January 7th, 2011

‘Baller Soap Operas: Nicklas Bendtner, Caroline Fleming & Rory Fleming

Caroline separated from husbandArsenal striker new father

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The behind the scenes story of Caroline Fleming and Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner’s romantic rendezvous is a big ‘ole mess. Because the Baroness hasn’t legally divorced her first husband, Rory Fleming, media speculation is rife about the various implications said in-limbo marriage will have on her newborn son with Bendtner.

For example?

Although Caroline Fleming knows her child’s biological father is Nicky “No Pants,” Bendtner there’s a possibility that he will not be legally recognised as the father of the child.

You know that’s some messed up ish.

But wait – there’s definitely more.  And, to streamline the story line, we’re giving all of you a 3-card head start to building an official Kickette Love Triangle Trading Card Catalogue.

C’mon, all the cool kids are doing it.

The Backstory: Mr. & Mrs. Fleming

We’ll start by keeping this short and sweet.

Rory and Caroline Fleming married in October 2001.

Image: Her&Nu/Kaspar Wenstrup

After procreating two children in six years, the Baroness and her hubby decided to part ways. Twelve months on, Caroline officially filed for divorce. The press cited a variety of reasons for the couple’s demise, including Mr. Fleming’s premature plans to send his then one-year-old son to boarding school by the time the tyke turned six.

The Baroness was awarded an earnest separation settlement of about £400 – £450 million during the ordeal (depending on your sources, the sliding pay scale varies from Danish to English media reports). Another way of thinking about it: Mr. Fleming made it rain on his soon-to-be-ex in order to bide his time and pockets.


Arsenal ace now a fatherThe Hook Up Twist: Caroline Fleming & Nicklas Bendtner

And now for some mouth-gaping drama.

By 2009, Caroline found herself in the tantalizing throws of a premiership footballer/fellow London inhabitant’s arms, Nicklas Bendtner. Despite the fact that her divorce proceedings hadn’t budged a bit, Bendtner got the Baroness knocked up.

Image: MSN Starlounge

That same month, July 2010,  as rumours quickly swirled about a possible engagement, the behind-the-scenes oversight/calculated move on Caroline and Rory’s behalf was publicly acknowledged for the first time.

As the story goes, even though a British family court issued a decree in 2007 authorising Caroline’s right to a divorce, neither she or Rory had signed off on the papers.

This whole hiccup seems a bit too much like Sweet Home Alabama for us.


The Current State of Affairs: The Significance of the Bendtner Baby

So where does that leave us (besides realising the need for a 4th trading card)?

Contemplating the possibility of Caroline going broke

  • Regarding Caroline’s slush fund: because neither of the Flemings put pen to paper on their divorce agreement, AND because she had a baby with another millionaire that she ain’t technically betrothed to, her final payout could shrink by at least half (£230 million). That is, if Rory doesn’t decide to pull the plug on all of it.
  • Also, popular Danish opinion always believed that Caroline was heir to her childhood home, Valdemar Castle. However, Rory’s late-2010 financial statements actually listed *his* name as a co-owner of the palatial property.

…and Bendtner being screwed out of his baby’s birth certificate:

  • According to Se og Hør (See and Hear) magazine: “There is a rule which states that the father is the one that designates marriage,” -  lawyer Ulrik Grønborg from MinAdvokat.dk
  • In order for the footballer’s name to appear alongside Caroline’s, Bendtner must fill out a paternity declaration at a Danish church office. From there, all parties must agree to his petition for fatherhood.

Ultimately, Caroline’s future ex-husband has all the power in this sordid situ. And if he really wanted to be a huge jerk, he could reject our beloved No Pants’ formal fatherhood advances.

Seriously, that would be REALLY messed up.

As for the baby at the centre of it all? Although the press couldn’t figure out if Caroline’s extended hospital stay was due to her own health complications or those of the child, Bendtner posted a message on his Web site over the holidays, saying that his son celebrated his first Christmas by “sleeping and eating”.


Have you built an entire house of cards by now, Kickettes? If you’re still somewhat vested in this story, this site or the sanity of this staff, we’d appreciate your ever-controversial comments below.

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29 Responses to “‘Baller Soap Operas: Nicklas Bendtner, Caroline Fleming & Rory Fleming”

  1. A true happy ending is very rare to find. Most of the people would envy their happiness.

  2. I am happy that they are happy. Those cute kids. I am in love with them.

  3. [...] who believe groaning every time a pass is misplaced or berating a 22-year-old striker who is dealing with the unique challenges that raising a first child brings for missing a fairly difficult late chance — will suit us. Regardless of the result [...]

  4. Lulugooner says:

    The baby was born in London and the birth will be registered in London. If Caroline and Nick both want Nick listed as the baby's father on the birth certificate, then that's what will happen, regardless of her marital status. Any one know what baby's name is?

  5. @AgnesWonka says:

    LMFAO!!!! that's what you get Nick, for dating an older woman!!!!

  6. dontaskmetosmile says:

    Oh, geez. The problems of the obscenely rich are absolutely ridiculous. While I definitely feel for Nicky, I still can't believe why they're all in this situation in the first place. What happened, they FORGOT to sign the papers? And in the three years since, in all this time wherein she found a new man, carried said new man's baby, she never thought, "Oh, wait. There's something I need to do. SIGN MY EFFIN' DIVORCE PAPERS." I really don't understand how someone neglects to do that.

    And, also, 400 million? I can't even begin to fathom how much money that is. Heck, I can't even wrap my head around how much half of that is. Which is probably why I wasn't blessed to be that rich to begin with.

  7. Crackers says:

    Seriously, who would send a SIX-YEAR-OLD to boarding school?!?!!?!?

    What I don't understand is what the drama is about- the Baroness was separated from her husband and the legal stuff for divorce seems to have been set in motion, there's no reason to assume that he'll create unnecessary hurdles in the way of Nicky's paternity acknowledgement just cause their papers haven't been signed yet.

    Besides, Baby Bendtner was born in London, wasn't he? Won't this be under UK law in that case?

  8. ArsenalFan says:

    Is Nicky B not married?!

  9. Susan says:

    Or it could simply be that by allowing Nicky to claim parental rights, it assumes some type of a legal separation deal in the divorce proceedings that could affect that outcome. If he admits his wife was not really his wife at the time of conception and birth, then he may have to revert back to that previously dated agreement that he doesn't want to pay because now she publicly cuckolded him.

  10. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    So wait hold the phone, your telling me due to the pending divorce our very own Nicky no pants may not put pen to paper and declare that he is the proud papa of this lil bubba, that is sooo unfair, but since the lil bubba is born in the UK doesnt that mean that the parents can just register the lil bubba, and our Nicky no pants can sign his name on the birth certificate, or was the bubba born in denmark?

  11. C16 says:

    Oh man!!! I don't even know what to say….. O.O
    But why would Rory want to be the legal father of a child that everybody knows is not his? Just to screw on Caroline?
    Man, that's really really messed up!!!

    • Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

      I really hope he doesnt, hes already a father to 2 beautiful kids, i think if it was reverse am pretty sure he wouldnt want another man to stand in the way of his kids, even if it is just a signature on a piece of paper. I dont think he would stoop that low. I just hope it has a happy ending for the bubba's and Nick's sake its not fair really.

  12. Thea says:

    That's said – you have to wonder if Lady Baroness is arguing over 100's of millions she clearly has very expensive tastes and are they kind that can be provided by a footballer who is worth (gasp! 15 million)??!!??

  13. ruby says:

    I'm confused, why is this such a mess? The baby was born in London, so will have a UK birth certificate – all they have to do is go and register the birth and Bendtner needs to put his name down. Where's the drama?

  14. it all sounds like a badly written soap opera to me!!
    couldn't they have sorted this all out before Nicky 'No Pants' gets excluded from the certificate?!

  15. GoonerM says:

    Ok this is interesting and all but IS it a mess? How do we know whether Rory Fleming's acting the villain? For all we know all could be civil and happy behind the scenes. This post is a speculative worst case scenario. Talk about instigating some rumours!

    • Thea says:

      True – but this scenario could have been avoided if the Baroness had settled for less moulah before she opted to get pregnant. And somehow I am doubting whether she contributed to overall fortune – see reference to her hubby's name of her parents property!

      • GoonerM says:

        Yeah, it's true that no one would be talking about any of this if they'd finalised their divorce already, but who actually knows why they haven't! I'd think she would have taken extra care not to enter into the sort of relationship she is in with Nicky B if she thought it was going to hurt her chances of getting more money, if that's in fact her motive.

        • Thea says:

          True – but as I said before a woman (or a man for that matter) doesn't have automatic rights to maintain their statue and riches after a divorce/ Break-up! She would get a fair whack in child support for the other two kids at the very worst!

      • Mel says:

        I think she contributed well to the overall fortune. Even though Rory Flemming and his family are more than wealthy, it does pay quite well to be a baroness in Denmark.
        And Rory's name might be on the Valdemar castle property, but it belongs to Caroline and her family, it has always been theirs. She might have to pay him to romove his name, but it will never be his completely.
        The expenses of maintaning Valdemar Castle is paid by the Danish state, because it has an intrest in the castle being well maintained for the Danish public.
        Then there's the aspect of her being almost diverced with two children. If she accepts, the Danish state will support her a bit financially, since she will be a divorced women with two children under the age of 18.
        And finally, because she is a Baroness, the Danish state pays her some amount of money each year to represent Denmark in a good way and such.

        To be payed to have a title like that, sounds okay to me…. And somewhat messed up.

        • Well I'm not sure but I think Rory's name is on the castle property is because he helped pay off the debt. The family were close to losing the castle and he helped paying it off. It doesn't neccessarely pay that well to be a barroness. It is just a title and even though they do get some money from the state its not very much. They are not a member of the Danish royal family.

  16. LM says:

    A mess may be an understatement. This situation aside, I do enjoy that Danish uphold the moral saying that marriage and paternity go hand in hand.

  17. anishka says:

    er…Im lost. so does it mean that Bendtner cant claimed the baby was his eventhough the factis is the baby was indeed his? wow. yeah that's messed up. still dying for a picture of the kid though! and name!

  18. chay says:

    Ah … how i love to see that name, "no pants" bendtner

    although i cannot have any real sympathy about her final payout possibly shrinking by a mere £230 million (!), i definitely heart-feltedly feel for everyone on all the other matters. Difficult breakups, wanting to be with the one you love but then stupid snags getting in the way of your life causing so much headache … no one wants to deal with that mess. Hope they get things sorted sooner than later so they can move on with their new family life together

    • Thea says:

      Difficult to speculate but say she does get jack from Hubby One – wonder how long potential bubba daddy will be able to hold on to her – if she's arguing ober 100's of millions and he is only worth say (gasp!) 15 million I'd say she has been used to the finer things in life that don't always come with a footballer once he has retired!

  19. Thea says:

    Woah – was a mess! But hey if you marry for wealth and privilage first time around, it doesn't mean that you necessarily should take it all into the marriage that you intend to do for love! Kinda jumped the gun with the thrid pregancy so to speak!