August 9th, 2011

‘Ballers On Breaks: Sami Khedira & Lena Gercke In St. Tropez

Sami Khedira and Lena Gercke mackin on the beach in St Tropez

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Lena Gercke in a leopard bikiniYeowzers! Real Madrid’s Sami Kedira and his girlfriend Lena Gercke added some heat to the South of France summer scene with their beach PDA session recently. Is someone feeling the need to one-up her man’s league rival, who was also just on holiday with his genetically-blessed (or surgically enhanced, as some of our commenters have been suggesting) girlfriend?

In any event we can’t help but lament about this summer being extremely short on Sami-at-the-beach action, which we feel was unfair to us. Hopefully he’ll be ready to make amends with 24/7 kit stripping once La Liga play resumes in less than a week’s time.

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34 Responses to “‘Ballers On Breaks: Sami Khedira & Lena Gercke In St. Tropez”

  1. tominho says:

    you got a hump sami..huh??????

  2. jess says:

    GET A ROOM you bunch of sick fucks. and that girl could sure use a tan. minging.

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  4. Marina_Isabella says:

    beach skanking does the bodeh good…

  5. LoL says:

    Sami is an arabec name and it mean the vire vire polite man ! But !! Sorry Sami , because this is soooooooo em polite !! Not polite !!

  6. Isabella says:

    OMG no comments…

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  8. Annie says:

    Nice position she has taken!!!

  9. real r4 card says:

    i'm curious Black Spider…who on earth would contest Khedira's sexuality?!?

  10. gillianrosh says:

    Ah, love in the afternoon!

  11. black widow says:

    well! that ought to keep a certain someone quiet who was making ill-informed comments about his sexuality earlier this year …

    • Sirena says:

      i'm curious Black Spider…who on earth would contest Khedira's sexuality?!?

      • Sirena says:

        *sorry, 'widow'

        • black widow says:

          someone who shall remain nameless, on another blog/website (not this one), who met several of the real madrid players a while ago and was suggesting that sami khedira seemed effeminate to her. sorry — i'm paraphrasing, and i can't verify the exact words because the post was (quite rightly) taken down after numerous complaints.

          • DebS says:

            I know what you're talking about and am glad Una took it down. Your paraphrase is basically what was said. ;)

          • st.mary says:

            scandalous! someone put you little teenage crush's heterosexuality into question… now that's gonna break hearts… boohoo….

            • black widow says:

              no, you misread what i said. firstly, i personally couldn't care less if he's gay, straight, bi or otherwise. i think he's a terrific footballer, end of story. he's not my crush, my heart is hardly broken … i seriously don't care what the guy's sexuality is, which is entirely my point, if you'd bothered to actually read what i said.

              someone ELSE, on another site, was calling his sexuality into question based on her own arbitrary judgment after meeting him for 2 minutes. there was quite a heated debate/response after her comments — generally, people were saying (and i agree wholeheartedly) that for starters, it doesn't matter what his sexuality is, and even if he weren't straight, it's no one's business but it certainly wasn't this poster's place to make those sorts of comments publicly and without any sort of basis.

              the problem wasn't that he could possibly be gay — i don't think anyone cared about that — the problem was that this person was making an assumption about something incredibly private based on personal speculation and trying to pass it off as fact.

    • Shelley says:

      Yes, like when H was dating Claire from Steps. So glad that they went onto have children and got married lol

    • mari says:

      Haha! I wonder if we’re thinking of the same ‘someone..’ :p

      anyhow, i love these 2 together!

    • Shelley says:

      By the way it was not me, but black widow don't you think you are over reacting a little bit, as another poster said? Just because he is your crush, he might be the crush of a lot of guys reading this site too. So what? Does it matter what sexuality a guy is? As long as they are hot and healthy and are here for our viewing pleasure who cares? This is a gay friendly site and guys are allowed to like footballers too.

      • black widow says:

        good grief. a) he's not my crush at all, actually. b) if he's the crush of a lot of guys — awesome! he's hot! they have great taste! :) c) i'm not over-reacting, you're misinterpreting. again: read. what. i. wrote. i'm actually in total agreement with what you said. it doesn't matter what his sexuality is, he's a great player and he's gorgeous. my point is that someone ELSE (again: not me) was publicly insinuating things about his sexuality as if they were fact after meeting him for 2 minutes, which was highly inappropriate on numerous levels. my initial post was directed as a comment regarding that.

        • suzanne says:

          here's your original post:
          "well! that ought to keep a certain someone quiet who was making ill-informed comments about his sexuality earlier this year … "
          Sounds like a b*tchy fan girl's reaction to me. Keep your hormones in check if you post, gurrl!

          • black widow says:

            unfortunate you'd take it that way but i neither have the time nor patience to, yet again, reiterate what i meant.

            • suzanne says:

              no need to, honey. I can read it plain and simple from your posts and the fact that you write novels to explain what you mean speaks volumes about how much you care. Just be honest about it. No shame in being a fan girl!

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I get it, I dont get how it is understood as being a fan girl, so if someone made a comment about a player she should be a fan-girl. Whatever you are saying black widow is right and no-one can place a judgment on a person ( whatever aspect of his life) from 2 minutes interview or photo!

  12. Caro says:

    i'm jealous of Sami ,,,& i'm a girl ;p

  13. ChichaLover* says:

    Nice tan on the chick~

    • Tere says:

      so? You don't have to be tanned to be beautiful. I'm glad Lena isn't dragging herself into tanning salons to impress people. Her skin is beautiful the way it is.

      • DebS says:

        Not sure Chicha was being critical but I agree with you. She looks like she's a proponent of sunblock which is a good thing in my book. Also, her coloring may be such that she never would get as dark as some of the WAGS. I can sympathize.

        Either way…you go Sami!

  14. JCJ says:

    Wow, Sami Khedira really lucked out with this one!

  15. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Apparently, Cris is really rubbing off our boys! Hello Khedira keep it PG :p.