May 7th, 2012

Bacary Sagna: Broken Bones & Dreams

Bacary Sagna broke his leg on Saturday and will miss out on France’s Euro 2012 campaign this summer. He’s also accused Norwich City’s Bradley Johnson of deliberately injuring him by¬†stepping on his leg, which caused him to go to the ground unchallenged near the 33rd minute mark.

What we want to be reporting on is how his abs are coping with this news. If anyone sees them, please send our regards.

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2 Responses to “Bacary Sagna: Broken Bones & Dreams”

  1. Jayy says:

    It was a reckless tackle by Johnson – I do feel sorry for Sagna :(

  2. Jenni says:

    Poor Bacary. Big hugs for him. Not seen any highlights from the weekend yet, so can't comment on whether there was a deliberate foul. I hope not.