May 20th, 2011

Ashley Cole: Players’ Playa

Don’t panic, people. It’s just an ‘air-trophy‘. He can’t hurt anyone with it. Oh, alright. Ashley won the ‘Player’s Player of the Year’ Award at the Chelsea club dinner last night. We cannot confirm whether interns had a vote, but hazard a guess not. Congrats anyway, Ash! Image via

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9 Responses to “Ashley Cole: Players’ Playa”

  1. UR Fan in Tanzania says:

    Congrats Ashley..I pray for you and Cherly to get back to ur relation…

  2. FloraJane says:

    Congratulations to Ashley for being named Player's Player of the Year! He's been fantastic for Chelsea this year and his award is well-deserved.

    And congratulations to Petr Cech, who was named Player of the Year! And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY Petr!!! It's today, Kickette! Did you miss it?

  3. aalysia says:

    he's definately a playa

  4. Leaaa says:

    I've won the players' player of the year award twice with my local girls team and I can safely say there's something really nice about knowing you're appreciated :) Ashley is a bit of an idiot but he deserves it

  5. Rosa says:

    He's an excellent player and deserve this award. He's a dodgy person off the field with dubious character but on the field he's a top player. Well done Ashley.

  6. Cait says:

    Did he threaten to shoot them if they didn't vote for him?

  7. Summer says:

    Seen yesterday Chelsea's Player of the Year, John Terry was so marvellous.. I love him.
    Also for us a bonus see this and laugh 'cause David Luiz and Didi are back

  8. I'mTheTwinOfCheryl says:

    Not a good man, but I can't say nothing about the player…The prize is deserved..