July 16th, 2007

Back on the Market: Thierry Henry


It’s been officially announced: Thierry Henry and his wife Claire are getting a divorce.

Is nothing sacred anymore?  Regardless of how annoying the va-va-voom car ads were, we loved these two as a couple.  They seemed so… normal.  And now, in the name of normal relationships, they have fought like dogs, hate each other and are bitter.

Those in the know have been gossiping about the split since Thierry’s move to Barcelona began to look like a dead cert.

Last week Thierry was spotted getting close to two women at a 50 Cent concert in Paris, and he didn’t wear his wedding ring to Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding,(Claire didn’t attend, even though she is a close friend of the two).  When in Paris Thierry also partied like only a single man worth millions can, for five days straight in casinos and nightclubs.  He also recently moved out of the Hampstead house he shares with Claire and their two year old daughter Tea after a series of arguments and fights – he hasn’t been back since.

Claire is best known by her modelling name, Nicole Merry and will stay in the UK with their daughter. 

When asked about the whole Barcelona/marriage situ, Thierry was quoted as saying “… lots of things have changed recently and I had to get away from everything English, including my wife unfortunately.“


Link: Thierry’s Marriage Has Gone Va-Va Voom
Link: Thierry’s Vamoosed

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20 Responses to “Back on the Market: Thierry Henry”

  1. HGH says:

    Thanks for the wonderful information- just wondering if anyone else has had any relevant experiences to share

  2. Tim says:

    Oh. I really liked these two as a couple. They looked like they really love each other! I don?t get it though, what was the problem? Maybe they shouldn?t give up that easy and try to get <a rel="follow" href="http://www.marriagemax.com/">marriage therapy. But is not my decision, and no one else?s.

  3. Jim says:

    I wonder how these two are dong now?  My sister lives in Spain and I keep forgetting to ask her.  And my brother just left for vacation in the UK last night… well at least Tony Parker's marriage seems to be doing fine.

  4. Marc says:

    Wow, i cant believe this case is soo popular.  I dont even know who these people are

  5. Jett T says:

    God, I miss living in Spain and hearing about all the gossip involving adulterous soccer players like Beckham, and then hearing the gossip about women who were famous for no other reason than they had married and divorce a famous soccer player. For some reason we don’t get that kind of juice about US athletes.

  6. lauren says:

    uh, there’s a surprise! Another celeb couple getting divorced. I seriously think its ridiculous the rate at which these couples are getting divorced. Shouldnt it be more of a sin to get a divorce (specially with kids) than to live together and not be married?

  7. I too don’t like him much…..what is this hype about then.

  8. I don’t think he can make an amazing bachelor now….but for those who think so, you are not going to be benefitted in any way.so what’s the point?

  9. It is easier to run away from problems than solving them actually… But come again, Henry is known for his running speed… cough… cough…

  10. There have been some news of divorce for a while and I think finally they have decided to do it so.

  11. Ada says:

    They were so great together! I really loved them! I still think they didn't try enough to fin d ways to save marriage. I can't believe that this couple broke apart! I really thought they will be one of the longest couples.

  12. well we really knew it all from the beggining! What could you expect?
    A hot model and one of the best football players(more one of the ex-best!) It’s really kinna rare that this kind of couples last 4ever!
    They both have lots of hot people going for them and its really kinna hard to resist that much!
    Coz She’s hot, Thierry has been spotted to be partying in barcelona and paris hottest clubs with some girls, so i kinna think this is a normal end for a Soccerplayer-model couple!(at least for most of them!)

  13. uneditedmara says:

    Titi is a natural manwhore. He just can’t help himself, as evidenced by dancing parter, Adebayor.

    But I was shocked. WALKING AWAY? Ow.

  14. Henry fan says:


  15. tammyv says:

    Wow…wow on the break-up, wow on the comment, wow that he has not been to see the house that his daughter lives since the break-up

  16. Helena says:

    I thought Thierry was one of football’s decent family guys..I’m rather shocked at this.

    When asked about the whole Barcelona/marriage situ, Thierry was quoted as saying “

  17. Henry Lover says:

    Yay. He’ll make an amazing bachelor. Yum.

  18. ballack's missing hair says:

    well, there’s a whole lot of women in his new club anyway; he said so last year.

    i’m not bitter.