January 31st, 2012

Anders Lindegaard & Missé Beqiri: Dating Or Just Digitally Dabbling?

Image: Sporten.dk.

This is Missé Beqiri and these are her extremely not safe for work “girls”. We’re particularly impressed by her ability to smoke a cigarette with one hand and no bra.

If those perky things didnt get your attention maybe this will: she’s a Swedish model who is said to be dating Manchester United’s Danish backdoor bad boy keeper, Anders Lindegaard.

As far as we can tell, Missé doesn’t seem to have the same loose morals and questionable standards that we often look for in WAGs or strive to possess ourselves. That’s without taking into account her plethora of nudie shots and the inevitable paralysis of our pupils had we actually looked through her nipples’ entire portfolio, though.

Imagery-crazy aside, this 24-year-old Albanian model from Malmö, Sweden has quite the CV; she’s fronted many a mags and a handful of brand campaigns, albeit largely in Sweden and Denmark. That should soon change, however, now that she’s got Major Models reppin’ her throughout a few European cities. Missé is a fellow blogger as well, so we gotta give her props for being a sucker slave to her keyboard passion. Also, and perhaps most impressive of all: she bears a striking resemblance to American supermodel, Cindy Crawford.

It’s imperative for you all to know that this hook up rumour is spreading on the basis of Beqiri and Lindegaard leaving lovey dovey Facebook messages and emoticon hearts on one another’s private pages this past New Year’s Eve. Anders was apparently humble bragging about having the best girlfriend, to which Missé supposedly responded, “As good as it gets…”

Well, whatever these two crazy kids are (or aren’t) doing will be fine by us as long as a webcam is involved on his part. After all, Anders is 27-years-old and making trailer loads of cash – how dare we put a stopper on his need to <3?

Above at left, MB for FEMINA Denmark December 2010. Thumbnail at left was shot by Niklas Højlund.

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25 Responses to “Anders Lindegaard & Missé Beqiri: Dating Or Just Digitally Dabbling?”

  1. jasn009 says:

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  2. sa335 says:

    Enjoyed every bit of your website.Thanks Again. Great.

  3. albanianguyuk says:

    i see some negative comments on here about that albanian girl why are this negative comments oh yea now i remember because he didnt pick a english girl thats why oh yea he picked an albanian girl thats good for him n her an bytheway abi i bet u may be a fat cow who is on benefits thats why ur sayin she has no style i bet u dream to be like her not just u but many girls on here keep dreamin sweetie piggie

  4. Desy says:


  5. Lime says:

    Her blog says a lot about her

  6. Alone- Brazil says:

    another cow in the market of the ball!

  7. Lime says:


    she's been dropping hints about the identity of the guy she's seeing. Just look at the cap. Pretty darn obvious

  8. Mon says:

    he deserves better

  9. Lucy says:

    am I seeing a thong on the first picture of her? LOL Oh Anders I thought you were a smart guy :|

  10. Kristina says:

    She's from Malmö in Sweden? Never seen her before. Must be predominately Danish mags that has featured her.

  11. elsebethynwa says:

    Oh I hope not. Anders seems a fairly intelligent guy, but Im afraid men don't think with that brain when they pick a date

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  13. Abi says:

    maybe she's hot but she definitely has no style

  14. Marie says:

    she seems to be a gold digger

    • girlfriday says:

      A woman would have to be crazy to turn him down! He was actually following her for months on twitter before she followed him. He probably sought her out and not the other way around. If you read her blog it kind of sounds like she was dating someone before she started hooking up with Anders.

      Maybe he could do a lot better but look at the bright side, he could do a hell of a lot worse than this woman.

    • M. Jensen says:

      I know Misse as a friend and she is the sweetest girl ever… No gold digger since she is a talented model and makes her own cash. Another thing to always remember: Don't judge or criticize, they are just what we would be under similar CIRCUMSTANCES. Bad Talk comes from Jealous people. ;) )) Enjoy your day…

  15. mata says:

    A Cindy Crawford look alike? Apart from the mole, I don't think so. Cindy had class.

  16. xoWinnie says:

    she's hot…a lil trashy, but that is to be expected considering most ballers' taste for the tacky and trifling. viva la WAG!