January 10th, 2012

Ballon d’Or 2012: Where Is The Love?

It’s right here, with Zinedine Zidane and Pele. Image: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images.

Lionel Messi took home the coveted FIFA Ballon d’Or trophy Monday evening, staving off tough competition from Barcelona teammate, Xavi Hernandez, and Real Madrid rival, Cristiano Ronaldo (who was a no-show since his squad is set to do battle with Malaga in the Copa Del Ray today). As we raise our mugs of tea in a congratulatory salute to the talismanic mini-man, we’d also like to divert your attention to the real news at hand here:

There was a whole ‘lotta fashion uglyitis going on in Zurich last night. It was, perhaps, the craziest parade of clothes and coifs we’ve ever seen at a football awards gala.

We loathe ourselves every time we have something negative to say about somebody, but we’ve got a few things to get off our perky chests. We suspect the disagreeable gauntlet is ahead of us, so here goes nothing.

Image: AP Photo/Keystone, Alessandro Della Bella.

Gloomy winter weather doesn’t just put us in a bitchy frame of mind. It also messes with our metabolisms, hormones, libidos – in short, our well beings.

Nice to know Simone Farina‘s hair can relate.


Image: AP Photo/Michael Probst.

It takes a very brave man to be seen in public wearing velour/velvet (or velourvet). Just ask Cristiano.

Will this suit jacket incident prove to be a blessing in disguise for Leo, giving him a huge boost in self-confidence and universal superstar appeal ala David Beckham’s sarong?

It’s a rhetorical question we genuinely don’t want answered.


Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images.

First one of Fergie’s buttons to pop wins!


Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images.

The laydeez were also out last night. Homare Sawa (Japan NT captain) won the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year award and wore a cool ass kimono (not made out of velourvet).


Image: Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images.

Lots of fringe. Lots of impact. Lots of fail.

Some combinations were meant to be; Neymar’s hair and our positive reinforcement not included.


Image: Getty Images

Ah, the eighties… a span of 10 years that has so much to answer for. And yet, everyone’s going gaga for eighties’ style once again, with Ray-Ban Wayfarers and deck shoes in full retro effect. The one statement that decade failed to bring back into fashion?

The mullet.

Could it be, Kickettes? Was Shakira’s dress really the second coming of this once-popular hair don’t? Does anyone else want it to stop screaming ‘business in front, party in the back‘ at you like it’s still doing to us?


Okay, okay. We’ll stop. Good on Messi for the win!

PS – read the full event recap here.

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113 Responses to “Ballon d’Or 2012: Where Is The Love?”

  1. Crayo says:

    messi looks very handsome in the suit

  2. Patty says:

    What annoyed me was that FIFA had Shakira present the Women's Player of the Year award. Really? She probably has no clue about women's football. I felt it was disprespectful to have her present an award like that. I mean they had the president of UEFA presenting the men's award but Shakira presenting the women's one? There are PLENTY of icons of Women's football who could have presented this award: i.e. Steffi Jones, Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly…but Shakira? I'm sorry but I found that very ridiculous and demeaning to women's football, which I follow so closely. /end rant

  3. Simone says:

    Leo Messi is soo adorable and handsome *-* very cute!! Congrats Léo!! I love him!!

  4. Maran says:

    LOL, what's with the Shakira hate? I mean, I know absolutely nothing about her. I have only heard her biggest hits so I don't especially care about her or her career. But it always makes me curious about where the hate begins. Has she done something that I have missed? Or is it just the classic "girls-ganging-up-on-someone-for-no-apparent-reason"?

    • Mat says:

      It is the "girls-ganging-up-on-someone-for-no-apparent-reason" alternative. I don't understand why people expect her to be aware of what an idiot Blatter is? She probably doesn't follow football that closely. And if her fashion choices are bad at times it only makes her more likable in my opinion.

      • xoWinnie says:

        she should know who he is seeing as she's such a hardcore footy fan and all. we're of course speaking about the same girl who was a "die-hard Madridista" before she began dating Gerard Pique

        • Maran says:

          I agree with you xoWinnie when it comes to the Blatter-thing. But my guess is that she was supposed to walk and talk with the old fart that evening. It came with the job. If she had accepted the job as one of the "hostesses" she couldn't well tell him to f*** off. Which I guess every thinking person would want to. It would have ruined the evening.

          And I agree with you Mat, her fashion choices are endearing. I kinda like her plus she's being bullied right now.

          • xoWinnie says:

            you're probably right. actually, you're most likely absolutely right. i like her, but i'm not gonna sit here and bust my ass defending her. she brings this sh1t onto herself if you ask me.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          lol!! "die-hard madridista" my foot :p, She was a madridista when we had galacticos, when we had zidane, beckham and co, now she is relating herself to barcelona whenever she get the chance since they are a worldwide sensation, if this is not a PR move, I dont know what it is?

          But, yeah she brings popularity to the game, football definitely needs Shakira to get people interested in watching it :P

        • _Titi_ says:

          Holding up a Madrid jersey doesn't make you a die hard Madridista. ktnxbye

          • xoWinnie says:

            why else would you do it then? unless you're a major PR whore? i wouldn't touch a barca jersey if you paid me. so, you can argue that Shakira is too rich and famous etc and too above everything to succumb to such publicity seeking OR you can just admit that she is a fickle fan (still attention-whoring going with the most successful club at the time and jumping ship when the tide turns). either a way a rat is a rat, so either way she looks bad. no way to defend that one Titi, sorry (but not really ;)

            • indianmuggle says:

              Life can't be as easy when you're a celeb. Your PR dept. might be pressing you to do something you don't personally want to do. I don't think these guys really make ALL of their decisions.

    • _Titi_ says:

      Im sure Shaki is crying into her grammies and wiping her tears with the 140 million dollars she has while having Pique comfort her over all the hateful comments she gets from anon girls on the internet.

      • boo says:

        i don't think it's exactly a hatred what she is receiving. It's just like that with anyone who decides to show their life, especially in love area, to the public. the more you show the more you risk. I was totally neutral about her dating Pique, good for them, I wish them luck. but the PDA's everytime they are out photographed in public just makes me ask "why, why, don't you want to keep something private to yourself"?
        it's their business but noone can expect people not to comment that if that's made so-oh-dramatically-public.
        I was surprised with her attendance at the gala because it looked a bit like stealing the footballers' thunders. anyway, I wish her luck.

      • xoWinnie says:

        i'm sure she's giving even less of a fck about the rabid "fans" she has online defending her every move…

        • _Titi_ says:

          rabid fan defending her every move? LOL gurl bye. So you think Shakira is a famewhore? so what, which celeb isn't? wan't a fucking cookie?

          • xoWinnie says:

            ironic coming from the girl who loves to call people out for the same behaviour. we've had a talk like this before and i could i was the one who said that to you? so it's convenient to use that excuse when it's one of your faves, but if you don't like them there's a problem? hmm, okay Titi. but if you're gonna bitch at least be consistent please&thnx.

    • Maran says:

      So in conclusion: the girl gets hatred because she shows affection in public and she can't decide which Spanish football team has the most gorgeous players. Well, sounds like me sans the money, the fame and the footy-boyfriend.

    • Agnes Wonka says:

      I've hated her since I was 8 years old! Then I've hated more while growing up seeing how fake she is.

  5. indianmuggle says:

    He is not. How dare you say such a thing!! They are several girls including me who find him very attractive and good looking. You might say you don't think he is good looking at all, but THIS is a totally uncalled for comment. Shame on you.

  6. Traceykay! says:

    I wonder which person thot dat award was gonna go 2 any else bt messi?! Its was so clear dat he’d win. Xabi is an awesum player bt his position on da team doesn’t allow him 2 get lots of attention and CR07 has scored lots of goal bt he’s team hasn’t won major silverwear recently to give the team any attention however Messi has scored plenty of goal n he’s team has won trophies(major trophies!) so irdk y some ppl r even brothering abt it. Btw am a die hard MADRIDISTA n it sucks 2 admit dat fact:(

  7. Mimi says:

    I used to love Shakira but now she just getting on my nerves….I mean what was she doing there??Shed didnt sing. She was just sitting the whole time next to this Motherf#cker Blatter

  8. xoWinnie says:

    lol people went DEEP IN this post, i haven't seen paragraphs like these since i snapped in the first ballon d'or post!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Of course they will!! Don't get it though, everyone scream Xavi should win it, but in reality number 2 was cristano!* this is the definition of trolling*, so if Messi wasn't there, Cris would have taken it :p

      • Kristina says:

        You're right of course. The discussion seems to pick up where we left it last year when it was pretty much Messi vs Xavi. But this year Cristiano was second. For my part I don't mean to troll or be disrespectful. But I'm treasuring and enjoying the moment. Who knows what the situation will be next year?

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          I meant myself my comment was trolling :p No, I actually don't think anyone is being disrespectful, but I find it ridiculous that someone might argue about messi this year using world cup argument or national team lol
          Because if we are talking national team, I would put ozil in there at top 3 since he has ridilicously good with germany! But again Messi deserved it, end of story!

          • Kristina says:

            :) Yes I'm getting tired of this ongoing debate actually. But soon, if no miracle happens, there will be a couple of Clasicos for us to focus on *shivers*.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Clasico,wow! We didn't see this game for long neither I heard this word for long now *icantbelievethisisagainsigh*

              I don't like knocked out clasicos it brings the worse out in all of us :'

  9. Marose says:

    Messi is cute! I think his velvet suit is refreshing. He was actually able to pull it off.

  10. Allison says:

    I loved Messi's tux! I think he looks so handsome. He's totally pulling it off.

  11. Leya_S says:

    I love Leo Messi. He's so humble and seems like a genuinely sweet person. I was just thinking like "dude, Messi wins again?" And then immediately was like, "you know what, he deserves it."

    Love seeing all the veterans in these "Football's Night Out" type things (Zizou!!!!).

  12. littlegreenpea says:

    I want a kimono!!! So proud of myself that I know all of the female footy players…. this is probably the first year I've really gotten into women's soccer, because I finally have a home team (philadelphia independence)… so…yeah. congrats to messi for the win. I knew he would.

  13. lousie says:

    Congrats to Messi! But what the hell is the men wearing?!

  14. Agnes Wonka says:

    Neymar looked cool and Messi seemed to have stolen Justin Bieber's suit he wore at the "Never say never" film premiere.

    Shakira sucking Blatter's socks is disgusting! She was there because she has no awards to attend.

    • Maran says:

      It was an awards show honey, didn't you know? The one where they hand out golden balls to the people with the biggest balls in the business.

      • Tough crowd says:

        Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, It was an awards show Honey, the one where they hand out golden balls to the people with the biggest balls in the Business, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, laugh till i cried! (:

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        She didn't have anything to do there. She want there coz she doesn't have important awards to attend!

    • indianmuggle says:

      Messi looked ( and always looks) fantastic.
      She attended the Latin Grammys she's always invited to the Grammys. She is a popSTAR. She was there because she was invited.

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        The LatinGrammys are not important! She didn't appear in People's Choice, VMA's or EMA's! what about the Grammys this February? She's not nominated! those awards are for REAL STARS like Adele or Lady Gaga!

        Shakira is over!! deal with it!

  15. Lucy says:

    mmm I don´t think Shakira´s dress is that bad to be honest!! I have seen her wearing worst things, her hair is just UGLY she used to look so pretty when she started her career..

  16. Kaitlyn says:

    Mess looks so cute

  17. m. says:

    Best thing about the gala was Antonella’s hair, tbh.

  18. bratari says:

    fabulous presence! love the dress

  19. sıla says:

    Messi is very cute :D

  20. Kristina says:

    Messi's dedication to Xavi was so heartfelt and touching! And I think he looked very sweet in his velvet tux (I never agree with Kickette on style, except in the most obvious cases *coughShakiracough*). And don't get me started on Xavi…

    Homare Sawa was beautiful in her dress and Marta is always pretty. But Neymar…What is going on up there?

    Also, I thought Ronaldo (chubby Ronaldo) was seriously ill in dengue fever? Happy to see him in good health. And Zinedine, sigh! I miss him!

    But what made my night was hearing Pep talk English. It's cute and sexy all at the same time. It was a very good speech, the way he talked about the history of the club and how proud he was to be a part of it. But the best thing was the dedication to Tito, first in English then in Spanish, and finally in Catalan. It was very moving!

    • _Titi_ says:

      Yup I loved how Messi dedicated the award to Xavi, and Pep to Tito. The fact that there is so much love between our players and staff plays such a big part in our success. What people forget is that Football is a team sport, and its the players job to complement eachother. Things like "Valdes can't be the best goalkeeper because he's playing with barca and barely gets tested" "Pep guardiola is only good because he has players like Xavi, Messi, Iniesta" "Messi is only good because he has Xavi and Iniesta" are just stupid since what makes the team so good is that they play like a team.

      • Kristina says:

        I know. People that say those things are really just describing a fantastic team. And btw, Valdes got tested against Espanyol, didn't he? Wow, that save!

  21. Green 4 says:

    Congratulations to Sergio Ramos on his award as part of the dream team.!!!!!!!

  22. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I forget to add, best thing I saw was R9 tribute video for him before presenting the best player in the world, it was so a bitter sweet tribute, you can look at Messi face lighten up when he saw Ronaldo and he was smiling, it is moments like this why I love this game. Happy to have see the elegant Zizou, of course one of our madridista legends Hugo Sanchez! Kerembeu too!!!

    Congrats again for the winners, for Japan for their football federation, coach and Sawa!

  23. Lauren_BCN says:

    Congrats Messi :-) His speech almost made me cry :-) congrats to Vidic, Rooney and Fergi too…and everybody else !!!

    P.S. Shakira's hair & dress,Neymars hairstyle…painfull in every way

  24. MsMe says:

    Shakira needs to hire a stylist, she seems clueless in that department. That dress just doesn´t look good on her and the current hair-do with dark roots makes her look older than her years.

  25. mata says:

    Shakira's dress/whole look is HIDEOUS! Remove the terrible beading, sequins and pointy peaks at the top and put it on Charlize Theron and it might look old-Hollywood glamourous but this is just painful.

    Love the Kimono, and nice that she honoured her country after such a horrible year last year.

  26. rafaelasanchez says:

    Don't wanna hate but it is really time to give the prize to someone who is an actual playmaker and not so incredibly reliant on how he is being fed with passes by his teammates. Xavi would have been the better choice. Messi is talented beyond anything, absolutely no doubt. But for me a player who is supposed to be the best player in the world also should shine in the national team. The only thing Messi shined at the last two WC was the boots of the German team. Don't know what happened to Argentina's golden generation that won the youth wc. A snooze fest was the Ballon d'Or for sure

    • Tina says:

      'so incredibly reliant on how he is being fed with passes by his teammates' – Messi is reliant on his team-mates passes? His team-mates are just as reliant on his passes. Messi sets up more goals for Barcelona than any other player. He had 24 assists last season, more than Xavi and Iniesta combined.

      • Kristina says:

        This! Yes, people should look things up first.

      • norietasan says:

        yet, he isn't a playmaker, doesn't control the game enough. People should take off the pink glasses when it comes to Messi.

        • Gladys says:

          Did you look at the list of coaches and captains who voted for him? I hardly think they're wearing pink glasses.

          • _Titi_ says:

            obvs Del Bosque, Marwijk, and Capello don't understand what it takes to be a good footballer and rely on media hype to decide who the best player was. Not like they have actual experience working with the actual sport their whole life or anything, we should get people like norietasan here to explain what good football is to them.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          He is not a playmaker though he provides assists left and right, ( Btw! die hard madridista here), he is not real a midfielder or 8 to be called a play maker

    • Annika says:

      "But for me a player who is supposed to be the best player in the world also should shine in the national team. The only thing Messi shined at the last two WC was the boots of the German team."

      I love this more than I probably should! Genius!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      I agree with Xavi that he should win it one time, mostly last year when he deserved it the most, at least he was shortlisted, I feel xavi is like Iker, their status is the same, they both are key players for clubs and la roja, but they will never win it.
      As for the passes, Messi as far as I know is the best assist maker for Barcelona, second to Ozil in the world last season ( which should earned him a spot in th best XI), but I understand that they can't make the whole XI of barcelona and Madrid.

    • _Titi_ says:

      I am a die hard barca fan and Xavi is my favorite player, but this year Messi truly deserved it. Yes Xavi will go down as one of best playmaker to grace the sport, but Messi is just something else. With 53 goals out of 55 games in the season, 12 goals (a record) in the Champions League, this is something special. Yes, Xavi deserved it last year, but not this year. Maybe he will get it next year if he manages to get Spain to retain the Euro for the first time ever. Considering how hes playing this year, 8 goals and 6 assists already more goals than last year, I believe this will be Xavi's best season ever.
      And no this myth about Messi only doing well because he has Xavi and Iniesta behind him is stupid. Ofcourse every player will do well because he has great players behind him. Without Messi could Barca have won the semi final against Madrid when he did that solo run against all of the Madrid defense. Or would Barca have won the Supercopa if Messi didn't score and create the two goals in the first leg when the team was playing disastrously? Though Xavi is great, he is the type of player who controls games and goes with the flow, if the team is playing ****, his form will go down with the team. But with Messi you never know, the whole team might be having a bad day, but he will create goals out of nothing. And its not just the fact that he scores, its how he does it, how many times have you seen players making solo runs and actually scoring at the rate of success f Messi? He scored in every single competition we played part in. Not just in league games, but he managed to be the best in the best competition, scoring in the CL semi, CL final, UEFA supercup, FIFA club world cup etc..
      Again Xavi is great, but Messi undoubtedly deserved it, which is why as opposed to the 23% of votes he got last year he got almost 49% this year.

    • _Titi_ says:

      oh and the statements about Argentina, don't even get me started. People should really refrain from making statements such as that if they don't have a good understanding of the sport.

      • Ivanka_Sarah says:

        now, that's a poor reply. Don't hide behind generalizations such as "people should" blabla. I would really like to know how you would explain the "excellent" performance of the golden boy at the last two WCs. Laughable. Your reply is poor in taste because it only consists of empty phrases with no substance. And to negate other people a knowledge of the sport because you happen not to agree with their opinion is weak. That man was a failure at the last WC, whether you like it or not.

        • Anonymous says:

          Did you watch Argentina at the last WC? First of all, Maradonna was a complete joke and appeared to have no idea what he was doing, he made their WC appearance into a joke. Second of all, the Argentina side did not play well at all. Messi had little to no support from the middle field. He had to constantly come back into his own half just to receive the ball and would then turn and have to face a full team. He was no where near playing the attacking midfield role that he should have so it's not surprising he did not score as he was the one trying to basically support everyone else. Did he excel at the WC? No but I hate how everyone tries to use this to prove that Messi isn't that great when clearly they didn't watch him play.

        • Gladys says:

          For some reason the administrator deleted my comment even though I said nothing rude or inappropriate. However, all I wanted to say is that this is not a lifetime achievement award. It is for last season, not for the summer of 2010. Hence, there is no need to compare his World Cup performance. He played quite well with Argentina last season– made assists, incredible and consistent passes, played more as a midfielder than a forward (hence less goals), and was named captain to everyone's agreement. And of course, his club performance is a given.

          • Sarah, Madrid says:

            I agree this argument would been valid last year, Messi deserved to win end of story no argument there, xavi deserve too, but there can be only winner ask Raul, never won a ballon d'or either in his life although he had 3 UCL under his belt with influenlical goals for Madrid, henry, too. As for argentine, I blame the federation a) b) coaches, they don't know how to take advatnage of world class players from Messi ballon d'or winner, to higuain world class striker, aguero, pastore, di maria, banega, mascherno, garay, zabelleta..etc world class XI I think the best talents in term of argentine generation, yet they don't play that well. I blame it on their coaches, you can't have these stars and not able to use them to win. What I hate the most, down playing Messi teammates, I think he has a very excellent team but they are not used very well.

            • Kristina says:

              That's what I've been thinking all along. It should be pretty obvious that the coach must take a large part of he blame for Argentinas losses. Can't you do better with all those fantastic players in your team? Why on earth is that Messi's fault?

            • DebS says:

              totally agree with you Sarah. Glad they got rid of the coach from the Copa America. He had no idea what players to put on the field until the last game. Argentina played WAY better in that game. The new coach seems to be doing a bit better. At least he knows to play DiMaria & El Kun.

        • Kristina says:

          You know what Ivanka, it was Argentina, not Messi that screwed up last WC, OK? And it doesn't matter one little bit if he was a failure during the WC because the award went to the best player last season. And I don't remember any WC last summer. Perhaps you shouldn't talk about empty phrases.

          And btw, there are a bunch of players that don't perform as well for their NT as for their club (Ronaldo, Ibra), but it's totally besides the point.

          And I agree with Gladys, look at the votes. It's not exactly my grandma and her friends that cast those votes. I love Xavi, but nothing can take i away from Messi.

          • _Titi_ says:

            ia with the last statement. It isn't the average football fan that relies on media hype and has barely any knowledge of the game who vote for the ballon d'or. But actual coaches, who fyi have a much better understanding of the game than anyone here, captains (guys who have played the sport for long periods, they know their stuff), and reps of the best football Magazines in countries (we aren't talking about marca and the likes).

        • _Titi_ says:

          What people like you fail to realize is that football is a TEAM sport. The fact that Argentina's past two coaches were completely incompetent when it comes to coaching played a big part in their lack of success. Also a big part the fact that they had no defense or midfield. People always bring up "oh Argentina have players like Tevez, Aguero, Higuain, Messi etc. etc." How in the world can 4 strikers win a game? They can;t even all play at the same time. Having a defense consisting of Otamendi Demichelis Burdisso Heinze is not going to win you ****, especially if you are up against teams who are great in the counter attack like Germany. None of these defenders can even start for atleast one of the top ten clubs in football. And with a midfield of Di Maria (who maradona btw played in DM) and Mascherano you aren't getting ****. The creative burden fell on Messi. All the people going why doesn't Messi score for Argentina when hes always scoring for Barca. Umm hello genius he plays a false 9 for barca whearas he plays behind two strikers for Argentina as an AM. His job in barca is to score goals which he does phenomenally and his job in Arg is to supply goals which he also does well Messi created the highest goal chances in the copa, it isn't his fault that Higuain and Tevez were off form and missed almost everything he created. Bottom line Messi basically works his ass off for Arg but the lack of finishing from some of the strikers, and the lack of a creative midfield that can help Messi out, and a total lack of defense halts Argentina from doing well.

          Edit: I'd like to add that Messi was only 18 in the 2006 world cup, even then he did a great job until wise guy Pekerman decided to not play him against germany which eventually led to their departure.

      • Kristina says:

        You go girl! And think about it, to have both Xavi and Messi on "our" team?! We can debate over and over who is the best in the world, but in the end we have both. Brilliant!

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        people have feelings!!! mostly the Argentinian who are so passionate towards their NT!

        I went to Argentina the day of the awards, I entered on an shop where they were watching the news on Messi's Golden Ball. The woman said: "Yeah yeah, what about the NT boludo?"
        People feel dissapointed with him, it's more than knowledge we're talking about…

        • xiao says:

          lol the lack of love he gets from average fans in Argentina is quite sad but doesn't take away from Messi as a player.
          WHat about Argentina? Messi is the ONLY Argentine to have won the Ballon D'or if I'm not mistaken, instead of being proud of him, they talk shit? Lol that woman whoever she was, if she is a football fan at all, doesn't deserve Messi.

    • Lucy says:

      I agree with you,Xavi and Iniesta play much better rol at barça than Messi and youc an notice that when Messi plays with Argentina he is a complete different player ad he don´t score as much goals, don´t take me wrong I like the guy and he is a phenomenon but he wouldn´t be as much without Xavi and Iniesta

      • Maran says:

        Why isn't anyone asking who Ronaldo would be without Xabi or Özil? Porque?

        • xoWinnie says:

          because Ronaldo played at another club without them and had even more success there. Messi's been at Barca pretty much all his professional career.

          • Maran says:

            You are only as good as the team makes you. That goes for everybody. And Messi is a true team player with his assists and his ability to create spaces for others. It is even more apparent in Argentina where he has the role of setting up the game for others. I fail to see why this is something that should be held against him. If the other players in the Argentinian NT doesn't capitalize on that then let them take the blame. Higuain and di Maria and Tevez, they're world class players aren't they? It's just as unfair as when people call Cristiano "Penaldo".

            • xoWinnie says:

              i can assure you i agree with you on all points. i'm just saying the fact that Messi has yet to prove himself elsewhere (outside La Liga and even outside another club) gets under some people's skin :S anyway, nobody's perfect and all players get hate. but i had to choose i'd pick the level of hate Messi gets to the amount Ronaldo receives in a heartbeat

              • Anonymous says:

                Messi was the top scorer in the CL last year and has won 3 CL , I would hardly say he has never proven himself outside of La Liga

                • xoWinnie says:

                  i meant other league (EPL, Bundesliga) like a constant league not a monthly 2-match thing like the CL, and other teams, i.e. anywhere but barca, playing on a different team

            • Agnes Wonka says:

              Tell that to the Argentinian people who dislike him because he doesn't put his soul on the pitch like he does for Barça!

          • xiao says:

            girl, last season, Cris had 17 assists from Ozil and Di Maria (not to mention 8 penalty goals)–Messi had 7 assists from Xavi and Iniesta (he had 4 penalty goals).
            The top of the assists were…Leo Messi with 18, Ozil was just after him. Xavi and Iniesta combined didn't have as much assists as Messi.

            Yet, Ronaldo 'proved' his individual ability at both clubs, while Messi relies on Xavi and Iniesta and Barca right? Lol.

            You don't know much about Barca do you? Where were you when Dream2.0 was tumbling and Messi's hat trick against RM saved Barca from total embarrassment back then? Messi carried the Barca team last season when Pedro and Villa had goal droughts, he and Xavi still carried the team this season.

  27. Sarah, Madrid says:

    A shout out for the stunning Kay Murray ( way to presnet RealMadrid TV) * she was the presenter btw*, she looked stunning and her dress was incredible.

  28. Natalie says:

    The only cool thing about this award is that Homare Sawa wore a kimono!!! Looks amazing, stands out, total respect! The rest can hide and not come out 'till they hire a scent hairdressers and stylists.

  29. soccergirl154 says:

    You would think these players and their "Wags" , Could afford a stylist for a night like this. Messi, looked like the ring bearer at a tacky wedding and Shakira looked like a small town beauty queen. Sooo sad!!!!

  30. Zahara says:

    felicitaciones leo! :D he really deserves it!
    but i kinda wanted xavi to win this one, coz he has also been nominated a lot, but he hasnt won one (at least i think he hasnt won it). Xavi is also very worthy of the ballon d’or. but yay, i love that messi won it! and that he said in his thankyou speech that he would like to share the trophy with xavi! awww and xavi did look happy for messi!

    and also congrats to Pep! hes just so…

  31. Sergz says:

    Just seeing Shakira smiling next to Sepp Blatter (##%!) made me lose a tiny bit of respect for her