May 21st, 2012

Arjen Robben: Not In The Mood For Penalty Or Posture Pep Talks

Image: REUTERS/Alexander Hassenstein.

Arjen Robben’s missed the odd important penalty this season, but none was as crushing as the one he missed on Saturday. With the Champions League final poised at 1-1 in extra time,  Didier Drogba’s foul on Franck Ribery in the 95th minute handed Bayern Munich the opportunity to take the lead and…well, we all know how things ended.

Looking at these images of the Bayern post-match dinner, Arjen was not in the mood to partake in any of it. Understandably so. He did manage to go vertical at some point in the evening, however. But only briefly.

Mario, Mueller, Manuel – at least Robben’s standing motivation was spot on, yes Bayern Munich lurving Kickettes?

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21 Responses to “Arjen Robben: Not In The Mood For Penalty Or Posture Pep Talks”

  1. k22milan says:

    Oh man. I was sooo upset at the result. I was cheering for Bayern and they really did play their hearts out. So sad that the result ended up being determined by penalties. In my mind, Chelsea didn't really deserve to lift the cup, but I then again in the end it really is only the score that matters. They haven't gained any respect from this win in my mind though.
    Schweinsteiger being so upset at the end crushed my heart. And Mario Gomez. And Mueller. Urgh. So sad.

    I can't blame Robben for that penalty miss. I really can't. And I don't blame him for not taking a penalty at the end. If Neur had a stronger mind-set at that point in the game than of course Neur should take it over Robben. And that seemed to be the case.
    But on a brighter note, Neur was a BEAST during penalties. He really was solid for most of it and that penalty shot from him was smooth. SEXY. Oh SO SEXY.

  2. Gabrielle V says:

    Robben: i screwed it up didnt i?
    Mario gomez: Yeaaah, you pretty much did.

  3. Kristina says:

    Poor thing! I feel for all of them. I actually cheered for Bayern during the game. I thought they were the better team. But, it's the number of goals that count so…

  4. Marissa says:

    Honestly the better team did not win. Penalties are a completely different story and should not be used to evaluate a team or player. It's fine Bayern, most of them are German and will win the Euro this summer so no worries :)

  5. Loninha - Brasil says:

    Robben unfortunately did what everyone expected the stadium: losing the penalty, so even the fans screamed in stadium Ribery when he hears the penalty for Bayern Munich!
    What hurt me most was to see Mario crying and I could not have comforted!

  6. Loninha - Brasil says:

    The night was not only worse for me because I'm still alive! Poor Boys Bayern, three deputies championships!

  7. tashy says:

    Mi commentator kept sayin that robben is so selfish nd didn’t want 2 give da ball 2 gomez he tired 2 be da hero nd it flopped on him
    But he seriously looks lyk his in a bad mood especially in da 2 pic must suck being a WAG now u hav 2 tolerate his mood swings o plz so u lost 1 game it happens get ova it. ofcourse I wuld kill some1 if they said that 2 m wen rm or arsenal lose hypocrite I knw

  8. xoWinnie says:

    i always have to wonder how Robben managed to age so prematurely. i mean, damn…

  9. Fran says:

    Felt so bad for Robben but my heart just broke for Schweinsteiger when I watched him miss that penalty. I'm a United fan but was sorta hoping for a Bayern win since they have some of my favourite players! Congrats to Chelsea though!

  10. Rosa says:

    Arjen, you are a big time bottler. You bottled it. Now, go cry in your missus arms.

    • Rosa says:

      To qualify my statement, Neuer had to take a pen cos Robben refused to take one. That is the definition of a bottler/choker. He choked, simple as that. You're a supposed "big player" and you force your KEEPER to take a pen in a pen shoot-out in a European Cup final. If you had any balls, you'd step up to the plate and do your part. Luckily, Neuer did score, but Robben you're still a bottler. And you always will be.

      • xoWinnie says:

        LOL harsh words…

      • chay says:

        Sorry for the total tangent, but Neuer has some damn sexy lips. So I was totally okay with his taking the penalty shot

        • gigi says:

          Neuer was a total mensch on that penalty kick. I mean, how often does a goalkeeper have to step up and do the kicking in a penalty shootout? But he was just so cool about it. Props.

      • Vivienne says:

        I don't see him as a choker/bottler; he missed one penalty already earlier in the game, his confidence and self-belief must have taken a blow, and so in my opinion it was understandable [and to an extent sensible] of him not to take one. That and it possibly would have given the advantage to Cech if he did take one; he reads players very well, and obviously read Robben well after he saved his penalty. Maybe I'm being too sentimental, but sometimes you have to realise footballers are human as well.

  11. ashlee says:

    I felt so so so bad. I still feel horrible. But the Allianz will always shine brighter for this team and I'll love them forever.
    No worries Arjen, the very best has yet to come.

    Also, can we talk about Manuel "Sex on Legs" Neuer and his penalty?! IT WAS AMAZING

    • DebS says:

      I about fell over when I saw him coming to take the penalty! Bravo to him for showing the rest how it's done.

  12. Doles says:

    Arjen, you shouldn't have left CFC…. oh well….

    • howw says:

      you say it! ignore all the bayerners thumbing you down

    • Sirenia says:

      Oh please, Chelsea shouldn't even celebrate that win – their game sucked so bad, they should be ashamed to lift the trophy. Bayern was clearly the better team.

  13. chay says:

    Although I didn't favor one team over the other, I really felt for both Robben and particularly Schweinsteiger (did anyone notice how the camera kept showing him laying on the ground with his shirt over his face?). Robben looks so serious and so un-jolly in these pictures, only the most hard-hearted couldn't feel at least a twinge of sympathy for him