November 8th, 2010

Argy Bargy: Oguchi Onyewu v Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When news broke over the weekend that AC Milan players Oguchi Onyewu and Zlatan Ibrahimovich had been involved in a handbags situation during training we put down our vodka shots and lunged for the nearest working iPhone.

Apparently a rough tackle occurred. Throats were grabbed. Training was cancelled. Afterwards, coach Galliani told skysport24, “It was a fairly lively fight, it happens when there is a rather rough tackle. The players have cleared the air, though, and personally I am always happy when I see them train hard. Case closed.”

Not so fast. We’re furious that the focus has been taken off the obvious, happy-making query: did the best abs win? If so, whose were they? We know it’s a toughie, but we demand answers people. And we won’t rest until we get them or another round of vodka shots.

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32 Responses to “Argy Bargy: Oguchi Onyewu v Zlatan Ibrahimovic”

  1. annie says:

    Até que esse Ibrahimovic é interessante ;D

  2. bri_saldana says:

    Dear Kickette,

    I just want to take the time to sincerely thank you for re-introducing these two particular pictures of these smoke'n hot bodies, this was quite a big story but please don't hesitate to act on any hat that drops. LOTS of love from bri!

  3. annelise says:


  4. Marika says:

    I vote for Zlatan, as almost every time… I will be satisfied if fight could be happen without any clothes.. Just to see all the moves… Zlatan-hot as hell!!!

  5. Rossanera says:

    What exactly was the whole Pique thing? Can someone please fill me in?

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      Ciao! Unfortunately what happened was that Zlatan showed some distasteful homophobic tendencies. When asked by a reporter about the "love affair" between him and Pique, he told the reporter that he (the reporter) should bring his sister and Zlatan would show them that he is not gay… I know, NOT cool.

      • Rossanera says:

        Ciao Lotte! Long time no speak :) … I did read about the comment. It wasn't the best possible response, but he didn't actually say anything derogatory about gays, and I imagine he must've been affronted by the rumour and lashed out … I wonder what would've been an acceptable response in that situation, you know?

        • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

          No, you're right, it was more manschauvanistic. Anyway I thought it was pretty tiresome. I actually think he is quite shy. Many of his old friends from school describes him as such. When the others were out dating and partying, he stayed at home. Perhaps he is one of those people that hides behind a tough and cocky attitude? I think a prefer to believe so :) . Glad you are back!

  6. Emme says:

    Normally, I would be completely on board, since Gooch and Ibra have two of the best bodies in the business. However, Gooch is recovering from an injury, so maybe they could have their liquid chocolate match-up next year??
    Is there any footage of the rumble at all? With 30 fans as witness, I cannot believe no one caught this on their phone.

  7. Ana;) says:

    Not attracted to them, but I say it has to be Gooch over Ibra for me!
    Lol I heard about this through Rossi on Twitter asking what went on, I didn't think it was serious.

  8. gossip girl says:

    dear friends what is this ??/…
    tô bege!!!

  9. Violets says:

    Considering the fact that Gooch is fighting for and hasn't gotten any playing time at AC Milan, I'm kind of surprised that he would get involved in something like this. It leaves the coach and fans with a bad impression of you, which isn't something that you want if you've get to establish yourself at a club.

    • @DebStimson says:

      Gooch just recently is recovering from a serious knee injury suffered in a US national WC qualifying game. Gooch was unable to participate in the WC because of it. I suspect the foul from Ibra was on that knee Gooch injured and Gooch interpreted it as intentional by Ibra. It happens all the time in sports but certainly shouldn't happen by your teammate.

      • Emme says:

        Thanks for pointing that out, Deb. I was pretty upset when I heard about what Ibra did because of Gooch's injury recovery. I also read somewhere that since he wants to stay with Milan, he offered to not receive any compensation this year. Not sure if that is true or not.

      • nodnarb says:

        Gooch is still recovering from that knee injury? No way! He was cleared for the World Cup and in fact played in the first 2 matches during the group stage … and played poorly, I might add.

  10. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    I know he can be hard to handle sometimes, and a bit of a jerk really. But almost always when there are big news and big headlines about this particular Swede and some stupid thing he has said or done, you just wait a couple of days. And voila, just as you have given up on him another interview gets published that, almost invariably, puts things in a new perspective. And it is very often to Zlatan's advantage. The only time he has really disappointed me was after the Pique-affair.

    So I say: Go Zlatan! Pour some melted chocolate over that body of yours and do your thing!

  11. Astrid says:

    i read about this, and was all; dang, who would fight Zlatan, he's like a 195 cm beast!! the pic of Oguchi above explained it all :P

  12. lyricm9 says:

    Ibra!?! Damn…

  13. BarceLisa says:

    You had me at liquid chocolate.

  14. Lily Montella says:

    Who cares about the fight look at that picture of Zatlan smoking HOT lol

  15. LAmonkeygirl says:

    The phrase "rough tackle," when used in conjunction with the above male specimens, is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the English language.

    All in favor of being the meat in the rough tackle sandwich?

  16. tammyv says:

    DAMN YOU PEOPLE WITHOUT VIDEO CAMERAS PHONES! The world needed to see that in all it s rough and tumble, masculine glory..

    Serious, AC Milan you have your own channel on GOL TV. I need this as special

  17. gin_in_teacups says:

    I don't know what this is all about but the answer is Gooch. Always.

  18. seeairuh says:

    I'm still shocked that NONE of the 30 fans there seemed to have taken pictures OR video of this altercation.

  19. blake2108 says:

    I wouldn't watch.

    I don't find either attractive unfortunately.

    Specially Ibra after his outburst over the Pique thing.

  20. blue_verry says:

    Oh lord. Is there an end to the drama that seems to follow Ibra wherever he goes?

    But I do hope they take your advice. Just one thing – no Jello please.

  21. DeeRoma says:

    I love the way you ladies think. You know what is always important.