June 8th, 2011

‘Ballers In Barbados: Wayne Rooney, Gary McAllister & Andy Carroll

C’mon guys, s-m-i-l-e! You’re on holiday after all. Yeesh.

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26 Responses to “‘Ballers In Barbados: Wayne Rooney, Gary McAllister & Andy Carroll”

  1. rachelle says:

    oooh no my boy andy, the idea is LESS hair, not more!!

  2. Slave4Mou says:

    Corination Street goes to the beach?

  3. Oh Yes!!! I'll take him any way I can have him!

  4. beri says:

    I love Barbados!!! I was there on holiday 2 weeks ago….wish I could go back…

  5. jessie says:

    Ok Carroll is here… Now if only The Ramos would make his gorgeous way to my shores here in Barbados. Would welcome him here anytime….Ah bliss….

  6. Red_Girl says:

    They're all at Sandy Lane in Barbados, and from the proximity of those sun loungers they might as well have gone to Benidorm. If Andy sorted his hair out, he'd be yummy, but I just can't fancy a man with a ponytail. I guess it's better than being Rooney and paying a fortune to sort your hair out and still being favourite in the 'no-i-wouldn't-even-if-the-atom-bomb-was-about-to-drop' stakes…

  7. someone who likes films and books says:

    Andy Carroll looks like a pirate. Or a Dothraki in Game of Thrones.

  8. xoWinnie says:

    does Andy Carroll TRY to make himself unattractive?
    meh…whatever. he can still get it ;)

    • chay says:

      you think he's trying to look unattractive? we can totally agree to disagree on that one! the only issue i have is with his long hair. I love the scraggle and his rough and tumble look right now :-)

      and for sure, he can still get it with ANYONE (me being at the front of the line, thank you hehe)

  9. Jackie says:

    Andy looks like and Amish man who is going to churn some butter. I don’t get it really.

  10. fooey1709 says:

    what the hell(o) ?!?

  11. fooey1709 says:

    what the hell…o ?!?!?

  12. Gladys says:

    At least Rooney is protecting the hair plugs with a cap. Also, is it me or does that look like some cheesy holiday resort you'd go to with your family as a kid? Maybe it's the pasty company, but it does not spell luxurious 'baller holiday to me.

    • Raincitygirl says:

      I know! That beach is so ridiculously crowded. You'd think with their money they could afford to go to a resort where they'd at least spread out the sun loungers a bit, give people a little privacy.

  13. Jessicaann5 says:

    their color in relation to the red chairs around them is slightly worrying, they can't have been there long. where's the sun block when you need it?

  14. ToysForBots says:

    This photo brings up so many questions for me. Why is Wayne Rooney on holiday with Andy Carroll? Why does Andy look like he will be performing the role of Puck for Shakespeare in the park? Why does Gary McAllister look so much like my dad? Why is someone who looks so much like my dad shirtless on the front page of Kickette? Why does that guy in the background look so depressed?

  15. Lily says:

    Andy Carroll looks like he could be related to a centaur.

  16. Andy Carroll looks positively caveman! These three don't seem like they fit together.

  17. Louise says:

    You really should have gone with this pic. Mmm, wild, shirtless Andy.

    • chay says:

      yum!!! looks like andy's got a bit of a sunburn–he's matching the towels! I would gladly offer my services to lather some aloe vera all over that fit yumminess!!!

  18. mochara says:

    Wow I just noticed the farmers tan of the guy in the middle….