May 25th, 2011

‘Ballers On Mini-Breaks Style Off: Wayne Bridge v. Cristiano Ronaldo

Vanessa ex-boyfriend John Terry Man City WAG EPL

Let us be clear: this is, by no means, a fair fight. We didn’t intend for things to be this way, but whenever Cristiano Ronaldo assumes the right to dress himself, all hell breaks loose. Today’s affair is no different, and since we’re on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done, we’re only giving you the barest of style synopsis bones to work with.

Vanessa ex-boyfriend John Terry Man City WAG EPL

We shall begin with the positives of Wayne Bridge’s city style and strut. He’s swinging those ripped baggy jeans HARD as he executes a questionably timed, but sufficiently successful go at his girl’s hand. We are fond, however, of his buttery leather bomber despite the outside temperatures. It doesn’t matter that he’s sweating bullets underneath that faux-luxe look, it’s all about looking good.

Right guys? Guys…?!


C-Ron, do you know what they say about people who dress like you? No style, no heart. We’d like to politely disagree on the latter of that statement, but your distinctly distasteful lack of dress sense never does our counter arguments any favours.

Is it wrong of us to interpret your ensemble as punishment for refusing to accept your Facebook friend request? As previously stated, we have images to uphold, which precludes us from adding just anyone to our prestigious circle of fashion conscious friends. And if we’re being totally honest here, your style-less lifestyle drives us to drink. Heavily.

Then again, a sober Kickette crew is a bland (and partially bloated) crew. So…maybe what we’re really trying to articulate here is just how torn up we get over every article of clothing that you own. Quite literally, due to the number of Goldschläger shots it often takes to erase the visual of your graffiti inspired trucker hats,  and figuratively-speaking, thanks to your abusive relationship with expensive Italian labels.


In summary, we’re not touching this one, Kickettes. No, no, no. This is all you for a change. We insist.

Just remember to keep calm and let us know when we should pass the bottle on and we’ll all be okay.

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86 Responses to “‘Ballers On Mini-Breaks Style Off: Wayne Bridge v. Cristiano Ronaldo”

  1. CCC says:

    One major difference between the two couples and this is what makes them more attractive: Wayne Bridge/Frankie are holding hands and smiling at each other in a genuine manner, while CRon and Irina, as usual have at least 1.5metres between them and never smiling lovingly in each others direction. Plus Frankie's haircut and jacket are to die for…

  2. die steel says:

    I like this kind mutual communication very much. I can learn much from that. The opinion that everyone gives also can be as useful information.

  3. someone who likes films and books says:

    Wayne Bridge wins. Plus points for his very cute, stylish girlfriend :) Cuuuute!!!

  4. Crackers says:

    Not even if the style-off is between CRon and The Ramos?

    Ah, who am I kidding, The Ramos would win that one blindfolded (which is how I'm convinced he picks out his own clothes too).

  5. BREE says:

    It's amazing Irina is able to breath in those tight jeans,to tight for my taste and she doesn't look better without make up,don't know she is just another skinny model,she definitely looks better with make up and heavily airbrushed,don't we all

  6. xbabyshakesx says:

    we also comparing Wags???

  7. @AgnesWonka says:

    why don't you make a post about CRon carring his bubba? that was priceless!!!

  8. abieroders says:

    I d like to see him in suit trousers and a shirt with his hair less short as his head looks way too small haha with shorter hair, poor thing, just gives people more oppurtunity to bully him about his neck… Whats with the look iri is giving his mum aswell?! not nice either way… look happier chick, you might be dirty(found a picture of her scratching her privates, YUCK!) but youre with a gorgeous man, forgetting the clothes, whos an amazing athlete and his care free personality rocks, whats wrong with you?!

  9. abieroders says:

    Kickette, why does it seem that youre deleting all the negative comments about irina like she does on her fan page cause she cant face criticism… Seriously, dont let people have a voice on here if youre only going to delete it… this is the nicest ive ever seen irina look, although when i saw these pictures, she defo had make-up on!!! eyeliner, mascara and powder for her greasy shiny face seeing as its always spotty and greasy as is her hair… I read somewhere that a model revealed a secret on her and its that she cant be bothered to wash her hair so she puts talcum powder in it to make it appaer less greasy?! thats disgusting! ive seen her in real life and she not as hot, holds her face like a gawp, looks high all the time and her walk reflects the same! youve seen ronaldos girls, its clear he goes with them for their personality and not looks… which is the same for his gear, labels and not looks LOL. I love ron but he does remind me of a chav….

    • @DebStimson says:

      so in other words, you don't like the girl much, huh?

      Actually, using powder in your hair is not unheard of. They did it all the time in the "old days" when they would only bathe once or twice a day. And the "shampoo" they give you in the hospital when you are in there for a while an aren't allowed to take showers/baths (only "sponge baths") it is something very similar.

      And, if she has oily skin (hence the "greasy, shiny face") like many people in the world do, her hair could be "dirty" looking by the end of the day. It must be nice to have skin that isn't like that but some of us will never know. There really is no need for you to be nasty about it.

      By the way, I delete posts off my facebook page that annoy me too. But for all you know, someone has reported your post to FB for being abusive (or whatever other reasons there are.)

      • abieroders says:

        Haha, no, i never said I hate her and they used to use bicarbonate of soda in their hair in the old days because its a very cheap substitute of soap and salt… You rub baby powder on your hair, you dont do it with water… My guessing is that she has the money to take a bath?! so your comment about people not being able to afford a 2 minute shower is pretty irrelevant to my point. Irina is known to delete negative comments, she has 150,000 fans on facebook and goes through every comment, she deletes them, believe me! I said to her on a picture "you look stunning here, but that outfit youre wearing really takes it away and makes you look like ever other plain girl out there, no offence xxx" and…

        • abieroders says:

          she deleted it and banned me commenting?! that wasnt facebook cause they read through everythihng that gets reported and would just leave that as its not offensive, well, technically it isnt whereas some people tell her she a whore living off ronaldo fame that also gets deleted, where does she find the time to go through thousands of comments everydasy? really? maybe if she stopped that, she could shower? ahahaha. As a "super" model, she should sort this problem out, she represents on and off of her job!

          • Kristine says:

            Do you really think Irina works on her FB page? It's called PR people.

            • abieroders says:

              YES, omg, youre so right… her AMERICAN PR are so rubbish at writing English that he writes in some weird foreign broken english way, kinda weird! Take a look, its definately irina!!!!! you can tell by the way she writes and she uploads personal pics… usually of a dog she bought but doesnt care for as she is never with it

  10. GracieB says:

    "Like" on Frankie's bag!!

  11. Gail999 says:

    Is it a little sad that for a split second when I first glanced at the picture I thought Wayne Bridge's girl was Cristiano…

  12. gourcufflover says:

    I must say THIS is a tone down look for C7…scary!

    I love that he takes inspirations from mannequins !LOL

  13. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I just saw the new jersey for Real Madrid next season, good news *cough* Cristano it is a polo shirt.
    I am pretty sure, he has something to do with it with the collaboration of Ramos since it include golden stripes too, it looks like something Sergio and Cris really desgin am not kidding! missing the man-bag though to summarize Real Madrid style lol..

  14. MelB says:

    Good Point! Then I suggest he stops wasting his money chasing a broken record (i.e. trying to get mags to stop publishing pictures of him/ his son) and invest in a full time security detail for his infant son, who no doubt will stumble off into some dark alley one dark rainy night after partying it up in his huggies and get kidnapped by the big bad "people out there who make it their business to stalk and kidnap famous children". Or…..wait for it. He could do his job as a parent and actually WATCH his son. But who watches their kids these days anyway, right? They're just going to get kidnapped so what's the point!

  15. Mony says:

    Seriously someone needs to tell Ronaldo or show him pictures of how he dresses. My gosh, he dresses horribly at times.

  16. Chefdi says:

    Yes! Love the Wayne Bridge ensemble! (And if I looked as hot as she does with that short hair, I'd whack mine off. Just sayin'.)

    I think Kickette, you ought to do a style makeover for poor C-Ron, like you've done for some WAGs in the past. "Help him, Kickette … you're his only hope!" ;-D

  17. Cammie says:

    Wayne looks better, Cris tries to hard and looks a mess

  18. trololo says:

    So they come to the CR7 shop and leave wearing the 'brand' shirts…Okaaaay..

  19. Kat says:

    Oh, wow! Frankie is HOTTTTT! I love, love, love her outfit! Love the sunnies, love the bag. I might change the shoes, though, but the look in it's entirety is divine!

    I don't really think Cris looks THAT bad. We all know we've seen him in worse. I think without the hat, this would be an ok outfit.

  20. Mariella says:

    Wayne en Frankie look very stylish, but CR7 and Iri?? what are you wearing? Not only now but in every picture I see! In this pics Iri looks allright but so many times she just looks cheap and Cristiano is her pimp or something.

  21. Raincitygirl says:

    Wayne Bridge looks good, except for the possibility that he'll die of heatstroke (also, given how chipper he looks, chances are nobody's told him he was really rubbish when he was on loan at West Ham. But I shouldn't bring football matters into a style contest). C Ron looks like, well, like he dressed himself. He really needs to go back to being 5 years old and having his mummy pick out his clothes, at least if he's going out in public.

    As for the ladies, I love Frankie Sandford's haircut. Why do so few WAG's have short hair when it's such a good look on so many women? I do not love her oversized handbag, which is veering into suitcase territory. There's a point past which it stops being reasonable to call something a handbag, and she's reached that point. I recognise, however, that it probably cost more than my mortgage payments for six months, but being expensive doesn't make it pretty.

    I do not love the fact that Irina Shayk is out and about with no makeup on and with her hair un-blowdried, and she STILL looks better than 90% of the female population looks when they've just had their hair and makeup done professionally. Genetics is unfair and depressing, and it makes me want to eat chocolate.

    To sum up, someone needs to take C Ron's credit cards away from him until he's learned not to buy overpriced trucker hats. And the sad part: I've seen him look MUCH worse. This is a pathetic look, but it could be so much worse.

  22. Marina_Isabella says:

    Frankie looks good but that bag is HUGE on a tiny girl like her!

    • Raincitygirl says:

      The bag's veering into suitcase territory. It also looks pretty much empty. If you're going to carry around a bag that big, for the love of God put the kitchen sink in it.

      I do love her blazer, though. And her haircut, and her sunglasses. Pretty much the whole look is working for me except the handbag.

      • Marina_Isabella says:

        HAHAHA 'kitchen sink'!! you made me lol so hard XD This type of gigantic bags always remind me of a bit of a song by Amy Drunkhouse: "with your big empty purse…"


        • Crackers says:

          The bag does look ridiculous, it'd fit not only the kitchen sink but a couple of poodles. Pity, when the rest of her look is really quite stylish.

  23. FootyFanUSA says:

    Anyone one noticed that cristiano is dressed just like the maniquin? Coincidence? I think not.

  24. HalaMadrid says:

    lololol! But, he's so hot! Who cares what he dresses like? In fact, I'd rather have the clothes gone, wouldn't you?

  25. LizzyHS90 says:

    Is not showering an European/Eastern European thing? I mean no offense to Europeans that shower (I'm really asking) but the majority of times Irina is out with CR she looks like she hasn't showered in 4 days. Her hair was really greasy at the last tennis match. You don't need to wear makeup all the time, that doesn't bother me it just seems a lot of the times she just hasn't showered in awhile.

    Anyways, Wayne dressed better then CR, of course. CR always dresses like that as do many other players. Wayne's GF looks cute and fun and I do like her bag. Is she a singer?

  26. Leya_S says:

    Crissy's style is not only bad, but he probably wore this last week (or something identical to it, basically). He could do better.
    No lie, though, I was super distracted from both Wayne and CR7 bc Frankie looks SO fab: Hair, amazing, Blazer, brilliant, Bag, enviable.

  27. Raincitygirl says:

    I don't think her hair looks dirty, or even unbrushed. It looks how my hair looks on a day when I didn't have time to blow-dry it. If I wear it down, after a few hours it looks like hers, even if it's perfectly clean (regrettably I'm not as thin as she is, even if we have similar hair. Darn!) She's on holiday, she doesn't have to wear a ton of make-up or blow dry her hair if she doesn't feel like it.

  28. FootballDaze says:

    You know you've been reading too many stories about Ronaldo or looking at too many of his pictures when you start recognizing his clothes. I recognize his (1) pants from NY trip, (2) watch (he wears it all the time), (3) those shoes from Madrid lunch he had a few months ago, (4) Ronaldo owns the same jacket that Wayne Bridge is wearing, and (5) he loves those damn tight polos. What is more disturbing: I'm not even a Ronaldo fan, I don't even like him. Oy vey.

  29. Doug says:

    I'll agree that the hat and glasses are pure awful, but the shirt is meh and rest is hot. Agree, skivvies would be the best however. Can't decide whether Wayne's look is contrived or just plain slob with a nice jacket.

  30. Gladys says:

    I'm going to be a picky jerk and say: 1) Bottom half: RonRina, 2) Top Half: WayKie.

  31. Lulu says:

    Cris and the manikin behind him are twins………………….now we know how he shops.

  32. Gladys says:

    I'm going to be a picky jerk and say: 1) Bottom half: RonRina, 2) Top Half: WaynKie.

    Sorry, but I hate those holey jeans (naturally-hot Wayne would be perfect if they were simply dark blue with no rips), while cutiepie Frankie looks like she's going to teeter over onto the pavement in her insect armor shoes. And other than the fact that Irina's jeans are also a little tight, everything else on them looks great from the bottom down (I love her espa-pumps and think his sneaks and jeans are pretty nice). Their top halves, on the other hand– total cheese shop.

  33. Angelie says:

    Wayne B & Frankie all the way …sorry CR7 & Irina

  34. fooey1709 says:

    oh whyyyy! cr7… wtf! the hat looks dumb (pink & purple nike hat?) the pants, gosh they look uncomfortable and his polo is well (no comment) he's still hot but the boy can't dress. Irina looks high (no offense though she's gorgeous) Wayne bridge and frankie win! they look awesome 2gether.

  35. Love Sergi says:

    Wow, Wayne and Frankie are a very cute couple and stylish as well. Frankie's outfit is totally on point. I love it!

    But Cristiano and Irina are my favorite. I feel as though their relationship is serious. And yes, Cristiano should just be in his underpants, we prefer him in that way anyway and I guess the same goes for Irina considering she was on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Edition. Oh and the pics of Cris and his son are so adorable. That little baby is going to be a heartbreaker one day.

    PS I love that Irina doesn't have make up on. It shows that she's secure with herself and of course props to Cristiano too for not liking her for her natural beauty rather than being superficial.

  36. pasquaj says:

    c ron is not attractive to me at all…he always looks trashy and cheap…wayne bridge on the other hand is a hottie!

  37. Guest says:

    Hey Kickette
    Cristiano wore the same "buttery leather bomber" in those pctures with his son…. so don't hate on his style if wayne bridge is copying it

  38. chay says:

    i thought the obvious response to CRon's lack of style sense is because he is meant to be without clothes in the first place! A pair of underpants is the best outfit on him, we all know that!

    Is it just me or does anyone else think irina sort of looks like angelina jolie? They have similarities

    • @DebStimson says:

      yes, I see the resemblance too.

    • Crackers says:

      I always thought she looked weirdly like Sara Carbonero, they even have the same colouring (dark hair, big green eyes, olive skin) – more apparent than ever at that tennis match Iker and CRon attended not long ago with their respective gfs.

      And yeah, CR7 should be either in his footy kit or in underwear. Letting him choose clothes to put on that body usually leads to a fashion fail.

  39. LindaTuga says:

    My apologies Kickette, I just read CR7 facebook satus… he had asked the media not to publish pics of his son which they did and he will call in the lawyers…

    Good on him for trying to protect Junior though.

    • MelB says:

      He should really get over "protecting" his son. The media isn't going to verbally berate a baby, I mean the only thing they could get poor Jr on is his style, which he actually has no say in (poor thing). And furthermore he can't protect him forever, and he really shouldn't either this is just going to be a part of life for him. The sooner he can cope the better.

      • @DebStimson says:

        a parents first priority is to protect their child and CR7's trying to do that. He should never "get over" that. If I were in his shoes, I would have done the same for my daughter. There are way too many crazies out there that wouldn't hesitate to kidnap and hold for ransom or worse.

    • LizzyHS90 says:

      It is so weird to me him doing that. I get he wants to protect his son but there are other more famous celebs that have kids and they aren't as anal about it. But if he doesn't want pics published then the media just needs to blur the baby's face out. I wonder how long CR will be going after mags for publishing pictures? Is he still going to be upset when his son is a teenager?

      • Mina says:

        The media are supposed to print blurred pictures, but they chose not to, and that's what he's reacting to.
        That, and the way he was being followed while with his family.

      • Crackers says:

        We might criticise CR for other things, but at the very least he is doing what a parent ought to do to protect their kid. And besides, the child isn't even a year old – isn't that kind of young to be getting papped because of what your dad does for a living?

        At least by the time the kid is a teenager, CRon will likely have retired and not have as much paparazzi following him around, but the principle of the thing is that paps shouldn't print pictures of people's underage kids.

  40. mochara says:

    Sooorry I meant to give your comment a thumbs up but I pressed the damn wrong one! I'm really sorry you're actually on 2 :)

  41. mochara says:

    Wayne wins by a mile and I like his girl sooo much better than the Fayke too :)

  42. Sarah, Madrid says:

    So, I am available to be a stylist for you Cristano ( oh the thought of undressing him everyday fun fun job :D ), I am used to your style by now tolerating it, but that day when I saw you are influencing your little kid, I feel the need to step in now and take over your closet an intervention ASAP.
    Hell, I am available to style Iker, Ramos and Cristano, you dont need to pay me too, voluntary I will do it!

  43. LindaTuga says:

    Kickette I am really dissapointed lol…where are the pics of the extra yummy and chubby CR Junior?? So so cute. x

    • Rossanera says:

      … but irrelevant to this post.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Speaking of Cris junior, I just read this on Cristano twitter which now I have even a bigger respect for of how he is dealing with his son, he requested media to leave his son alone, obviously Cris doesnt want his son to be exposed in the media, love it to be honest. That's why he was seen with him in the public before, really understandable.

  44. mivi says:

    Wayne and Frankie are the more stylish between the two, but Irina and Cristiano are much better looking!!

  45. Devilish-x says:

    Is it me or is Irina NEVER ready for the picture when shes papped with Ronaldo? Shes either got a sad/angry face or is halfway to sleeping or possibly blinking. But anyhoos for me Bridge and Frankie win it this time round, look really good together in that pic

    • Devilish-x says:…
      second pic is actually a little cute..

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        the kiss picture interesting hmm, Cris seems to be not interested or he is little embarrassed infront of family? it grabbed my interest lol.
        Cr Jr is adorable :)

      • Sergz says:

        Wow, it seems like they're really serious about their relationship. And she is cuddling with his son! Ok, i'm not Irina's biggest fan but if his mum approves of her (and she's really hard to please since she hasn't liked a single girlfriend uptil now) then she must be alright.

        • aps says:

          His mom actually liked Nereida (yikes!)

          • Sergz says:

            Really? That surprises me! I've read articles and interviews with Nereida that states she didn't, apparently his mom made him break up with her.

        • @DebStimson says:

          hmmm…not sure what you were given a thumbs down for?

          I did like the fact that she was holding CR, Jr. Too many people say that she has no interest in him so it's good to see otherwise.

          These must be the pictures that CR7 is going to sue the tabloids over, since he asked them to not take pictures of his son. Perhaps that explains why he isn't seen with his son too much in the media, etc. Glad to see that he's taking that seriously and is trying to protect his son from the media hounds.

      • JA7 says:

        Omggg cristiano jr. is just a bundle of cuteness and chubby cheeks! ^_^

    • Genna says:

      ikr ? it confuses the hell out of me ,,, & she always have this ,lack of makeup on when she's with him ,like really ,she's a model so it's kinda wierd
      but hey if she does it cuz she likes to be fresh & free from her model duties when she's with her man,i respect it

      • chay says:

        i don't understand your comment. Being a model is her job, it's not her being. That's like saying CRon should wear his kit while kicking a ball down the street all the time, even off the pitch.

        And if she's not wearing makeup in public, then obviously she feels relaxed and secure enough to hang out without it.

      • Sergz says:

        It's a good thing that she isn't wearing make-up though. Her skin needs to breathe.

      • Raincitygirl says:

        I have no strong feelings one way or the other about Irina Shayk, but I think it's cool she lets herself be seen in public without makeup on. I mean, a lot of women who make their living by having to look beautiful wouldn't DARE go makeup-free when a photographer might take their picture. You see them all dolled up every time they leave the house. It's refreshing to see a model who doesn't seem to care about that stuff.

        • Crackers says:

          She has ridiculous clothes sense, but I think she's actually more beautiful with no makeup.

          And even if she is a model, her skin needs a break sometimes. Makeup makes you look good, sure, but it's hard on the skin to wear it every day.

  46. JA7 says:

    Woow wayne bridge and frankie look very stylish together! Cristiano, u are a complete hottie, but why do u dress like this?! -_- U could do sooo much better! Though i wudnt mind being ur stylist ;)
    ps. I really want frankie's handbag, it's to die for! :o