October 12th, 2010

B-Day: Omar Gonzalez Turns 22

We see carbs. Lots of sweet, sweet carbs. Images via twitter.com/omar4gonzalez

We are still crushing hard on L.A. Galaxy defender and all-around nummers Omar Gonzalez.

He celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday; we have no choice but to recognize.

As he informed us all via Twitter, Omar celebrated by eating out with friends and going to the cinema. Cake was (obviously) involved, and in the grand tradition of Kickette birthday celebrations, we’re going to take a carb-fantasy break to allow the dark, dangerous recesses of our minds to imagine applying said cake across Omar’s shoulders and removing it with our tongues.

Don’t judge. Sugar comas need love too.

Felicidades, chulo!

Also, Mr. G. looks quite fine while silhouetted by a California sunset, no?

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19 Responses to “B-Day: Omar Gonzalez Turns 22”

  1. cherryboomboom says:

    What I'm pretty sure of here is that I do like the food !

  2. Gillian says:

    I think Omar is hella sexy!

  3. Lucy says:

    I love Omar!! Met him a few weeks ago and he is just too cute and so sweet. Seriously, he may not be as sexy as many of the other players, but I could still look at him all day.

  4. Pique_Xavi says:

    My friend's little brother looks like him. Maybe thats why I don't find the attraction either. But beer and cake?

    • Leya_S says:

      Beer and cake…there isn't a better combo when you're 17-22 years of age, lol! I've had a lot of those nights and I'm grateful they're over, but they were DEFINITELY fun while they lasted.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Well call me a weirdo, I really don't like cake, won't eat my birthday cake, I make pretty great ones (according to the people who eat what I bake), and I tend to dislike the sweet smell. As for beer, I never liked the smell or looks of it. I hardly ever drank, but my cousin had a bday party for her bf and got him a beer cake… she said it was good.

        • Leya_S says:

          Haha, actually the cake thing, I was like that for awhile. I really enjoy baking, and I was making a lot of cakes and testing new recipes, making frosting from scratch, that sort of thing, and it got to the point that I got so sick of the smell, I didn't eat cake for well over a year. But I like cake now…I'm really picky about it, though.
          As for beer, I actually really like beer…I've even been to quite a few breweries! But a lot of my friends don't like beer either, so you're not weird. :)

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            Yeah I like baking from scratch too but I have never tasted better pastries from anyone like my ex's mom. Never thought carrot cake would taste so gooooood and Chistmas cookies the best! We have some breweries here but I think what people like about California is the wine. The places closest to me are soooo beautiful and expensive. We actually got asked to leave because my friend was too drunk. It was not fun because we didn't get to eat, lol. I would gladly take the spanish men for some wine tasting. They will love it.

            • Leya_S says:

              Ironically, I hate wine.Okay, hate is a bit strong…but I've never tasted a wine that I liked. Ppl tell me I just haven't tasted good enough wine yet…

            • Leya_S says:

              Ironically, I hate wine.Okay, hate is a bit strong…but I've never tasted a wine that I liked. Ppl tell me I just haven't tasted good enough wine yet…

  5. graciela says:

    i lurve him and want to have his babies

  6. ConnPossible says:

    We can also add 'birthday celebrations' to the long list of major differences between Yank Footballers and Euro Footballers.

  7. zztop says:

    I don't understand kickette's crush on this guy. He's so average.

    • aps says:

      Agree but that second pic of him in the car is really nice.

    • Leya_S says:

      I love him. Plus he's hotter on the pitch.
      For me, that's part of his appeal: He's hot in this "A normal girl could really date/marry this guy and he's still a legit good footballer" kind of way. Not every footballer needs to be super-sexy/cute/gorgeous, just like WE can't all be Yolanthe van Caus-blah-blah-blah, I mean Sneidjer.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Girl, that what someone said to me for liking Xavi. She told me that she didn't think I would find him sexy… she was surprised, lol. I love my Xavi and I see him as gorgeous as Pique. But seriously I do find him very attractive and there is something about him that drives me nuts in a good way so at least we can say we have our "own" type of Basking Robbins but instead of flavors its players… all shades, all sizes, and differents capabilities on the field.

        • Emme says:

          Going to second you on this. The best part about Kickette is that there is something for everyone.
          And, Leya, I agree with you that we all cannot be Yolanthe or Ilary, so we shouldn't expect that all ballers must be Becks to be worthy of our admiration :)

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            Oh I wish more people thought that way. In my own family I get oh you should date him he has green eyes like that is an indication of a good man. Thank goodness I have eyes for any man out there as long as they are nice, smart, love football, and well I'm attracted to. I love kickette for giving us a chance to say this things because I honestly don't have anyone else to talk football to or football gossip, lol.

      • Lucy says:

        yep yep. I agree. I just love Omar!! He seems so goofy too. Thats what I love about him.