September 6th, 2010

Baking For The Bad Boys: A Walnut Ring For Wayne Rooney

The baby grapes, Wazza! How could you (allegedly) betray the little toes?

Recipe for a Scandal: Ingredients

- 1/2 handful of grainy photos

- 2 cups unidentified, random sources

- Generous amounts of liquor (before, during and after, or as needed)

- 1 arrogant/insecure/horny footballer with the ability to shut off the part of his brain that reminds him that he has a family and/or has said vows to remain faithful

- 2 oz. naivety

- 1 cup of hooker


Mix all ingredients on a Pay As You Go phone for approx. 30 text messages or until WAG is left red-faced. Alternatively, 1 hair dresser can be substituted for 1 cup of hooker in order to make scandal more rich and sordid.


Not sure about you, Kickettes, but we really could have done without the allegations that Wayne Rooney strayed from his then-pregnant spouse an odd number of times. John Terry may have inadvertently been declared the President of the 2010 Philandering Footballers Fanclub, but because stories such as this are becoming de rigueur for Sunday papers, we are losing interest at an astonishing rate in EPL players’ inabilities to keep it in their pants.

Thus, we’ve decided to share the cake recipe we normally bake for friends and neighbors to gather ’round and nosh on while trading rumours they’ve heard on the net. We’ve all read the variety of reports by now, so no need to rehash the deets. Because they’re terrible. Let’s just eat cake.

FYI: General Consensus around Kickette:

1. We don’t blame the hooker. Actually, we rarely blame the vice girls because, after all, they’ve got a job to do. That said, we’re not condoning this girl’s multiple sex chats with newspapers in exchange for pay, but we are consistently *facepalming* ourselves as we probe, “why did you think this would be kept confidential?!” when considering who the player is.

2. Keep in mind the gory news is still all just allegations at this point, and we eagerly await movement from the Rooney camp. Still, true or not, what supposedly happened is inherently gross and vile.

3. There’s been trouble brewing at our headquarters ever since this story broke, because we want to share parental custody of Kai while the adults fight it out. That baby deserves to be raised on the chewy goodness of a graham cracker like the S’mores he is intended to be.

What’s your take on the heinousness, Kickettes? Keep in mind: comments that are slanderous, maliciousness, perpetuate rumours and allegations and so forth will be removed without notification. We like our site just the way it is and always try to avoid legal conflicts whenever possible.

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160 Responses to “Baking For The Bad Boys: A Walnut Ring For Wayne Rooney”

  1. Steph says:

    I just feel so bad for Coleen and Kai. HOW could you cheat on your wife when she’s pregnant with your child? That’s just sick. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why some men do things like that.

  2. Jheanelle says:

    I have been MIA from Kickette since last week and I cannot believe this has happened. Wayne cheated on Colleen while she was pregnant? I didn't like him much before, but I really don't like him now. I don't see her leaving him because of their history and now they've got Kai to think about. You can't be with someone for that long and not try to work it out. And I can respect that. But it doesn't change the fact that he is still a disgusting pig.

    My sister just got done saying that Wayne seems to have learned his lesson and appreciates what he has with Colleen. But she was sure to tack on at the end that if he is still cheating, then at least he is discrete about his liaisons. So, this just takes the cake.

    I can understand sowing your oats while you are single and available. But you are a MARRIED man. You are also a FATHER. That should mean something!

    And like someone else said, this is also about Rooney's false advertising. He's received a lot of endorsements because of the 'family-man' image that he's created for himself. I think that is what I'm the most upset about.

    If one of these corporate sponsors sued these idiots pimping out their families when news like this comes out, it would teach more of them to keep it in their pants.

  3. soccerLOV3R says:

    men these days…the fame is getting to their heads!!!!! however dat baby looks sooooooo adorableeee!!!! *squeals* i wanna take the stroller away from rooney!

  4. xjacksx says:

    For those comparing to Ronaldo! The dif is that atleast Ronaldo doesn’t cheat he may enjoy his lifestyle and many women but he don’t go around being settled with anyone or married to someone like the English lads do! I’ve always been a huge fan of Wayne but im disgusted about what he did she was pregnant for gods sake! Leave him Coleen.

  5. Mia says:

    As an American woman, I don't get the whole WAG culture and the complete lack of morals these footballers seem to have. Don't get me wrong, I know that no matter what country you're in, there is always those famous guys (athletes or not) that screw around on their women and skanks that chase after them (hello Tiger Woods' hobags) but it seems there's a footballer sex scandal every week or so (yeah i keep up on my kickette news!)….it's a shame….why are these guys treated like Gods and they have carte blanche with whatever they want? and why do their WAGS take them back more times than leave their sorry asses? AND why do these gross, disgusting, insecure, ratty looking, slores chase them down and sell their souls to only come out looking like a forever ho? Well the last one is easy to answer….they MUST have some Daddy Issues for sure. Sad. If you act like a hobag, you will always be looked at and treated like one. It's one thing to have been cheated on by your man but to have been cheated on by your man when you are pregnant and he's paying for hookers??? Wow. There's really no other word for it…..just WOW. if i could give advice to Mrs. Rooney it would be this: seek comfort and support from your seemingly tight family, love that gorgeous baby of yours like he's all that matters in this world, keep on working hard, leave that goober of a husband of yours while holding your head high with pride, class, and dignity a la Elin Nordegren Woods.

    • D0li says:

      Football is a major spoort in the United Kingdom and Europe, in that it generates the most revenue and is one of the only sports that’s really talked about in certain areas.

      WAGS are only used in the UK and Europe for their “wives and girlfriends”. The women are basically models, singers and wannabes who are looking for a career boost or trying to get a money land mind. Then there are the unknown women who are genuinely attracted and interested in the player. Messi’s girlfriend is one of the unknowns who seems genuine which is why he’s not in any scandals and happy.

      When a couple is only together for financial benefits I highly doubt that they are sleeping together, which results in the player having an affair with a call girl.

      I’m not saying that Coleen and Rooney weren’t in love but it happens.

    • Sunny says:

      Misogynistic slut-shaming much?

  6. lilygold says:

    The other thing which separates the typical English/British footballer from other European players is the consumption of Alcohol. It’s a British “thing” to drink, regardless of the effect on your health. Any story involving footballers behaving badly usually starts with them having tanked themselves up. God I sound really old and sensible reading that back, lol.

  7. Jessie says:

    i’m not surprised that he or any of these guys cheats. i doubt she’s going anywhere though

  8. Mika says:

    Poor Coleen. Being pregnant is serious business, you literally have to live for two human beings for nine months. And so many people feel depressed during pregnancy because you feel ugly and sick and horrible, and the next thing you know, your husband couldn't even keep it in for a couple of months and you've been replaced by the next pretty little thing. But oh, wait, he still wants to you bear and rear his baby. How convenient.

  9. Erin says:

    It's not even surprising anymore, is it? That's what is most disturbing. Too much money, fame, and access at a young age, with nobody around to tell them "no". I feel bad for Colleen and Kai.

  10. cherryboomboom says:

    Oh .. my .. god …
    I am so disappointed in wayne rooney ..
    I’m really really disappointed … guh …
    You cant trust any baller can you …

  11. lilygold says:

    Alot of the English population are obsessed with the celebrity culture hence the Celeb mags and reality shows which are two a penny now on TV here. WAGS such as Cheryl, Carly, Sheree [Harry Kewells other half]and Abbey have appeared in various shows on TV and others such as Alex and Coleen write columns for trashy magazines and are happy to pose for articles so they encourage the frenzy by putting out personal aspects of their lives.When Diana, Princess of Wales was alive it was she who was shadowed by the media,since her death the press homed in on the Beckhams then the other WAGS had the spotlight on them. It's an English thing I think, build you up then knock you down, called Tall Poppy Syndrome.

    • Lisa says:

      That is a great argument. I think the tabloid media is partly to blame for creating this sort of celebrity culture that you described. But then they would not be so successful if the public was not so hungry for celebrity news. The fact is the general public, no matter how disgusted they may be with celebrities’ behaviour, cannot get enough of reading about them and seeing their photos splashed all over magazines.

  12. Elsebeth says:

    I don't get it, is it an english thing that the media is so obsessed with the players private lives? I'm danish and I have no idea what most of the danish players are doing in their spare time. Maybe it's because the wives or girlfriends chose to live a quiet life and not live in the limelight like many of the english wags. I saw the wives and girlfriends of the players when they were headed off to the world cup and they looked like normal women. Not like Alex, Colleen or Abby. Just wearing jeans and t-shirts. Some of them even have jobs can you imagine? And the jobs are modelling, writing columns about what they are wearing, but jobs that you need to get a degree to get. It's impressive.

    I do get a bit annoyed by the whole gold digger thing. Can't a woman fall in love with a man without being labelled a gold digger just because she fell in love with a rich man? I know there are lots of them, like the model who married Flavio Briatore, but I'm an old fashioned romantic and i believe in true love. Although i would be hesitent to date a footballer ( well if he's english)

    • loveu2much says:

      im also confused about the media thing. somehow i think that most footballers have been with a prostitute while they were married but you dont see this reported about the spanish, dutch, germans, etc.. but the english media constantly reports about the sex lives of the english footballers. i dont support cheating by any means but i think peoples private life should be kept private. i mean what worse way can you find out that your husband cheated on you than the frontpage of the newspaper?!! double humiliation while you were pregnant.

  13. lilygold says:

    I know you can't believe all that's written in the papers but apparently Rooney never sought an injunction and wasn't that bothered about keeping it out of the news.Perhaps he wants out of the marriage and that's why he isn't banging down the door begging for Coleen's forgiveness, I'm not defending him by any stretch of the imagination but there are usually two sides to a story,you never know.

    • mena says:

      I think you might be on to something.

      Ever since those Super Injunctions grabbed the public's attention, fans have been complaining about footballers lying to the public and leading fake lives.

      From the way Wayne has handled (or not handled) this drama, it looks like he doesn't want to put up a fake front anymore. This drama has effectively destroyed the image of the Rooneys as the "Perfect Footballer Happily Married to the Perfect WAG" and Wayne doesn't seem upset about that loss, at all.

      In some weird way, I wonder if Wayne is relieved that he doesn't have to fake it anymore.

  14. sheila says:

    Now we know why he has looked so preoccupied these recent weeks. But, enough about stupid Roo… Look at those cute wittle toes on that wittle bitty baby! koochie koochie koochie…

  15. tsidi says:

    Wazza! Wazza! Wazza! Why?

  16. biggest kai fans says:

    i can't read it,if rooney is doing that so how is the baby kai :(

  17. Piquette says:

    “It is understood that Rooney, 24, booked Jennifer from an online agency in Manchester which promises its clients “ultimate discretion” after she was recommended to him by a pal.

    She was recommended to him by a PAL?? EW. That’s all I can say :|

  18. Emme says:

    Today has been such a sad day! Thank goodness tomorrow is Tuesday and with that, comes a torso! Please make it a good one, Kickette! I think we all deserve it after today.

    • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

      Sad weekend actually because I read about this yesterday but I’m with you on the torso thing… would it be too much to ask that i’d be a spanish torso since they play tomorrow? I know the match might be a late one but please Kickette? I know, I know, lots of spanish dishes today but it wouldn’t hurt in the middle of all the bad press sorrounding our precious football due to the lack of blood in the big brain on some players.

  19. ASM says:

    i still dont understand why terry was the only one being punished..seems capello doesnt keep his word..damn,i dont see what roo has done as an exception.. :(

    • kmcp says:

      It's because John Terry was the team captain, and because his sordid story involved a team mate he lost the backing of half the dressing room. So he had to lose the captain's armband. He kept his place on the team though. Rooney on the other hand is just a player and there was no direct impact on the team. No captain armband to lose either. So really he hasn't had any better a ride than JT – he just had less to lose in the first place.

    • kmcp says:

      Which isn't to say that I think that what Rooney is alleged to have done is any better than what JT did by the way. If it is true about Rooney, it is a pretty ropey thing to do.

    • tammyv says:

      because Terry's actions effected the team, as opposed to just his marriage. Additionally, it was like the 10 thing he had done to bring dishonor on the team

    • Sammy says:

      The reason Rooney isn't being punished is because his scandal is purely in his personal life! Terry cheated with a teammate's wife while his teammate's kid was in the house! That's crossing a line even by England Football standards! Plus Terry was a captain and had given a speech to the team a weak earlier about how they had to "DIE FOR EACH OTHER"

  20. Alex says:

    The only people I would really be shocked/intensely disappointed in if they cheated would be Nando or Kaka. They just seem like such great husbands and dads (and are so pretty).

  21. neenyah says:

    dios mio, these men… *rolls eyes*

    I'm just focusing on those teeny baby grape toes! Adorbs!

  22. I’m sorry, but I have to point this out: Notice, notice, these are all ENGLISH boys? You never see our beloved SPANISH boys doing this, correct?

    Also, may I point out, none of these are Liverpool boys?

    • ASM says:

      naah but better watch out,theres still stevie,glen,joey,etc married english players in the team..i genuinely none of them would screw up or bye bye liverpool..

    • You are naive if you think Liverpool players don’t have things to hide. Allegedly, one of the superinjunctions currently in force was requested by a Liverpool player.

    • DJ says:

      this is a ridiculous point. liverpool boys arent blameless. HELLO! Steven Gerrard was in a bar brawl. Plus i could make the same arguement about arsenal, fulham, stoke and the remaining 16 teams in the premier league.

      as for the english thing, its the english media who often builds up such thing with allegations etc. the WAG culture isnt as prevalent in spain.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ugh, and yet we have another one of those shameless, overpaid and cheating morons. Bedding a hooker while his unknowing wife is carrying his baby? This is plain wrong and sickening in every way! I’m disappointed in Wayne. Somebody please knock some sense into this dude!

  24. IHeartTomCleverley says:

    I’d usually say that it was inevitable if the wife was only with the player for the money. However, in this case these are childhood sweethearts, she’s been with him since school, yes? It just makes it all the worse :\
    I hope to god its not true, simply because i love wayne and coleen and of course little kai :)

  25. Whitney says:

    I feel bad for her and the baby. Most of these guys wouldn’t even be getting all of these girls if it were not for the money! She should divorce him, take the money, and tell him to kiss her ass as she walks out the door! They should all do what elin woods did.

  26. Ninjess says:

    Oh, Wayne Rooney. As if I didn't think you were a prick before, another story like this surfaces. Thank you again for proving that taken and brains are rarely linked. You've just given me another reason to dislike you. Moron.

  27. C16 says:

    I do feel bad for the baby though. Thank God he’s too young to know what’s going on.

  28. Maribel says:

    I can’t say I’m surprised at all. i feel confident that at least 95% of professional athletes cheat. Nothing shocks me anymore. I mean, after Tiger’s fall from grace…what could top that? I feel bad for Kai…but Coleen married Wayne after he had already cheated on her so I really don’t feel bad for her now. She knew what she was getting into and who she was marrying. She won’t leave him either, they’ll just sweep it under the rug and carry on with things.

  29. Shocked, disappointed and devastated probably best describe how I felt on Saturday night. I have no sympathy for Wayne but I feel for Coleen. She’s a lovely girl and doesn’t deserve this.

  30. Inés says:

    have we seen this before?

    course, JT, Peter Crouch *facepalm*

    all I can say is: boys will always be boys!

    mmmm first Toni Terry, then Cheryl Cole, after that Abbey Clancy, now Collen Rooney…..mmmmm infidelity curse is coming……watch out Alex! bbwwahahaha

  31. Rory88 says:

    I’ve always hated this man and as usual I WAS DAMN RIGHT!!!! I’m so sorry for Coleen (I’ve never liked her but it’s so unfair.. You’re married with an a*****e!) and for little Kai.. OMG I’m so sorry! :(

  32. tammyv says:

    Kickette, you left out the best part of the story…

    Michael Owen glaring at Rooney in disgust…that makes me lololololol

    • Lisa says:

      lol I never liked him before but I now have so much love for Michael Owen after reading that!

      • Thea says:

        just goes to show that some of them obviously got the morality genes – note how there’s never stories regarding him or Giggs?!!??

        • Elizabeth says:

          Giggs, Scholes, Micheal Owen their a rarity now a days it seems :( Much respect to plays like this though. True family men, that shy away from the spotlight and just get on with their football.

        • tammyv says:

          Giggs was a manwhore of the first order back in the day.. he has mellowed with age

    • Elisabeth says:

      When did he say he was/look disgusted at the situation?

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Did he not think about his wifes health or the childs she was carrying. He could have caught ANYTHING of this woman, and hes going back home bedding his unknowing wife. What a nasty little self centred man!

    And theirs still another 3 superinjunctions, looks like the stereotype isnt going away anytime soon with these footballers then. But they know what they enter into, spoilt prima donnas!

  34. Zlatanista says:

    I just want to add that in my world people who buy sex are loosers. It´s strange, and sad, to think that these attractive, popular, millionaires feel the need to whip out the cash. It´s no difference between callgirl who looks like a model and a sad creature you pick up by the side of the road. Your´re still paying for it.

    This said,i really hope it is not true.

    • I don't really think that attractive applies in this case.

      • Danielle says:

        You ain't lying about that! In his case I can understand why he cheats with hookers. You have got to get PAID to do that!!!. I'm sure colleen already knew he was cheating on her she's probably more upset that it got out and embarrassed her imo

  35. meh says:

    i actually cbf to comment on scum.

  36. lilygold says:

    I don’t think Colleen will leave him, She’ll consider her options and the best thing for her baby, Wayne obviously adores him. No excuses for Rooney,what is it with men who have it all and it still isn’t enough, he is a Dickhead, literally.

    • Lulu says:

      she is not going to leave him OBVIOUSLY she has no shame, she rather to have her chavtastic but high class life than being poor again oh dear…

      • Ella says:

        Well, I read that Coleen has an estimated fortune of £8 million or something in that style in her own right so with or without Wayne, girlfriend won't be starving.

        • mena says:

          Yeah, but it wouldn't just be her living off that £8m, would it? Doesn't Coleen support her whole family too? Without Wayne's sizable financial contribution to the McLoughlin Family Fund, Coleen's £8m wouldn't last nearly as long.

          • Lulu Hen says:

            preach it sister!

            • Ella says:

              Really, it’s £8 million plus whatever she’ll get from Wayne – no prenup, remember? Still, I think there are other things she’ll consider before her own financial future. Her son, for example, and the right he has to his father.

              • D0li says:

                Is anyone here from England? IF yes can you explain it to me how the divorce system works.. If Coleen didn't sign a pre-nup, would she be entitled to half? Especially considering that she'll have ful custody since Wayne will be to busy practicing/playing, and she is the biological mother.

                I don't really follow Coleen, but I honesty dont' think she wi make that much money if she left him, I honestly don't know what she does, and even if she stayed with him, Wayne will obviously loose all his endorcements making him poorer.

                All I know is she shops alot and they seem to be busy travelers. Girl has a lavish lifestyle to maintain.

                • Maribel says:

                  I doubt he’ll lose endorsements…nike stood by tiger woods, which means they’ll stand by anybody, this is no way close to that fiasco. btw, did wayne or cols say there was no prenup? unless it came from one of their mouths, i wouldn’t believe that.

                • Danielle says:

                  In England the courts do not consider prenups valid. But I don't think she will divorce him because her talent and fame comes from her being a wag. Now yes she will put on a show about making him pay but she won't divorce him. Cheryl Cole had a career befor Ashley so the divorce and publicity helped her career. Colleen doesn't do anything but be a wag and she gets paid for that. She shops and she talks about shopping and being married to wayne!

                • suzie says:

                  I'm not an expert but there was a case a few years ago where Ray palour (I think) was divorced by his wife who he'd been with before he made it big because he'd cheated and she got half of his fortune and half of any future earnings too. The fact that the Rooney's have been together since before he made it into the 1st team at everton, she'll probably be able to claim for half of his entire fortune at least and possibly some of his future earnings if her lawyer goes the same way as the ex-mrs parlour. The payout could be VERY costly to Wayne.

              • Cheryl says:

                I'm not a fan of either one as well, but this is the most disgusting thing a man can do to his wife- and all some girls can do here is, talk about money and how she will stay for the 'lifestyle'

  37. aristeia says:

    I must say Kai's little toes are terrifying adorable.

    As for the drama? >:(

  38. EternalDreamer says:

    *Vomits* Wish this was a disease of pro athletes only. Worth putting your family at risk? I guess so.

  39. Ella says:

    Cheating on your pregnant wife? Really? No, Wayne, really?! God, I want to pinch that potatoe nose so hard he’d look like Rudolph The Reindeer for weeks. Suits him right.

  40. DebS says:

    If this turns out to be true..despicable! Tevez? Rooney? Have you no shame?! Your wives are pregnant/giving birth and you STILL can’t be faithful?!

    Turn ‘em loose girls….they will not change until they want to change. From the looks of it…it’s not happening anytime soon.

  41. loveu2much says:

    omg does anybody notice how much kai looks like his daddy i mean its like a miniature rooney lol

    • Danielle says:

      Yes I have noticed that. Good for him he was born rich because his toes are probably the cutest thing on him. Sorry I don't mean to be mean about a baby but hey they can't all be cute!

  42. Nipsy says:

    IF it’s true it’s not really all that surprising since all the ENT (and many of the premiere players in the top leagues) have been told since they were little that they were special, talented, etc. etc. and all of that has to lead to a certain sense of entitlement, feeling of invincibility and general attitude of “I can do what I want”. It’s nice to know that there are some people (like Owen apparently) who are more grounded, but while disappointed I am not at all surprised.

  43. Jules says:

    Fool. Colleen (and everyone else) was willing to forgive him after he slept with the granny prostitute and he does it again, what is wrong with him?!? I hope Gemma and Michael Owen take Colleen and Kai in while this is going down. Michael gives me hope that not all footballers are dirty dogs.

  44. lillah says:

    I can be only a gossip. Who knows.
    But if so, then it’s VERY sad. Can’t understand how someone can make such a thing.
    btw I don’t like footballers who has always a scandal..I love footballers who are NORMAL in their private life and who love their families.

  45. Emme says:

    I think Kickette is right, Wayne seems to be super insecure. Why else would he do this so much when he has a seemingly loving partner. I guess I cannot say too much because I don’t actually know them, but I think he needs to go to therapy or something. Who does that to his pregnant wife? It’s so disgusting. Such a humiliation for Colleen. We should send her a card or something.

  46. Taylor says:

    Not a surprise, he’s always had a fetish for hookers! One good part of the story that was that MICHAEL OWEN was “disgusted” by this. That and the fact that Rebecca Loos (hate her) said that Owen was one of the few footballers she knew was faithful and that we know he didn’t get involved in the sex scandal that the Liverpool Christmas party of 98 became shows that there may be at least one faithful high profile footballer with a moral compass!

    • Mrs.Higuain says:

      i love that you mentioned him as an example,hope you're right and it stays that way.bcoz they(the faithfull fotballer' husbands)are becoming an endangered species!

  47. batso says:

    what a surprise…NOT

    time and again,the proof that they are all the same. :(

  48. I feel sorry for Coleen. It’s a public slap in the face that while she was pregnant with their son, he was fooling around.

  49. Gonie says:

    OH gosh, and there goes another footballer and his cheating ways. Seriously? I feel horrible for Coleen. I mean, even if the allegations aren’t true, I don’t see how how she can trust him again. And it’s worse now too because they do have a kid. That’s no way to bring up a kid.

  50. Violets says:

    I hope it’s not true–and maybe it isn’t, considering the reliability of the British tabloids. Colleen is one of the few WAGs who I actually like, and Kai doesn’t deserve to be brought up in a family like that.

    If it is, though, then jeez, the English national team has some real winners on it. Between Terry, Cole, Rooney, and everyone else, I wouldn’t go within twenty feet of any of them.

  51. LFC Lady says:

    Poor Coleen. Footballers shouldn’t be allowed to marry or have kids once they have signed a professional contract! What is the point!?!?!?!

  52. Elina says:

    I thought he was a nice guy but now i see the truth!!
    I feel sorry for Coleen, she is such a nice girl. :(

  53. every footballer is apparently cheating now :/….

    i love rooney and coleen. :(

    but in the papers you never know if it is just some stupid slut in the papers tryin to get money or whether its the truth.

  54. Zlatanista says:

    These guys are just so stupid, and i´m growing very tired of them.

  55. gi0ia says:

    That`s a real shame, if true. I must admit I have not much time for Wayne Rooney, but I always liked the story about him marrying his childhood sweetheart, because that`s so rare… :*(

  56. WagInTraining says:

    awwww I didn't want this to happen to Coleen! she seems too nice! then again I didn't want it to happen to Abigail Clancy either. Or Cherly Cole. Why would you cheat on her? Why would you cheat on those dimples?! This seems to happen way too much in the EPL. Maybe Messi was right when he said 'we (the argentinians) know how to treat our ladies.' in reference to Cheryl Cole.

    • WagInTraining says:

      *Ashley Cole

    • keziah says:

      I seriously disagree with Kickette on one thing.. HECK YES I blame the pro. Not entirely, Rooney deserves a swift kick to the nether region but for **** sake when do we draw the line, you can sleep with a married man just as long as he pays you? She knew he was married and that his wife was with child!!! No judgments on getting paid for sex but dont knowingly screw with someones marriage. And what is with the comment about going to his house was over the line like she's got standards and morals when she turns around and sells the story for as much as she can get. The people I feel sorry for are Coleen and Kai…. and of course if it turns out to be false then Wayne too. But I have no sympathy for Juicy Jeni. *spits out the taste of tart*

      Re Messi sweet as it is did we not just read about the Kun nightclub stripper sex drama a few months ago? pa-lease footballers are all the same!

      • WagInTraining says:

        ehhh?! what's this?! :P

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        Couldn’t agree more. The sad thing about all the men who cheat is not so much the women/wives/gfs but the children involved… I mean since its not proven to be true for Rooney, it has been proven that he had cheated on her before and she took him as is, to put it in a way. Its like an alcoholic, just because a person may recover by not drinking and controling himself/herself to the best of their ability, fact is they still want to have that one drink. That one drink they claim they can handle, just one more. For him in case it were true, his sure thing was that if “professional girl” to him meant they have some sort of ethic they won’t tell no one. If they feel like they can’t be with just one woman why in the hell will they ask a woman to marry them in the first place. Too bad either way money will become a big factor in all this.

      • Mika says:

        Honey, be realistic. If prostitution was your source livelihood, you wouldn’t risk losing money over somebody else’s commitments. It’s not your job to keep them responsible. Your job is to give them sex, up front. And quite frankly, if prostitutes suddenly became selective about who they slept with, that’s half the business gone right there.

        • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

          Well that was my point and was trying to be ironic since these men (not just players) somehow think they are safe because they pay thousands or dollars/euros whatever… I mean one thing that I will never understand is why pay for something like that when you have a wife or gf you choose to be with? I mean someone here said that often seems like they are with each other just for money. And makes me wonder how true that is. Seems like some couples are only out to pose for pictures living the rich and famous life. Its like a business deal with not special “bonus”. No matter what though, having intimate relations with someone you know had been with a “friend” of yours is more than pathetic.

    • Lisa says:

      awww did Messi really say that? that is so sweet! He better not cheat on Antonella. I will never forgive him if he ever did!

      • ASM says:

        yep,i've read about it in an article(but i lost the link lol)..if i'm not mistaken,he even invite cheryl to celebrate(dance,blablabla) with the argentinian if they win world cup as it would please her,but they didn't..

      • Elle says:

        Nahh, The Sun made it up

  57. Claire says:

    Surprise?? NOT. *yawn*

  58. rubyqueen says:

    well i was right all along.i knew he had never changed after the granny hooker of 04.!!all these public displays of togetherness with his wife and kid we're all lies to make him more money.!! i'm not coleen's biggest fan i hate her because she's a golddigger and no doubt will cry into the chanel and wipe away the tears with balmain.!!he's a cheat she's a famewhore and grass is green end of..

    • natalie says:

      couldn't have said it better.

      However, I really like the fact that it was an older prostitute the first(?) time. I like that about him. Seems like he wanted to learn a bit from an experienced woman. Good for him. However, the lessons weren't fruitful because his recent h**ker said he was lousy in bed :-) Imagine that, paying for sex and then being exposed as a flat tire in bed? Ooops.

      Regardless, cheating on women/wives pregnant or not isn't cool! I hope his wife has the guts to divorce him. But I think she likes the attention and the benefits that come with being a WAG too much.

    • Jules says:

      I don't know that you can call Colleen a gold digger. I don't particularly like her dress sense or her ad campaigns but she's been with Wayne since she was 13, well before anyone knew what a big footballer he'd be.

      As far as her marrying him after he cheated on her once, I'm sure she's ruing it now. Don't forget she comes from a religious Catholic family. If she had already slept with him, in many ways she was as good as married to him.

      • xoWinnie says:

        i completely agree!

        i feel kind of bad when she gets labeled a "gold-digger" given what i've heard of their relationship and the fact that they were childhood sweethearts. sure she's made a lot of money and been successful, more than likely due to opportunities she wouldn't have gotten if she wasn't married to him, but really, if you have the chance to realize your dream, who wouldn't take the easy way?

        i'm also wondering why it is that a lot of people (not aiming this comment at anyone in particular) seem to believe that because the athlete in question isn't the most attractive in the world (Crouch) the gold-digging fiance deserved it and was only with him for the money and fame. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. being attractive doesn't automatically make everyone shallow.

        people are so quick to judge, but even if she does stay with him, how do they know it's for the money? if it's true that there's no pre-nup, she can take him to the cleaners! it'll be much more profitable for her to leave his ass, so if she stays, maybe it's because she loves him? she's famous in her own right now, so she really doesn't have much reason to stay besides that and her son.

        besides, in her book, she wrote that the last time he cheated, she hadn't even slept with him or been intimate with him yet, so i'm sure she probably placed some blame on herself and though that maybe it was her fault for failing to satisfy his "needs".

        • RAEESA says:


      • DJ says:

        well said. i hate how women are the first ones to bring down another woman.

  59. beri says:

    I really shouldn't be surprised! Some footballers scratch that some sports players (Tiger Woods et al.) really are a despicable bunch! Cheating is a disgusting act, but it's a billion times worse when the person you are cheating on is pregnant! Why the f**k couldn't Rooney keep it in his pants? If Coleen leaves his arse I will have zero sympathy for him…truth be told the only people I feel for during this ordeal is Coleen and baby Kai.

    As for the call girl….sure she has a job to do, but when she goes behind her agency's back and arranges private meetings that looks like the makings of an affair. The way I see it…it takes two to tango and she should take some of the blame. Was she so hard up for cash that she needed to sell her story months after it happened?

    Anyways, I do not feel sorry for Rooney! He went with scum and now he is getting what he deserves.

  60. ASM says:

    nahh..poor baby kai..can i adopt him?he doesn't deserve this,so does his mommy..what a shame roo,you betrayed your family since your heir still in the womb..this is so wrong…and any circumstance!!

  61. Lisa says:

    this whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. Every single detail. From the (alleged) act of cheating to the (alleged) quasi-apology. The fact that we have proven cheaters (Terry, Crouch and Ashley Cole) to compare Rooney to just shows what little regard footballers have for their spouses and/or their children. Also, how much we have been conditioned to their antics.

    As bad as the other three were at least they didn't cheat while their spouse was carrying their child. If it is true that he cheated (we have to qualify it like that) Wayne is one day going to have to look in Kai's eyes and tell him he cheated on mummy while she was pregnant with him. Again this all speculation at this point. Either way I'm really becoming to stories like this. Now, where's that damn cake…

    • Lisa says:

      “I’m really becoming NUMB to stories like this”. Argh can’t even write any more, damn cheaters.

  62. When I first saw the news this was my thought progression:


    2) How could you POSSIBLY think she wouldn't tell?? Duh! Rooney you idiot!

    3) I'm sorry Coleen! I don't like you but nobody deserves this!

    4) Rooney! What about your SON???

    5) Whatever she does to you, you deserve EVERYTHING YOU GET.

  63. T says:

    I mean, it's unnacceptable to cheat in any circumstances.. but whilst she was pregnant!? That's unforgivable.

  64. sounderslove says:

    another reason i like the pretty boys as opposed to the bad boys, usually.

  65. i feel bad for capello….first terry now rooney. lol

    this behavior really sickens me especially 1) there is a child involved, 2) he's already been caught with hookers, 3) john terry's been through the same thing….i guess the england team doesn't learn

    poor coleen, hopefully she'll be able to get through this!!!

  66. fieryheart says:

    Little Rooney is cute but the daddy, not so :(

    If this whole scandal is true, shame on you Wayne !

  67. Taskeen says:

    Its really sad but honestly not that surprising after "ye auld slapper" – gate

  68. suzie says:

    If it's true, shame on you wayne, it's bad enough you did it but while Coleen was pregnant with your baby,disgusting. If it's not I hope they sue everyone involved.

  69. Sammy says:

    I just don't get these guys! They encourage their families to be in the spotlight and then humiliate them! Poor Coleen. I just hope she leaves him this time! Third times the charm! Follow Cheryl's lead and you won't end up like Toni Terry, the laughing stock of England!

  70. Cameron says:

    The real thing that bothers me about these stories is that guys like Rooney, Cole, and Terry all sell their wedding pictures, interviews about their families, and pictures of their children to the press to create this family-man image. Then they get millions in endorsements from this image. When they are caught out for lying to the public and for what i consider false advertising, they get injunctions claiming their privacy is being violated! As far as I'm concerned if you get money for a family-man image through an interview, photo soot, or endorsement and then do the opposite of what that image represents, you should NOT be allowed to cherry pick what the papers write! You made money off your private life and willingly shared it with the world, don't be angry now that the part you don't want out is coming to surface! If this were say Barry, who doesn't talk about his family life or portray an image to make money, I wouldn't care less what he does in his private life! It's the false advertising that gets me!

  71. senora ramos says:

    can i have wayne now , pleasssseeee ? he is so buff !

  72. Sarah says:

    As far as I'm concerned Wayne didn't just cheat on his wife, but his son as well! Any man who cheats while he has a kid or has one on the way is not only a bad husband, but a bad father! Poor kid, first he gets named Kai and now when he gets older and googles his dad he's gonna find out he had a hooker fixation! I said it about Terry's kids and I'll say it now, when fathers acts like this it can affect their children for the rest of their ives! Especially when they are able to get full access to everything that happened through the internet!

  73. ksehgal14 says:

    Why did he do that? Coleen is such a phenomenal person, why not be happy with what you have? :( I thought he learned his lesson.

  74. I don't really think that she is going to leave him (I'm not criticizing her for it by the way, since I try not to judge others for things that I really know nothing about). But if she did, I read that there is no pre-nup, so she could really bleed him dry. Which is exactly what he deserves for doing this, especially while she was pregnant.

    Is anyone else super nervous about these other alleged injunctions floating around? These scandals have avoided players that I love so far, but how much longer will this continue, at the rate Engligh footballers are going?

    • Lisa says:

      I heard Rooney was not part of the supposed three super-injunctions. Its scary to think there could be more stories like this out there…

  75. abbie says:

    Why doesnt this suprise me.

  76. shay says:

    If it's true it really is disgusting. To do that while she was pregnant just makes it a million times worse. He should have known Colleen and probably the whole world would find out. How humiliating for her. It will serve him right if she leaves him and takes his baby and a whole lot of his money!

  77. Ashley says:

    Really why because you believe all the lies the media print about Cristiano. The next footballer to come out as a cheat will be Fernando Torres. Just watch.

  78. Think says:

    Cristiano didn’t make the mistake of marrying a childhood sweetheart. Two things though: 1) The media lies a lot so don’t be brainwashed; 2) Don’t be surprised if more of these stories start popping out about footballers.

  79. striker9 says:

    if fernando ever cheats on olalla i will acutally faint.

    but you can never tell….

  80. If something comes out about Fer,1) I will not believe it for an instant. and 2)if it is proven, I will DIE

    I would say Fer would never do that except he is a footballer and that in itself makes it hard to say.

    And hey, most of the stuff about Cris is true!

  81. xoWinnie says:

    my love for Torres has slowly been fading,

    but NUH UH! i CANNOT see that happening AT ALL!

    although IF it did, i could totally see the hairdresser thing happening. i mean, what grown man in his right mind would allow those blond atrocities to happen to his head? i mean, it HAS to be LOVE! (or poonTANG).

  82. Ashley says:

    Thank you for saying that the media lies. Can you tell that to other people.

  83. Ashley says:

    No 99.% of the sh*t written about Cris is NOT TRUE. I see that this is about Wayne Rooney, but yet people are so in love with Cris that they have to involve him.

  84. striker9 says:

    same here!

    i can't imagine nando would ever cheat on olalla. but they where alledgedly separated in 2006,… maybe there was something like that… we'll never know…

    but i don't want to believe it.. fernando and olalla always seem so happy and completely in love….. (awwwwwwwwwwww) okay sorry *blush*

  85. DJ says:

    most of the stuff written about ronaldo is false. as the most famous player in the world right now, there are endless rumors about him written in the press, even whether or not he got a burn mark from getting waxed and endless 'statements' from his ex-girlfriends and alleged hook ups. if you wont believe anything about torres unless proven otherwise then give others the same respect!