May 19th, 2011

Andre Villas-Boas: Feeling Special

Andre Villas-Boas. Not doing too badly for himself, as it happens. Images: Getty Images/Daylife, Reuters/Daylife.

It would take a brave person to stand up and say that Jose Mourinho’s mythical status has taken a little knock or two this season. But having lost the league to Barcelona, a place in the Champions League Final to er… Barcelona and seeing the only trophy his team managed to collect getting crushed under a bus (a portent, perhaps?) even the Special One must be smarting.

No doubt he will be thrilled to learn that as his star wanes, a former assistant is following in his footsteps… and making some significant ground.

Let us avail you of the deets. While we’ve all been watching Mou blaming referees, UEFA and an international children’s charity for his team’s failings this season, his former club Porto have been cleaning up under the guidance of one Andre Villas-Boas, the man you see before you.

Amusingly, Villas-Boas began his career as an assistant to Mou at Porto, but has already stomped all over his mentor’s achievements; this season Porto are unbeaten, took the league with five games left to play and last night led his team to the Europa League title. He has now been tipped to replace Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea. Not bad for a guy who’s never played professionally.

So, whaddya think, Kickettes? Hottie or nottie? A worthy adversary for Mou, who will invariably get his act together and terrorise the European leagues next season, or a worthy successor to the ‘Special One’ legend who will only supercede the achievements laid before him?

Oh. And while we’re on the subject, you Porto fans have been keeping very quiet about James Rodriguez (left), haven’t you? We can immediately see why this might be the case, but might we remind you of the Kickette Soldier Code we just made up over croissants? Share hot boys with your colleagues, please. Such beauty should be appreciated (and incorporated into lewd fantasies) by all Kickettes.

Not just the privileged few.

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30 Responses to “Andre Villas-Boas: Feeling Special”

  1. Frances says:

    ladies, ladies, we can't jump the gun and say that pep is leaving the top any time soon. THAT'S premature. for now, let's just revel in the fact that there is now a complete trinity of hot coaches right now: AVB, mou, and pep – and leave it at that. on the subject of keeping secrets against the newly-minted kickette soldier code, has anyone seen mauricio pinilla for palermo?!?! how has no one picked up on this sex god?!…

  2. AlyLuz says:

    hola!i'm new here, i love this blog…and i'm very happy that you discovered Andre's hotness…he's sooo sexy!

  3. Alexa says:

    Loooove that hair!

  4. chay says:

    thank you kickette for giving some recognition to the hot greatness called the coach of fc porto (the team of my heart–RM is the team of my loins)! He has been leading one of the most amazing seasons for the dragons, and not only that, he is the youngest coach to be doing this.

    He gives a lot of credit to jo mou, and i love his style. I've been crushing on him hard ever since he's been with FCP.

    Força dos dragões! Somos os campeões!

  5. Maria V says:

    I can't believe you spotted James Rodriguez and haven't even mentioned the deliciousness that is Falcao!! Top scorer in Europa League ever!!! And awesome goal yesterday too!! They're both Colombian :D

    And yes, Vilas-Boas: Fit!

  6. fooey1709 says:

    andre villas- boas is smexy! yum! :)

  7. Gladys says:

    I love a young upstart…he's a 33 year old fox of a manager, and a good one at that. Congrats to Porto!

  8. Lotte says:

    I would love to see him supercede Mou's achievements, but only if he behaves a lot nicer than the aforementioned. And he looks very good in this picture.

  9. Nihaal28 says:

    Am i the only one who finds mou kinda hot??

  10. Lotte says:


  11. Slave4Mou says:

    I think this picture is especially flattering. I've seen a few others that aren't so special. Like Jose, he does have a way with the players… While I am very pleased to see Villas-Boas do so well, I think to say that he is better than Jose is a tad premature ( honestly like 10 years…). Come on ladies – be serious here. Let's see how he ages. A wine is one thing when it is young but before you invest, you want to make sure it ages well. I could drink a case of Mou. (Sorry I could not resist the Joni Mitchell reference – I'm Canadian)

  12. mochara says:

    Ahhhh Kickette I knew you'd put something about James Rodriguez up. Spotted him first time yesterday and I fell in love!

  13. Care says:

    Incredibly sexy, great hair, would love to see him at Chelsea

  14. sophia says:

    he's so hot its unfair. Mou has the silver fox look going on, but AVB is just like a greek god or something..and he's very talented too.
    And James Rodriguez is HOT. My new crush

  15. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I am just so happy for Villas and the fact he was a Mou assistant, just prove that Jose is a great teacher and he obviously learnt from the best. Congratulation Boas! Hope for many more and I am pretty we will see him in bernabeu bench later on in years to come :) .

    He is handsome too, perfect specail two lol. About Jose, I want everyone to just go and read what his former and current players say about, how much he is loved by his staff and the clubs he was in! Drogba cried the day he left Chelesa and that's show a good character.

    Btw, I am not talking about Jose because he is coaching my club right now because I personally don't like most of the thing he said, but we don't have to disrespect him as a person, he is family guy and well-respected by the people who work with him.

    • Slave4Mou says:

      There is no shame in loving Jose. You don't need to explain anything to anyone. Just embrace it.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        No no! I am not ashamed lol, but I really dont agree on what he say sometime, but it doesnt erase the fact that he is hot, funny and great coach! the mister!

        • Thea says:

          I think MOUR is pretty much over………..time for new blood ladies!

          • Kristina says:

            I wonder if MOUR will get to coach Man U after Ferguson retires. It's a dream of his, but I think that the Man U administration has gotten cold feet after recent events. Perhaps they could consider Villas-Boas instead? Highly unlikely, but that would be an interresting development.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            He is still not over for me lol. He still get it!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:…

        see this! I really love Jose and the boys! The bench is sometime more exciting than the game

  16. Summer says:

    Of course Villas- Boas is better than Mourinho and HOttER!!! Watch out Pep, watch out…

  17. canuckgirl says:

    I didn't know Jason Bateman moonlit as a football coach! Or is that Xabi Alonso? So confused…

  18. Pointer says:

    Villas-Boas may be one heck of a good coach, but he's got nothing on Xabi Alonso in terms of looking sublime while rocking the ginger beard.

  19. spvrp says:

    Hottie or nottie – what kind of a question is that Kickette? Hands down, the answer is the former!

  20. Thea says:

    Be good for new blood to come through – Pep needs to be challenged now he's tranced over MOUR! I think that Villas-Boas would be a good fit for Chelsea, but would also be good for him to stay at Porto and try get good CL run next year.

  21. LisaB says:

    Villas-Boas is a hottie but I'm gonna be careful because I once thought Mourinho was a nice guy (while at Porto and before that at Barca) and we all know how he turned out. I have a good feeling about Andre though, hope Porto keep him for as long as possible… because this guy is the perfect candidate to replace Pep when he eventually leaves Barca.