June 28th, 2010

‘Baller Soap Operas: Landon Donovan, USA

Just a day after his team was dismissed by Ghana from the World Cup, American Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated has reported that a British tabloid had plans to feature a rather juicy story. Apparently a woman is claiming to be pregnant with Donovan’s child. Landy has exclusively addressed said “imminent” story by saying he would assume responsibility if the child were his, but did not divulge any other details.

Let’s rewind a few hours previous, when Donovan was blowing kisses to his wife, Bianca Kajlich.

(So what if they have been legally separated for a year now? Why would LD’s lovechild be that saucy of a story?) (And how could that be bigger news that his use of propecia?)

Perhaps, it’s a big story because, Kajlich and Donovan were working on saving their marriage. How, then, did the former L.A. Galaxy captain get to this point?

-Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich dated on and off for a few years, including the time they spent as a couple while he was playing for German side Bayern Leverkusen. That is, until March 2005, when Donovan asked out of his lucrative long-term contract. Despite heavy criticism back home, Donovan later said in an interview with USA Today that he returned home because his missed his family, friends and his girlfriend.

- On 31 December 2006, L & B got hitched in Santa Barbara, CA. The bride was outfitted by Monique Lhuillier while the groom, 24 at the time, wore a custom-made Ted Baker tuxedo. The post-NYE party included In-N-Out Burgers and a karaoke machine.

- Two years passed without much fanfare. Kajlich continued to star in the CBS show “Rules of Engagement” while Donovan began playing alongside David Beckham after he penned his MLS contract in 2007.

- During 2009, Landon’s personal and professional lives were less than stellar, to say the least.

- Before the ’09 MLS season began, Donovan found himself playing in the Bundesliga again, this time with Bayern Munich. At the end of his stint, Munich declined a contract extension.

- July ’09: a rep for Bianca and Landon announced their “amicable” split. Only two years into their marital bliss together, the statement didn’t offer up any explanation – although Donovan’s time spent at European clubs during the MLS off-season each year supposedly didn’t help their cause.

- Less than a few days later, Landon (who may/may not be his twin Tristan… anyone?) took an unidentified date to ESPN’s ESPY awards. The duo happily posed for cameras along their red carpet walk before he and some of his teammates accepted the “Best Upset” award for defeating Spain in that summer’s CONCACAF tournament. (Photo via Newscomm)

- December ’09: six month later and Donovan found himself on loan again. This time, he headed for the north of England to play for Everton FC.

- After the Galaxy refused Everton’s contract extension offer, LD rejoined his teammates in Los Angeles. Just three months into the 2010 MLS schedule, the league took a mid-season pause as Donovan and his US Men’s National teammates set off for South Africa.

-  By now, we’ve all read about or seen first hand the USMNT at the World Cup. Following the win over Algeria, speculation mounted about a reconciliation after Donovan publicly thanked his estranged wife in a post-match interview.  (He ended his interview by saying, “Hi Bianca!” and blowing a kiss.)

- Even though he spoke time and time again about his marriage not being over, next month will mark a year that the couple has been legally separated but not divorced.

- We’re not so confident that Bianca will want to take her estranged hubby and his British lovechild back. Plus, if his overseas playing spelled trouble at the outset of their marriage, BK might not be happy to learn that Manchester City are showing interest in the US playmaker.

- Whatever the outcome or gossip may be, we’ll be sure to keep our Kickettes updated as things happen.

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23 Responses to “‘Baller Soap Operas: Landon Donovan, USA”

  1. tammyv says:

    This fills me with glee that the sport in America is big enough to have a sex scandal…YAY AMERICA!

    I also love that the English media was concerned enough about Landon’s potentional at the World Cup that they made sure he found out about the story they were planning on running about it while he was in SA. That is a twisted way is a huge sign of respect. We have no idea when nor how the media got involved and I don’t think the story was actually published, just his statement

    As for the rest of the story… DUMBASS ITS CALLED A CONDOM! USE IT

  2. Laura says:

    I guess it’s just out of the question that Landon and Bianca are best friends with very strong and complex feelings for one another? He got married when he was 24. He admits he was a kid back then. And yeah, if he slept with some woman in the UK, well, so what? It’s a bit of a scandal, yes, but sex happens. I don’t think he and Bianca need to be in such a hurry to decide whether or not to reconcile or whether or not to finalize their divorce. This is just media sensationalism. It’s got to be black or white, right? Together or not together. Nice guy or playboy. Etc. I wish him the best. And it’s nice he took his sister to the ESPYs :)

  3. Missy Manchester says:

    At first, I was going to say that Bianca was out of his league…but then we have the Peter Crouch/Abbey Clancy anomaly. Any pix of his baby mama circulating?

  4. Rosey says:

    Oh Lando…

    But I did say Bianca was pretty! :)

  5. Violets says:

    I like how she chose to "come clean" with this story right as Donovan is at the height of popularity.

    I'm sorry, but if this woman was looking out for the best interests of her child, she wouldn't have gone to the press.

  6. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    what a nice guy…i can’t believe he would be involved in such a scandal!
    ps: bianca’s dress is kinda pretty. KINDA being the operative word here …tee-hee :)

    • coded says:

      what is wrong is wrong since LD is not yet divorced he should still see how he can iron out things with his supposed wife bianca,cos i think they re still man and wife till they re officially divorced.but hey they both had sex and the press were not there so why involve them now why not contact the supposed father.hey re u the wife of diego forlan cos i like his style of play.

  7. tammyv says:

    That is Tristan

  8. TristaJade says:

    She won't get back with him, lovechild or no because I don't think she can handle being with a player. I mean, he's the face of US Soccer right now and, if he's smart, he'll go back to Everton or another English team to keep him fit. And I don't think Bianca would go for that because she couldn't take them being so busy to begin with.

    But I don't know; I love Landon, so I hope things work out for him. If they can work it out, more power to them. That would be great for Landon.

    Someone said to me that you know American soccer is starting to take hold because the players are starting to show up in the tabloids. LoL. So maybe the lovechild is a ploy? We'll find out soon enough I suppose!!!

  9. smurfette says:

    yep, agree with you. Not good looking, not an interesting player, colorless.
    And why shouldn’t he have a relationship/ one night stand/ something inbetween? Don’t think that’s news worthy. Hope, the US squad will do better in the next cup

    • Graca says:

      I agree, Donovan is not good looking and I have my doubts about him as a person considering his urinating-in-the-pitch incident in Mexico… apparently he is not fully potty trained…


      • senora ramos says:

        yeah heaven forbid peeing on the pitch. not like mexican supporters were throwing piss at us supporters in azteca…oh wait.

        do i think that was wrong, yes. do i think what happened to the us supporters in azteca was wrong, yes.

        • Graca says:

          I agree that both acts were wrong, but that doesn't justify Donovan's behavior in any way, particularly when he is representing his country…

        • tammyv says:

          Oh wait is right…

      • coded says:

        hey this is a new one did landon donovan actually urinate on the pitch?pls tell me when i really wanna know maybe i could watch the match on replay.

  10. MUfcYanksGirl says:

    Ohhhhh life…
    I’m 99% sure that the woman in the picture with Landon at the ESPYs is his twin sister Tristan.

  11. Catherine says:

    Really Bianca? Just move to England with Landy! Silly girl.

    • tammyv says:

      She has a carrer and they are separated… why would she go live with him? He also live in LA though

  12. Lindsey says:

    He has a twin?!

  13. Alessandra says:

    i don't like him, but his wedding looked pretty. his wife's quite pretty too; she can do so much better.

  14. zztop says:

    While I admire his dedication to the game. He is not a looker, let's move on.

  15. Ella says:

    I find it so cool that people are actually discussing the lives of American footballers! I'm not sure the players will find it cool though! :) I guess Bianca can't follow Landon wherever he goes b/c I think she is still on that show.