November 8th, 2011

‘Ballers & Books: Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Pepe Reina Releasing Their Autobiographies

Swedish footballer writes autobiography

Listen up everyone, it’s story time with Zlatan! Image via

Zlatan and Pepe are about to unleash their inner Shakespeares, Kickettes.

It seems like Zlatan has all sort of secrets & gossip hidden under that hideous ponytail. His autobiography, which will be released in Sweden and Italy in two week’s time, already has people talking after a few choice outlets were given an advance copy. Specifically, Zlatan goes into detail about what happened during his final months at FC Barcelona and how he really feels about his former teammates. He goes on to describe Jose Mourinho as someone who ‘lights up a room’ while Pep Guardiola ‘draws the blinds.’ How poetic.

We’re sure Z covers more than just his time in Barcelona and are crossing our fingers and toes for oodles of pictures. Our favourite part so far, however, is when he compares himself to a¬†Ferrari.


Liverpool's Pepe Reina writes autobiographyLiverpool’s keeper has also put pen to paper in the form of ‘Pepe Reina: My Autobiography.’

Well, we were hoping for a snazzier title but we guess this gets the point across too.

Pepe dishes on how he has been tempted to leave Liverpool more than once, even being very close to signing for Arsenal. We are happy to report that there are a lot of pictures, both with his Liverpool teammates and the gorgeous lot of the Spanish NT. This is actually Pepe’s second book, he wrote ‘El Mundo En Nuestras Manos’ (‘The World In Our Hands’) detailing everything that went on the summer of 2010 when Spain won the World Cup in South Africa.


Who’s planning on picking up one of these books? There are so many ballers coming out with book that maybe it’s time to start a Kickette Book Club?

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23 Responses to “‘Ballers & Books: Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Pepe Reina Releasing Their Autobiographies”

  1. Morten says:

    Extreme tales from one of the biggest talent in football ever:…

    I think this book will sell many many copies!

  2. Sarah, Madrid says:

    All I have to say mr. Sandro Rosell thank you for not allowing Ibra to joing Real Madrid ( great move jeje!). This bio will be interesting to read, I hope it will be translated, it has to be, don't forget to share 20% out of the sales revenue with Guradiola though ibra.

    Anyone who is offended by Ibra being polit to Mourinho, should only respect the fact Mourinho is for actually being a great coach that knows how to deal with egos and personalities, although he sold Ibra, ( didnt he?), he is still speaks highly of him. He even didn't comment on anything he said, show the guy respect, after all he lighten room for Ibra jajaja

  3. vendela says:

    Zlatan's wife Helena got beautiful skin

  4. bantlan says:

    hiii … Nice Post ..

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  5. mamaly says:

    Jose lights up a room.
    i knew he is magic

  6. chay says:

    Despite the cockiness and braggard nature of (oh my) zlatan, for some reason for me that is part of his charm, if you will. I'm sure in real life if I knew someone like that I would avoid him like the plague, but as a footballer who lives in a totally different universe than me, he is quite likeable and amusing to me. And for some odd reason, very sexy!

    I would love to get my hands on his autobio!

  7. FootyGirl says:

    I’ve read Pepe’s book and it made for interesting reading. And while it’s not exactly a ground breaking book, it’s definitely much much better than El Mundo En Nuestras Manos.

  8. xbabyshakesx says:

    I love the cover of Pepe's bio, very much his personality!

  9. Raven says:

    So Zlatan likes Mou better than Pep? It figures.

  10. Kristina says:

    As a swede I'm very conflicted about Zlatan. I'm kind of proud of him because he is such a rare thing like a Swedish football star. He can also be extremely charming when he wants to. But at the same time I really don't like that aggressive, macho side that we have seen more than once. Plus he's a bit homophobic and I hate that. The examples from the book that I have read unfortunately just emphasize the bad. He seems to have a very fragile ego. I mean, what did he expect coming to Barca? To be the big star? It's ridiculous. It may very well be that he wasn't treated as he thought he should be in Barca, but to react like he did is unprofessional. I guess it was a case of bad chemistry between him and the whole Barca system. That's life, one of those things you must accept and move on.

    That said, maybe I will read the book. He talks about dating girls and stuff like that. That I can see myself read, curled up in the sofa with a bag of snacks.

    • Gladys says:

      I hear what you're saying. I used to really like Zlatan. There's no arguing his talent. But his comments about Barca (not to mention his physical fights with players on his other teams) make him seem like a crazy diva. Clearly he and Pep did not mesh– and it sounds like Pep chose to deal with it and in the way that infuriates an egomaniac like him the most…by just getting rid of him rather than getting angry (the image of Pep silently picking up equipment that Zlatan threw around the locker room in a fit of rage is rather hilarious). Meanwhile, though Zlatan talks complete trash about his time there, neither Pep nor any of Zlatan's former teammates say anything negative about him. It makes me most sad that he basically calls Leo, Xavi, and Don Andres a bunch of subservient robots, and yet they thought they got along with him just fine. Seems like he learned nothing Zen from all that Judo training.

      • Kristina says:

        You fun, smart girl! You said it. I've been thinking the same thing about Pep's reaction. It really must be painfully disappointing to Zlatan that Pep doesn't loose his cool.

      • _Titi_ says:

        " It makes me most sad that he basically calls Leo, Xavi, and Don Andres a bunch of subservient robots, and yet they thought they got along with him just fine."
        Part that annoys me the most. Whenever asked about Zlatan the Barca players specifically Messi don't say anything but good. They saw him as a good teammate, but i guess he saw otherwise.

        • Kristina says:

          Yes, they must feel betrayed in a way. Of course you can't love everyone that you are working with, but usually you don't have to read about how coward an ex colleague think you are, afterwards.

  11. ChefDi says:

    oh no!! Your comments make me laugh!! In addition to a Kickette book club (what a fabulous idea!!), maybe us Kickettes-who-write ought to also offer workshops for these men to improve their writing skills … think about it ~ LAB work / extra-credit opportunities / rewards for good behavior in class …

    Just sayin' ;-)

    PS I would love to read both books but I'm afraid I need them translated to English as well !!

  12. Linda says:

    I most definitely hope Pepe has worked on his writing since writing El Mundo En Nuestras Manos because that book was an absolute horror. He was so chaotic and did not focus on the interesting bits (in kickette language) but on his personal feelings and emotional state… Very confusing and headache-inducing

    • April says:

      I've heard this one is supposed to be better and perhaps had a more focused editor working on it with him. Not positive though… I feel like the other book was more of an afterthought and that this one is like his actual book. The other one was just to satisfy the World Cup story and they pushed it out quickly.

  13. MH from NH says:

    it ain't a party unless Pepe's there.

  14. xoWinnie says:

    does Zlatan's book of secrets include the date he's going to shave his steel-wool chin?

  15. Mercy says:

    Well Zlatan’s book is definitely not on my christmas wish-list.I don’t have time to read about him bitching about his former club and mates.

  16. gillianrosh says:

    All i know is I will cry bitter, bitter tears if Z's book is not published in English.

    If I can't get a copy of it, can he at least come to my house and read it to me? I don't think that's asking for too much.

  17. Kat22 says:

    Not a Liverpool fan myself, but I think Pepe Reina is so likeable! He knows he's not first (or even second it would seem) choice when it comes to the National Team, but he never sulks and always seems to have such a great attitude. Bit of a joker as well, judging by some of the photos I've seen. ;-)