January 10th, 2012

Back In Business: Thierry Henry & Paul Scholes

Oh no he didn’t! Thierry Henry confounds the sceptics and scores on his second debut for Arsenal. Image: Clive Mason/Getty Images Europe.

You couldn’t make this stuff up, could you? But from the moment Thierry Henry appeared on the Emirates pitch for Arsenal’s warm-up last night, the cheers of the crowd and the player’s delight suggested something awesome was about to occur. Even his ex-wife (and mother of his only child, daughter Tea), Claire Merry, tweeted her excitement at Titi’s return.

Image: AP Photo/Matt Dunham.

The Hot Hall of Famer, who currently plays for New York Red Bulls and is on-loan to his old club for six weeks, didn’t let the occasion get to him though. He replaced Marouane Chamakh on 68 minutes, and within ten he was wrapped up in Arsene Wenger’s eiderdown jacket (above), celebrating the goal against Leeds United that put Arsenal into the fourth round – something his team-mates had failed to manage by themselves.


Image: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Europe.

Of course, Henry wasn’t the first player to be wheeled out of elite football retirement for FA Cup purposes last weekend. Paul Scholes came off the bench for Manchester United during their 3-2 victory over Manchester City. The player, who retired last season, didn’t achieve the impact of the Arsenal old boy, although rumour has it he may get a few more opportunities to do so.

Scholes apparently told Alex Ferguson a couple of weeks ago that he might be interested in putting his retirement on ice, and after Sunday’s game stated “I’m looking forward to playing my part in trying to bring more success to this great club.” Interesting.


The Beckham boys were in attendance at both games, with Romeo (l) once again embracing the club ‘loyalty immunity’ that’s a given when your Dad is one of the most famous men in soccer. Image: REUTERS/Eddie Keogh.

Now, are any other players in the country at the moment who would love to pull on their old shirt and do a job for their beloved former club? Hmm. We can’t think of anyone…


Can you, Kickettes?

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37 Responses to “Back In Business: Thierry Henry & Paul Scholes”

  1. Layla says:

    Can we all talk about Romeo Beckham being a gooner? lol

  2. Bella says:

    I thought it was classy that the ex-wife showed happiness for him.

    • Sammie says:

      Do u also think it is classy she posts a topless shot of herself to promote her cheap lingerie range with the last name "henry"? or that she uses him to further her fame? no. didn't think so. not a classy cell in her being.

      • sarahcrone says:

        really? I didn't know that. It's good if she has a business head on her shoulders but TOPLESS pictures after she got what, 100 mil BP from the divorce? Is she that desperate? I'm slightly appalled.

      • Gooner gurl says:

        Topless? She never did that. She does have some class and after all Claire left Thierry so she must have something that he liked her and married her. We all know way press it. They werite Henry so everybody would know who they are talking about.. They wouldn't sell papers if they put Claire Marry as some annoymus, which after all she is not. Papers get what they want and Claire gers her lingerie promoted. I don't think Thierry would mind she's investing his money into business rather then spend it on clothes like wags do. I still prefer Andrea over Claire

        • laura says:

          I did see the topless picture also. She is just in a thong in a shower. she put it on her twitter and even on her website. its really pathetic. and please, we all know thierry left claire, not the other way around. everyone knows that. that is why she was so bitter after everything and now she is still using his name to sell stuff. when u do an interview u can make sure they do write something or they do not write something. she allows them to sell her as 'thierry henry's ex'. that i think is sad. i follow his current girlfriend andrea on tiwtter and she never mentions him in connection with her business, never personal, private stuff. she is very respectful, has her dignity. its a good thing thierry left her, he deserves better. claire is just common.

          • Gooner gurl says:

            How do you explain then that Andrea made her twitter days after she started her company and is accepting all Thierry fans? If she is so private she wouldn't do it, she would do like all people who started company do. Make company twitter and keep your private!! She knows only his fans read it because she doesn't have almost any of her friends on her twitter (only other wags).
            I don't know why people are trying to make Claire look bad all at sudden. She never spoke of their relationship, she always kept private and I believe its nice she shows that they are in good relation with her best wishes to him on her twitter. She's having sucessful business and I don't think its because of Thierry since most of his fans can't afford 300 pounds for a bra yet she's doing very well.

            • a FAN says:

              i would like to say one thing. i follow andrea (personal and private) and she actually has a lot of her friends on twitter and her own is private, its locked. also, she never mentions thierry, ever, so it doesn;t matter who she lets follow her, they dont see any private information about thierry. i dont think anyone said anything untrue. its a fact that his ex uses him for press to further her business, just look at the press on her website. however you see that, it is true, the rest doesnt matter . i think we are just discussing the mentality of 2 women. but for the record i, like u, prefer andrea.

  3. Gooner gurl says:

    His current gf :( (((( has a twitter account also where she hardly ever mention him while his ex wife uses every chance to tweet about him. Low!!! Thierry Henry LEGEND!!! I can't wait for the next game, will take first row in front of my TV.

    • GOOONERISTA says:

      Which one is low? I am assuming the one where the ex uses every chance she gets. Im sure his current gf doesnt because TH is notoriously private, otherwise he would have his own twitter. its a respect thing. obviously the ex thinks of only herself. LOW it IS!!

  4. Lou says:

    Amazing goal amazing celebration! AAAAh. The man is perfection. His ex wife, however, should find something better to do than gush about him on twitter. The woman used to have her twitter account public and she would constantly mention him. – vile and fame hungry. Im sure he doest gush about her! Please no mention of her anymore!

  5. deena says:

    The King is back

  6. bri_saldana says:

    GREAT MAN….wow the reaction he had when he scored was just SO PERSONAL & intimate. I'm not/or will ever be a Gunner but I respect the club immensely & Henry's love for his club is just so true. Glad to see you home Thierry & thank you for taking our breath away once again.

  7. xbabyshakesx says:

    comments about Guti and Raul… ah! my poor heart TT^TT

  8. Leya_S says:

    As a New Yorker (Red Bulls) and a Gunner AND a Cule (although much less these days), I have, for whatever reason, always been drawn to clubs that Titi was at/ended up going to. Everywhere he plays, he is magic. But coming home to Emirates was perfect. I'm still desperately hoping to run into him in Soho one day…guess that won't be for awhile since he's in London atm. Welcome home Titi! <3

    • Sam says:

      Luv him 2 deaathhhhhhhh. Maybe u will c him, who knows. How big is SoHo!? Hehehehe. But kickette, we hardly care what his ex is doing. He made her an ex for a reason! She is abt as interesting as a knat.

  9. littlegreenpea says:

    I'm so excited that Paul Scholes came back. We needed some magic back in the midfield :)

  10. sasharaul says:

    What a night yesterday. So wonderful. You don't have to like Arsenal or even Thierry Henry, but if your heart only beats a slight little bit for the beautiful game you have to admit it was pure magic yesterday. Pure Magic. So happy and I'm still smiling. The return of the king couldn't have been better.
    I loved how the audience got all excited just by seeing him warming up at the side line and then him coming onto the pitch and finally scoring, incredible. Congrats and may God bless you, TH!

  11. Suzerino says:

    I was at the Emirates last night for Thierry's return. The explosion of pure joy when he scored was probably one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had – so exciting and emotional being in the middle of that, I can't describe it. Welcome home Titi – even if it's only for a while. And loving the beard.

  12. _Titi_ says:

    Glad that he scored in the game, so happy to see him back to Arsenal. Though not an Arsenal fan, Henry and the Arsenal invincibles team was one of the reasons I fell in love with the sport.

  13. IrishBlue says:

    These kind of things make me happy! Great to see Henry back with Arsenal. I'm glad he came on and scored, just to prove that he's there for a purpose and to prove the doubters who thought it was a bad idea wrong.

  14. meh says:


  15. ^^K^^ says:

    How come Beckham still looks good in each and every photo of him? The guy can't take a bad picture!

  16. ArsenalFiesta says:

    After henry scored the goal for arsenal, i was in tears. Once a gunner always a gunner!! <3 TiTi!!

  17. Sergz says:

    I'm a Man United fan so Scholes comeback was a bigger deal for me, but seeing Henry get that reception at the Emirates and scoring after just 10 minutes! And then seeing him running towards Wenger to celebrate! That was perfection. I was buzzing. :)

  18. LOL says:

    Welcome home Titi :)

  19. Emma says:

    What a night.. can't wait to see more of Henry! <3

  20. Miss Lampard says:

    Love seeing Paul back..I will be delighted to see this classy player, an absolute LEGEND playing again!!

  21. Lauren_BCN says:

    What a start for 2012 :-) )) Henry-even as a red devil girl…I'VE MISSED YOU SOO MUCH !!! And of course being a red devil I am head over heels because of Scholes's return :-) )) Now only thing we are missing is gentleman from the picture #3 BECKHAM ;-)

  22. Sarah, Madrid says:

    This week have been emotional in english game, I am not even a Gunner, when I saw Henry's goal and welcome I shed a tear. I reckon the day when Raul comes back home to his white house. Guti is in Spain :', please Madrid get him back for couple of magic madridismo moments :'

    • Gigi says:

      Yes please, Guti! It was so sad when he tweeted that he was going to the RM game for the first time as a spectator. It's perfect. Guti doesn't have a club right now, unless he's really going to Dubai.

    • bri_saldana says:

      Yes my heart will stop for a beat if Raul or Guti were back playing at Bernabeu…Thierry's moment does make me ache for these types of possibilities *sigh

      Note to self: Don't drink Mimosas whilst thinking of Raul & Guti :(