October 26th, 2010

‘Baller Soap Operas: Royston Drenthe & His Phone A Friend

Real Madrid On loan Hercules

Images: PeriodistaDigital.com.

We’re hearing that on-loan-to-Hercules hero, Royston Drenthe, is caught in a tangled hook-up web that he potentially weaved. Apparently, the broad above left is a Brazilian babe he has a past with; however, we’re not sure if she was of the late-night or day time kind – or if this duo is actually still doing it.

Help us sort, Kickettes?

The Situation

- Jacki, a contestant looking for love on the Telecinco program, “Women, men and viceversa”,¬†received a phone call from a gentleman named “Roy,” who was introduced as “a friend.”

- Later, her “friend” and knight-in-shining-Skype-minutes was identified by his full name thanks to the on-screen subtitles: Royston Drenthe.

- Dialing in to defend his “good friend,” (as he clarified it), Drenthe himself spurred the romantic speculation on by adding, “…we went out together” while discussing the pair’s howabouts with the show’s hosts.

- Normally, the use of past tense by a player would be an immediate indication of his current dating status. But, because Jacki was ‘moved’ to tears by her dial-a-former flame/friend/bed-sharer, we felt compelled to investigate further. [Image: ElMundo.es]

The Background

- The premise of the show is for the contestants to look for, and hopefully, find love.

- Prior to tearful speakerphone reunion, Jacki was on the brink of elimination due to her alleged beneath the sheets activity with the show’s ‘Minister of Love’.

- Did we add that said Minister character is married? [Image: Telecinco.es]

- And that Jacki was confronted by his wife, on-air, this past weekend?

- Thus, we found this phone-in all too convenient.

- We’re also taking sides with this writer, who believes Drenthe made it a point to romantically disassociate himself from the reality show participant in order to boost her staying power on the show.

The Verdict

- After Jacki hung up, and extended the olive branch to the scorned wife Miriam Sanchez, the two women were still at odds. Mainly because Sanchez subtly called Jacki a skank when she inferred that Jacki likes to play with men’s… balls.

- And yes, before you ask, Sanchez made no mistake in her accusation, because she clarified “…and not just footballs”. Zing!

- Additionally, wifey Miriam questioned why Drenthe rushed to Jacki’s defense. Wifey also said she did not forgive Jacki’s supposed liasons with her hubby either.

- Already seeming like one who doesn’t take catfights lying down, Jacki responded by empathizing with Sanchez’s “jealously”, as she put it.

- Then again, we don’t know much about Jacki other than she was once supposedly romanced by Snoop Dogg and she inadvertently exposed her nipple on TV. Which was not the same time she wore her bikini on set.

- We’re also torn between two plausible solutions: either Jacki is bidding to win the “Best Reality Show Performance” Oscar with her impromptu waterworks; OR,¬† Drenthe is trying to take the heat off his single-and-very-proactively-where-are-the-girls-at-yo-looking status.

- Therefore, we’re airing on the side of caution by calling this situ: confusing.

Glad we could clear that up.

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15 Responses to “‘Baller Soap Operas: Royston Drenthe & His Phone A Friend”

  1. d0li says:

    Why do these girls do it!?! I mean at what point is loosing your selfrespect, and diginity worth less than having your name in the papers for sleeping with a footballer? I mean Drenthe isn't that famous (as far as I know of) and he's a good player, but she is only going to have 15 minutes of fame, then someone else will take her place.

  2. Lill says:

    Doesn't Drenthe have a kid as well? to make things more confusing :)

  3. C16 says:

    LOL. What?

  4. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    I’m just really REALLY confused!

  5. littlemissfoggy says:

    This story was too complicated for me. I attempted to read it twice before giving up!

  6. Dutch... says:

    WOW… This is really a Royston Drente story! Alreay having 2 daughters with his ex girlfriend before he was about 22 years old, they broke up because he cheated on her with a blond porn star. Within 1 year he had a new girlfriend. Now he is married with his new girlfriend and she is pregant off there first child and than this…… Some guys never grow up! & Learn form there mistake's….

  7. Leya_S says:

    I feel like I just read the synopsis for a telenovela.

  8. Drenthe reminds me of Woophi Goldberg on that picture

  9. rachel says:

    was to be expected All these football players get married so young

  10. mamaly says:

    Drenthe should keep his attention on his game.
    He was with Real Madrid and now with Hercules.
    (Sorry, Hercules)
    He has not been with the dutch NT for some time. We could use him.
    Royston grow up!!!!!

  11. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    *rolls eyes* Stupid wagabees. Besides, what is Miriam Sanchez's problem anyway. I thought it was SUPPOSED not a PROVEN *rolls eyes again*

    But I do like Drenthe :) He's cool :)

  12. Kickette, surely you mean "the broad above left"? If not, then this story is even more complicated. :P