November 3rd, 2010

Arsenal FC: Just Enough Education To Perform

Getty Images/Zimbio

This week, Arsene Wenger decided to enliven training sessions with his young side by introducing a discussion group element, encouraging debate and self expression amongst the players. Today’s topic was the human genome project and as you can see from these photographs, the players responded very differently to the subject matter.

Sami Nasri (above, with Theo Walcott, Gael Clichy & Bacary Sagna) was inspired.

Jack Wilshire was bewildered. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

Johan Djourou used humour to mask his confusion. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

While Tomas Rosicky, Carlos Vela and Nicklas Bendtner¬†didn’t give a crap. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

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24 Responses to “Arsenal FC: Just Enough Education To Perform”

  1. jelly says:


  2. xbabyshakesx says:

    Carlos Vela is (one of) the cutest persons i've ever seen!
    Hope he gets more play time
    cuz he's been stealing my heart!

    … but so has Samir and Jackie LOL

  3. Marie says:

    Nicky 'I dont need pants' B looks all grown up in the last pic, rehearsing for fatherhood i guess……

  4. Emari says:

    Carlitos Vela is such a cutie patootie… he’s like a little kid and Bendtner is like the older bro in that pick!
    to copy what someone else said, they are sooo ardorkable!!
    gunners for life!!

  5. a lot of girls say that Arsenal has one of the hottest teams but i think that Arsenal is one of the most adorkable teams ( well any team that has Cesc will for sure be a dorky side) lol

  6. Maribel says:

    They are all so adorable.

  7. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    Arsenal guys are a bunch of hotties, like nasri is friggen adorable!! they're missing marouane thouu!!!!

  8. Sil says:

    Where's Cesc? Where's Cesc?????? …. Helloooo, Carlos! Wheeeeeeeeere's Cesc?

  9. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    May I please say that Arsenal is the cutest team in the world? I'm not even really a Gunner (Madridista for life!) but I swear to God these boys are the cutest first team out there! Fabregas, Arshavin, Theo Walcott, Marouane Chamakh, Samir Nasri…these are the most adorable guys ever!!

  10. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    lol me too! Maruouane, Andrey, Fabregas, and Van Persie are my favorite Arsenal guys and they aren't in any of the pictures!

    Oh, well I like Theo Walcott a lot too so at least one of them….

  11. @AgnesWonka says:

    they're all so cool!
    erm…that debate was real or this is a joke?

  12. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    Ye I saw that tweet and I’m just thinking WOW!!!

  13. senora ramos says:

    aww, love the last pic. that whole team is so adorkable. <333

  14. Leya_S says:

    Oh Jesus (Navas)…Gunners…I love them! They're too adorable for words!
    The last pic is the best.

  15. LosAngeleno says:

    That whole damn team "cutes it up" time and again! They're like a cosmic balance for the rest of the EPL. Whenever some player from another club does something creepy or inappropriate, an Arsenal lad gets his wings. (Did anyone see Cesc's tweet where he comments that the scene in one of his photos is not his apartment– his place is much neater?)

  16. Sergo says:

    Seriously, how cute is that last picture? :D

    • Leya_S says:

      Haha, I just wrote that, and then I read your comment.
      I'm jealous bc they look like they're having so much fun! Nerds. I love them.

  17. dutchgooner89 says:

    Awww look at my boys…Samir is a total cutie too :)

  18. Tocadisco says:

    Samir Nasri is suuuuch a cutie <3

  19. Jesse says:

    Samir <3333

  20. Thea says:

    If only Yoann was part of that picture. Wenger you a cruel cruel man!