying limp in the bag, but even if it was, I would steal it.

  10. Slave4Mou says:

    Ha! I have sandals just like those – got them last year!

  11. linvinnaar says:

    At least she looks like she's bumping along just fine. Poor Stevie.

  12. Hot4Spurs says:

    I like seeing her natural sometimes. Sometimes her makeup is way too much on the heavy side.

  13. Lou says:

    Looks like to might be a box of cookies or cupcakes. Don’t get him chubby, Alex! LFC needs him in shape when the old groin is feeling better!

    She looks beautiful.

  14. Violet says:

    This huge baby-belly suits her, as she looks puffy, mumsy and lovely… Although she is no natural beauty and the dress doesn't flatter her…

    Guess she is sad because the hospital is not named cricket and doesn't sell trashy designer clothes, not even a trashy nighty is available there… :-(

    • Emily says:

      why so bitter? She looks fine to me; she's pregnant, what is she supposed to wear?

      • Violet says:

        Thanks for your concerns, but I'm not bitter at all! I enjoy my life! At the mo I'm looking forward to going on luxurious holidays in Portugal!

        Without any bitterness I think, that this dress doesn't flatter her. In my opinion she looks puffy and mumsy…There are much nicer outfits to wear during pregnancy… Besides I don't like her lifestyle as she isn't educated, depends very much on Steven and the paps… I feel sorry for her, as in my opinion there is so much more to life than clothes, handbags, make up, hair extensions, being a wag, the paps….

    • Paula says:

      Oh boy! Someone is really jealous!!! LOL. Leave Alex alone, she is pregnant and she looks amazing in that dress.

      • Violet says:

        LOL, did you actually read the text above?

        No, I'm not jealous at all, as I have an amazing life so far. And that's quite different to Alex's. Doesn't wand to go into details, but I'm highly educated, independent, live in an amazing new apartment (that I rent with my own money)!

        But still I ask myself why WAGS and z-listners are famous in the UK? Even if they are not educated? And that's the case for Alex G, Immogen Th., Kerry Cantona…. In my opinion they are no rule models at all, as they basically didn't achieve anything on their on unless regularly sleeping with a z-listner or footballer… May you understand, that I'm not jealous?????

        • little_brunette78 says:

          Perhaps with all your education you should learn to spell correctly, Violet!! Really, please re-read your last post….'listners?'; 'Immogen?'; 'Kerry Cantona'; 'rule models?' I understand the point you are trying to make but don't make sweeping, generic comments regarding people's level of education and then display inadequate levels of literacy yourself!