November 2nd, 2012

Alex & Nacho Fernández: Record Setting Siblings

llorente atletico madrid

brother 1990 jose mourinhoThe Only One made some bold changes to Real Madrid’s roster against Alcoyano on Wednesday, most notably including two brothers in the line-up, Nacho and Alex Fernández. This was kind of a big deal because, per Marca, the last time dos hermanos played together in a competitive game for Los Blancos was 22 years ago.

To put things into perspective, that was so long ago one of the Fernández bros wasn’t even born yet. Even worse: one is a total hottie (Nacho) while the other is a ginger nottie (Alex).

captain snack food real madrid castillaReally, Kickettes. These two like, share DNA and stuff. Just not looks. They absolutely do not share those.

We want to stop questioning how or why this is possible, but we keep subconsciously Googling anyway. It’s a sickness that only opinions from our loyal readers can solve. Naturally.

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18 Responses to “Alex & Nacho Fernández: Record Setting Siblings”

  1. ldnphile says:

    I just love that his name is Nacho. Makes me hungry.

  2. Nacho looks like dad and Alex and sister look like mom

  3. Jane says:

    i am going to have to agree with the majority here – Alex is a hottie and seriously just because someone is a redhead doesn't mean they aren't attractive…shame shame on you kickette – lets start making players notties when their personalities are crap…*couch John Terry, Wayne Rooney* cough…

  4. con2e says:

    Really Kickette? You call Alex a "nottie". What the hell do you call Mesut Ozil then? He is truly unattractive!

  5. Green 4 says:

    Cruel Kickette, no need to be rude.!! Dissapointed.. Alex is a fantastic talent.

  6. xxx says:

    I kinda think that the 'ginger nottie' is even hotter than his brother…

  7. Gladys says:

    So glad to hear others defending Alex (in fact, Nacho's attractive but maybe a little boring in comparison. He's adorable in that pic plus he's only 20. He's definitely going to improve with age if the looks of other footballers are anything to go by.

  8. woohoo says:

    i wonder who is older? I'm assuming they are not twins

  9. teresamunoz91 says:

    I don't get the dislike for gingers, esp for our canterano, I think Alex is adorable! He's definitely not a "nottie" in my book

  10. Lizzie says:

    I’m sorry but Ginger is hot to me! Defiantly not a nottie….

  11. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Awww don't be mean to ginger! He is our cutie talented ginger

  12. Sergz says:

    Calling someone a nottie is a bit harsh, don't you think? This page is about celebrating – not hating!

    And I actually think he's kinda cute. :)

    • black widow says:

      i agree! first the ridiculous comment about iker's hair a few posts ago and now this? bit OTT, kickette, and not your usual form.

  13. Utd Girl says:

    They're brothers?! Wowww! I was able to get pics with both of them and did not see any resemblance. Both of them were nice though!

  14. Shani says:

    If you like gingers, he's definitely not a nottie!

  15. Ash Menon says:

    Eh? I wouldn't call the other one a nottie. I've certainly seen worse.