May 18th, 2010

‘Baller Soap Operas: Ricardo Quaresma and Catia Costa

Our interest level in Ricardo Quaresma waxes and wanes much like the moon. (And our interest in H&M collaborations.)

Once the subject of a Would You? reader debate, Ricky dropped off our radar shortly afterwards. But now that transfer gossip abounds of a possible move from Inter Milan to Turkish side Besiktas, the potential hook-up with Matteo Ferrari has convinced us to sorta-care.

Know this: Quaresma, the man who’s never met a logo he didn’t love, has surreptitiously dumped his supposed long-term girlfriend weeks after she birthed his baby. Apparently, he’s left her – without money, no less – and is denying paternity of the daughter he once claimed as his.

What on earth happened?

Let’s just say it went something like a really smashing epi of EastEnders. We’re here to recap it for the DVR-less few among you.

- As recent as last November, Quaresma, 26, and his 24-year-old girlfriend, Catia Costa, were jumping for double joy at the thought of an upcoming stork delivery and their impending nuptials. While the beginning of their relationship was said to be “unstable”, Quaresma wanted to “man up” and make himself a blingtastically acessorized family.

- Before getting knocked up and sharing the news with the press, the couple flew under the radar for nearly two years time – hence, why pics of the pair are limited.

- At four months pregnant, Costa quit her shoe salesgirl job at the behest of Quaresma. In this instance, we’re with him on this call.

- Her reward for putting her feet up? A luxury shopping trip at Louis Vuitton before Christmas. As it should be. We ain’t down with those hats, though.

- Even though the distance between Lisbon and Milan kept the couple apart during the winter time, they spent their free time sifting through baby names before finally landing on that lucky one.

- Had we known what was going on behind these scenes, we would’ve donated our finest pair of cubic zirconiums to join in on the chavtastic fun.

This is where the time-line gets tricky, and we get tired of typing “Quaresma”. Pardon our surname short-hand and intermittent coffee breaks.

- April 14th: Costa gives birth to a baby girl, Ariana at the Hospital da Luz in Lisbon.

- Reports surface that this love story was never meant to be, since Q was only informed of his impending daddyhood when he tried breaking up with Costa in late 2009. News of the birth was allegedly shared with Ricardo via text.

- Fast forward seven days to April 21st and a secret romance between Quaresma and “fashion designer” Luana Belletti is revealed.

- Does the name ring a bell? It should. Belletti is the sister of Chelsea’s Juliano and one part of football’s most Twitterific family. She was previously connected to Quaresma’s Portuguese national teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

- April 24th. In a sudden twist of events, Q publicly declared that he would only assume parental responsibilities of Ariana pending the results of a court-mandated paternity test. Someone help us with the Portuguese translation of “tacky”?

(- ‘Member those sarcastic “fashion designer” quotes three lines up?  In the same length of time it took Q to deny his child, L. Belletti’s budding career prospects were reduced from fabric fairytale to “creating a clothing brand“. Woop. Woop.)

- Back to the story. Rumours swirl that Q’s baby test request was due to someone whispering in his ear about Catia’s infidelity while he was away in Milan.

- As both Catia and Ricardo anxiously await their DNA test results, Catia has spoken at length about her postpartum depression, and how tough life is now that she’s a single mother living far away from the lap of luxury. She also denied ever being unfaithful to the person she describes as “the father of my child”.

In conclusion: relationships suck.

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13 Responses to “‘Baller Soap Operas: Ricardo Quaresma and Catia Costa”

  1. Susie says:

    Loooove Quaresma! If he is squabbling with this ex-girl, he must have just cause as he’s never struck me as being the type to ditch his responsabilities. I dont think its tacky to ask for a paternity to test if you have been living apart in two seperate cities for awhile and something is fishy about the timeline or her story. If the baby turns out to be his, I seriously doubt he will neglect his parental duties.

    Best of luck to him!

  2. you could say the timing was pretty "sen vergona," but who knows the whole story.. btw there is "tacky" in portuguese for your future reference for cristiano ensambles, lord knows youll need that adjective.. :(

  3. Joao7 says:

    Quaresma is the best and he is the father of ariana.
    and they will be together.

  4. Winnie says:

    i am disappointed in him…but not shocked about this.
    Quaresma always had that wannabe Ronaldo air about him…

    guess he took this one a bit too far, eh?

  5. Susana says:

    And if he IS the father of the child? What next?

    and what the H-E-double hockey sticks is he wearing coming out of that watch shop? He looks like a typical ‘baller with too much money and no taste. If he IS going to Besiktas then he’d better save some of that money for the future because his career is officially going down the toilet. He’s been over-rated for years!

  6. Yasmin says:

    Whoa! Too complicated!

    And I thought he was just sitting on the bench this season, doing nothing.

  7. Damn! All that drama…so unnecessary!

  8. KatiGaray says:

    OMG!!! WTF

  9. Syrian! says:

    aaaay mammie hes soooow hott

  10. senora ramos says:

    wow. very 90210ish (the old one, never watched the new)

  11. Bria says:

    wow… is all i can say

  12. eleanor says:

    i always liked him
    i can’t decide what to make of this story
    footballers and their class, eh

  13. Missy Manchester says:

    These days…I can't blame footballers if they want their WAGs to get paternity tests. There's a lot of $$$ at stake and a lot of women out there who are…ummm…not so truthful?

    Imagine if…say…Vanessa Perroncel was pregnant with JT's baby while she was still in a relationship with Wayne Bridge? She might have convinced Wayne he was the father. (No wait. That almost DID happen didn't it???) LOL

    Some of these footballers and WAGs live in rarefied air. Nothing is ever as it should be.