December 5th, 2011

Ballon d’Or: The Shortlist Is Out

The 2011 Ballon d’Or awards shortlist was announced today and we just have to ask: will C-Ron be able to top his suavely suited style from 2010 at this year’s ceremony?

Oh, and who do you think will win? That’s important too.

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141 Responses to “Ballon d’Or: The Shortlist Is Out”

  1. BlackRose says:

    Ronaldo disappearing yesterday, like he usually does in big games, makes further case for Messi and Xavi. Iniesta should have been the third nomine, just like he was last year.

  2. XaviFan says:

    The three of them work hard for their teams. If this is for winners only then Xavi should win, he rules in Barcelona and Spain!

  3. Audrine says:

    Messi is the worthy winner of Ballon D'or 2011, because he IS the best player in the world right now.

  4. Donna C says:

    Same 3 nominees, same winner every year ,why even bother making it a competition anymore?

  5. _Titi_ says:

    Seriously they make it sound as if Cron scored sooo much more when actually they scored the equal number of goals, and Messi had ten times the amounts of assists. In addition its soo funny when when Madridistas try to deny that Messi isn't the best since hes one of the very few reasons why Barca still dominates Real. Did they forget the solo run he made and how he went past 5 real madrid players to score that goal against them in the CL semifinal? Or how over the two legs of supercopa he scored 3 times and assisted once against their team, all while only being back from vacation for a week.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Lol @ madridista denying, did you read our comments, don't accuse us of something we didn't say, why the assumpation that because she wants Cristano to win she is a madridista, you know there are Cristano's fans regardless of what club they support yeah? Did we say that Messi doesn't deserve it? we just said Cristano for individual skills deserve it too. __I do believe that Messi will win because he is the UCL winner afterall, that's what I always believed that major trophies get you the ballon d'or, BUT since last season Messi won it regardless of what he did on international and didn't win the UCL, why wouldn't cristano win too? As much as some thinks Messi is the best thing that ever walked the football pitch, there fans on the side ( non-madridista fans) also believe that Cristano is too.

      • _Titi_ says:

        This comment isn't aimed at you or anything sry2say idk why you're taking it so personally. It was aimed at madridistas in general, who majority of the time tend to support the notion that cron is better than Messi, when they aren't even in the same league.

        • xoWinnie says:

          they are in the same league. they both play in La Liga.
          LOL sorry, i had to.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          They are in the same league, if you mean level, if you think they are not, we have agree to disagree! Exactly madridista in general, where a lot of madridista I know still vote for messi to be the best, I replied on that fact some madridista do, not me personally, but you did spoke on behave of all madridista didn't you?..

          Anyway, we should come to this conclusion, that some like messi and some likes cristano, like in the old days of pelle and maradona, or Cruyff, di stefano.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually most of the comments are about how Cris is such a more complete player than Messi and individually superior yadda yadda, that basically implies that Messi doesn't deserve it…

  6. Alice says:

    I'm 90% sure Messi will win but in my dreams Cris totally wins :)

    Messi had a better year winning the Champions League and La Liga, and smaller trophies like Supercopa, Super Cup, and Club World Cup. Besides, the journalists love Messi. In 2010, he flopped in world cup and only won La Liga with Barcelona but he still won, so obviously he's going to win this year actually having done amazing stuff.

  7. littlegreenpea says:

    I think messi will win, but I kind of hope that xavi wins, just because he's really under appreciated. That would be truly awesome.

    • littlegreenpea says:

      *they all look like little boys in this picture. It's kind of funny to imagine what xavi looked like as a kid, because at times he really still looks like one ;)

  8. Yocelyn says:

    Messi, Messi, Messi. No question. If not Xavi. Def not Ronaldo.

  9. sarah says:

    i dont get why too much hate for ronaldo?!

  10. Zahara says:

    i want xavi to win :D
    ooh im loving messi's expression! :D

  11. sıla says:

    I think Xavi should win. Cris and Messi have not performed the national team. But Xavi Spain National Team's brain

  12. mrsHoltby says:

    Xavi deserves it. Messi will win it. :)

  13. irene says:

    xavi should get an aword for most grumpy face !!!!! hahaha

  14. TFBlovesArsenal says:

    I think the real award goes to Messi's Blue Steel face.

    • DebS says:

      lol I think David Villa's been working with him on his bish face. He still has a long way to go to catch up with David….but keep working on it there Messi :D

  15. Melissa says:

    Messi will win it, but Cristiano or Xavi deserve it. There should be at least some emphasis on performance with national teams, where Cristiano and Xavi excel and where Messi is a huge disappointment.

    Sad state of affairs.

    • Kristina says:

      Sorry, but I do not think Cristiano excel with his NT. And I'm not saying that because I'm a cule and I want Messi or Xavi to win. Xavi is brilliant in his NT and his club. He has been, and is, a crucial factor in both Spain's and Barca's success. Cristiano is no way near it in his NT. Sorry, I just don't see it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cris does not excel anymore than Messi. Portugal barely qualified for the Euros and Argentina made it just as far as Portugal in the WC. I don't know where everyone is getting that Cristiano is amazing for his NT when he have received a lot of the exact same criticism as Messi

    • _Titi_ says:

      when was the last time Portugal won something? lol

  16. Melaniee. says:

    team xavii <3

  17. KL7 says:

    Leo is a more complete player than Cris is? That is simply NOT true. Yes, Messi has better dribbling skills. Cristiano is two footed Messi is not. Cristiano is lethal in the air, Messi can't compete there. Free kicks… Cristiano is deadly Messi is not. You might consider Messi better than Cristiano but you can't say that he is a more complete player. CR is definitely THE most all around player in the world and can make things happen from ALL aspects of his game.

    • Sam says:

      I recall the CL final in 2009. Messi scored a sensational header. Cris played for Man U then, and didn't exactly do much. I tell you, the only thing Cris is better at is freekicks and penalties (set pieces). When you take all other elements of football in account, Messi is better or just as good. I'm certainly not the only one in the world who thinks so, but I'm one of them.

      • xoWinnie says:

        no one said Messi never scores headers, but it's not a strong suit in his arsenal, and therefore, not a real threat from him for one. secondly, KL7 makes excellent points in her argument. YOU and other people may argue that Messi is "better" than Ronaldo, but she makes extraordinary points to point out that Messi is not as "complete" as he could be, and is certainly not as "complete" as Cristiano.

      • KL7 says:

        Oooh a header back in 2009? What does he have 8 in his whole career? CR scored 5 headers last season alone. The point is CR is an all around player. He is dangerous from all aspects of his game.

        • Sam says:

          Annnd my point is that Messi is too. I'm not sure if I have my thoughts clear, but I really do think that Messi is better than Cris in every aspect accept when it comes to set pieces (I think I've said it three times now). No need to be sarcastic just because I took an example. I can't say I've seen many headers from Cristiano either.

          As I said, let's agree to disagree. You will have to do a lot better to convince me. And the voters of the "Golden ball" too.

  18. April says:

    Always seems to be the strikers for their goal scoring… but who sets up some of those goals or orchestrates the field? I'd like to see it go to Xavi, for the sake of mixing it up a bit. There's a reason they may golden boot awards and they aren't the same as the golden ball.

  19. hansh says:

    Well if we're giving the award based on facial expression, then Messi wins hands down!

  20. FootyFanUSA says:

    Ok granted messi didnt win the WC or copa america. But does that mean Ronaldo
    Should win the balon d’or. I mean for god sakes where is Ronaldo’s WC or european championship?
    Messi made away with some impressive trophies last season, scored as many goals as CR7, was vital in important games, had more assists than xavi. And he is still young there is still time for him to win a little something for argentina.

  21. IrishBlue says:

    Xavi looks sad…:-(

  22. gillianrosh says:

    Messi & he deserves it.

    Now, to this photo: is it not screaming out for a "Caption This" contest?

  23. Anna says:

    Xavi deserves it, he deserved it last year. But since it was demostrated this trophy is a scam, I don't give a &%$ for it anymore. I think Messi will win it again, he's an awsome player, and he made goals who is the most important, creating football, what the hell is this?? Sorry i'm a huge fan of midfielders, they are the key of footbal!!.

    And Guardiola for best coach!!!

    If Ronaldo or/and Mourinho win I'll burn Platini and Blatter and France football and all XD

  24. Agnes Wonka says:

    CR deserves that award. He works hard for his teams, both RM and Portugal.

  25. Agnes Wonka says:

    If he Leo was as good as you say, Argentina would have won the WC and the America Cup, but ….what happened? I'm sorry, but he owes sth to his own country.

    • Sam says:

      Do you think Cris deserves this award over Leo? And one of the reasons as to why Leo shouldn't have it is because he doesn't achieve much for Argentina? Let me ask you: What is Cris doing for his Portugal? Huh? They barely qualified for the EC. He may try hard, but no rewards go out for trying. If they did then Leo still is a candidate, since no one can say he's not trying for his NT. Ridiculous!

  26. Shelley says:

    Can I just add……how on EARTH did Andre Villas-Boas not make the coach short list? He won EVERY competition he competed in in his first full season with Porto (four trophies I think?) Went the whole season unbeaten and finds himself behind some of the others. Astonishing!!!!!! Did he run over Blatter's cat? Flirt with Platini's wife? Did he get black balled by the football elite?! We must be told, it a disgrace to such a hot young man.

    • Melissa says:

      I was surprised by that too. I was also surprised to not see Joachim Low on the shortlist. I do wish they'd expand the finalists to five instead of three–there are more than three deserving coaches (and players to be honest).

    • Anonymous says:

      The portuguese and Europa League are not rated on the same level as La Liga/EPL/CL, not saying that it's right but "lower" leagues and competitions aren't rated as that important/impressive

  27. Mrs_Cr#7 says:

    Ronaldo deserves the award hands down!! His hard work and dedication should mean something! in my heart it does.. as long as messi doesnt win im good

  28. sarah says:

    RONALDO !! <3

  29. xoWinnie says:

    no one should ever feel sorry for Cris. he has a wonderful life, blessed with wealth, talent, and a good family. i am also not undermining Messi's talent. i just fail to see how is SO MUCH more superior than Cris that he pretty much wins everything, except for awards where there is no way he can win (i.e. Cris scores more goals and therefore wins automatically). i'm not convinced this award is based entirely on their skills. as Kaka said, Cris can score from the left, he can score from the right, he can score headers, he is great at set pieces, he does assist, not as much as Leo, but he does (i don't know why people like to act as though Cris never passes the ball), etc.

    as for Messi being a "more complete" footballer than Cris? erm, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. let's just say i am more in agreement with what Kaka said in his interview than anything else i've heard on the subject.

    • Sam says:

      Of course Kaka would say that. And why not? Cris is a great player. But I think the world has seen Messi do things from all thinkable angles too. More than one person (Wenger, Rooney..) has referred to him as too good to be real (references to him being as Playstation, being an alien, and so forth). Sorry, there is no way, just no way, Cris is a better or a more complete player than Messi. So far this season 6 of Cris's goals has been penalties. One for Messi. Not only is Cris very good at set pieces, he is better than Messi, that much is true. But that's it.

      • xoWinnie says:

        he has also played in the premier league, which is considered by many to be the most difficult and physically challenging in the world. Messi has been at Barca for most of his career. Cristiano set and broke records at Manchester United as well as in Madrid now. he can play anywhere and excel. he won the pichichi last year, and dare i say it, is probably going to end up winning it again. team mates, coaches, and rivals alike have also showered him with praise. i still fail to see why people can evaluate Messi (looking at skill sets only) and conclude that he spectacularly better than Cristiano. but forgetting Messi, the obviously biased interviewer threw in Neymar and Rooney into the equation as players who are also potentially better than Cristiano….Kaka basically laughed that off and put him in his place. that just goes to show that to some people, it will always be someone else, never Ronaldo. not saying that is the case here, but you never know.

        • Sam says:

          Have you never seen Messi dribble past 5 – 6 players in the most spectacular way and then finish off with a goal? I have. Numerous times. And against teams from different leagues, not only the Spanish. He did it to Man U and Arsenal. There is a reason why people, media, other coaches and experts, can't find words to describe him. I have never seen anything like him (well, Maradona) before, and I have been around for a while :) .

          Perhaps you are more annoyed with how the media are treating the two? At least that's what I think you are. But just because the media says something it isn't automatically false.

          • xoWinnie says:

            i agree with you that Messi is amazing, and it does annoy me how the media treats them both as individuals. however, for almost everything Messi has done, Cristiano has probably done the same and vice versa. they're even both criticized for not playing as well on their respective NTs. they are on par with one another. like i said before, i don't think anything distinguishes them other than the fact that Barcelona has been more successful than Madrid these past few seasons. and yes, Messi has been successful playing against English clubs 3 or 4 times a year, but would he be able to handle the physicality of a full season? we'll probably never know. however, we do know that Ronaldo can handle both equally as well.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Cristano with no penalties still tops the scorer sheets for 2011 year, ozil is top assist maker for 2011 still didn't make the list? Stats in this award means nothing, even if messi didnt score as much he did and assisted as much he did, professionals in the game still believe he is the best talent our there because this award is based on opinions, I don't think they look much at stats when they evaluate messi.
        Or explain why would a player who scored zero goals in world cup, didnt win ucl and just happnes to be the top scoer of that year with liga title end up winning best player in the world?

  30. Gladys says:

    Let's also remember that FIFA doesn't decide the winner.The prize is voted on by managers, journalists, and NT captains. And the votes are published later.

  31. BeeStan says:

    Team Messi!!!!But also love Xavi =D

  32. Gladys says:

    That picture is hilarious. It's like Leo hypnotized Xavi and Ronaldo and is now trying to hypnotize the audience.

    I think it will likely go to Leo this year (would love Xavi to get it). However, if Madrid keeps playing the way they've been, I think Cris will probably get it next year. I have to remind myself that judging is based on last season. (Sorry for being a pessimist, fellow Cules. Hopefully Saturday will prove me wrong.)

  33. xoWinnie says:

    it's foolish to believe anyone BUT Messi has a chance at taking this thing home, let's be honest now.

  34. Dee says:

    I really think they'll give it to Xavi this year to make up for not giving it to him last year when he deserved it. I do believe Messi is the best player in the world but how does he play with Argentina? Not as well when he doesn't have the amazing supporting cast from Barcelona. I love Leo and Cris, but Xavi's playmaking abilities are one of a kind. He completes 85% of his passes at the World Cup (against the best players in the world) and completes pretty much all of his passes in his games with Barcelona. If soccer is truly about more than scoring goals…then I think it's Xavi all the way!

  35. loly says:

    I love Messi's reaction in the pic ….he actually looks hot!

  36. JA7 says:

    Robin Van Persie should have been shortlisted.

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Van persie wasn't even included, yeah right I know?

    • Lucy says:

      He is not as good as this 3, besides the nomination is based on what they did during the whole year and not just the premiership

    • April says:

      I think next year will be his year to make the list, if he continues his good current form.

      • JA7 says:

        @Lucy I definitely think he's JUST as good as messi, ronaldo and xavi (he's even better IN MY OPINION..dont go killin me)..the man is a legend..a marvel to's a real shame he wasn't nominated.
        @Sarah, madrid & April..hopefully next year! *fingers crossed*

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the problem with RVP is that he gets injured a lot, if he makes it through this season ok im sure he will get a nomination at least but with probs not shortlisted

    • _Titi_ says:

      he was out for most of last season, he shouldn't be in the list if hes only been in such great form since september. Maybe next year, if he manages not to break himself again.

      • Leya_S says:

        Actually, RVP has been in good form since around January or December of last year, whenever he returned. Arsenal, as a whole, was a disaster zone so it was hard for him to perform under those conditions, but after a few people left (*ahem*) Arsenal has been better, and so its easier for him to be amazing and for everyone to see it.

  37. Thea says:



  38. Lauren_BCN says:

    MEEEESI MEEESI MEEESI :-) )) I get goosebumps every time I hear the Nou Camp crowd shouting his name :-)

  39. loly says:

    I hope c-ron gets it um so tired of messi. Hala madrid 4-2 in el classica barca prepare to be dethroned

  40. Taz says:

    Last year Leo rocked his cutesy skater boy hair!
    I'd love Xavi to win this year for his yearrs of service and over all brilliance but i won't complain if Leo wins either

  41. ~*~LaT!Na~*~ says:


  42. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Why does FIFA bother on perparing a ceremony to declare tthe winner? The money will be in better used for charity in my opinion..

    The shortlist was such a shock, I was so betting on Iker, Neymar and Rooney, so imagine my surprise :P !! Anyway Congrats Messi in advance, wishful thinking I obviously would love for Cristano to win, but it is very unlikely, if anything I would give it to Xavi this award for last year alone! he deserved then.

    • Kristina says:

      Yes Iker could well have been on that shortlist. But Neymar and Rooney? I'm not so sure. They had a bunch of World cup and CL winners to chose from, so I doubt they where considered. Despite their obvious talent.

      • Kristina says:

        I know the WC wasn't last year. Forget that. Still, Barca winning all those titles is bound to give them individual awards as well.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        I knooooow iker :( , No I am actually being Sarcastic :p, I do believe iker deserves it, but I know he won't that 's why I mentioned it :p. It was too expected to see these three you know :) ,

  43. Sergz says:

    I think Cristiano deserves to win. Judged by their individual performances, he was superior. But this prize usually goes to a Champions League winner so I think he's ruled out (unfairly so I might add).

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Not real, remember last year? Milito was not even nominated and Wesley didnt make it to top 3, a ucl winner and world cup finalist! Messi in journalists and professionals opinion is the best in the world, don't think anyone else will take it :) ;

      • Sergz says:

        "But this prize USUALLY goes to a Champions League winner" ;)

      • xoWinnie says:

        "Messi in journalists and professionals opinion is the best in the world" you hit the nail on the head my friend.

        i personally think they are basically on the same level right now, with the only difference being that Messi is on a winning team, and Cris is not. Messi has a reputation of being humble and sweet, and Cris has the reputation of being an arrogant diver. no matter what Cris does right (charity work in his spare time, etc) or what Messi does wrong (spitting on opponents), both will not be able to shake those reputations. sucks for Cris, but it works for Messi.

        in order for Cris to ever be considered better than Messi, he won't just have to be slightly better, he will have to be miles better. which, let's be honest, is a ridiculous feat.

        • Sarah, Madrid says:

          Totally agree, I remember once I read this article about how why is Messi more loved than Cristano I dont remember exactly what it said but it is similiar what you just wrote. Anyway they went explaining how is there is two type of players: rational such as Pelle, Cristano, irrational such as Diego and Messi, people tend to like irrational players and relate to them more because their way of playing is more poetic than rational who plays direct football, but since Diego was a drug addict, guys who cause problems people althought they love him but that allowed Pelle to be loved also because he was relaxed well behaved player in comparsion to Diego.

          • Kristina says:

            You know what, that makes a lot of sense. When we are talking football on this level, with two (three, forgive me Xavi) such immensely talented players, then it is almost ridiculous to determine who is the "best". It's like music competitions. Who's to say what musical piece is the best? In the end it's almost poetry. I happen to love the irrationals, you get a feeling that you are watching something completely new and groundbreaking. And sometimes it is!

            I have actually always, well almost always, defended Cristiano. Physically i'm not attracted to him, but no matter what you say about him, he has changed and matured, he does take responsibility for his kid. He hasn't had a great childhood himself.

            But Messi is magic. There is no way of getting around it. For me.

            • Sarah, Madrid says:

              Yeah I forget to compelete my comment :P , so since Messi is nothing like Diego, that's why people just like him more than Cristano who he is presented on the pitch with his collar poped up, hair gel being an armani model having his own brand his tacky fashion style very tanned so guys mostly just don't like him, or speaking of myself speaken alot of guys about him, you rarely find a guy who likes Cristano, they just don't relate to him.
              Anyway, it is so refreshing that a cule would defend Cristano ( I will take sometimes even), me as a Madridista just recently started liking Cristano( I was a Messi fan, I like him dribbling but I am not a fan anymore because right now I just get bored with him sorry !!) because when he first joined Madrid he was a whinny diver but I would actually give credit for real madrid to make him grow up.

              • Kristina says:

                I used to defend him in front of my male friends that called him all kinds of homophobic names just because he was preoccupied with his looks. I hate that. But yes, I've been very annoyed by the diving and the whining, but as he has matured I think he's not worse than anyone else. And don't get me starting on those that accuse him of being a bad father. What the f*** does people know about that? At least he i taking care of him, you know.

                • Sarah, Madrid says:

                  Exactly!!!!!, the father comments on his topic about his son is pure ridiclious!! If anything the guy started a celebration gesture that he tend to always do in Bernabeu and dedicate goals to his little kid. I used to laugh my ass off on people saying look he is always out with his gf leaving his kid with his mom ( Like seriously!!, seriously?!). when was the last time a guy took his little baby to a date night with his gf!!

                  • KL7 says:

                    AGREED!!! CR is a 26 year old single man. He has a job that has him travelling around his country and the world for that matter 2-3 times a week for 9-10 months out of the year. He made the best decision to have his mom and sisters raise his child. He is with family members not some strange nanny. What do people expect him to do stuff the baby in his locker in the dressing room while he trains and durring matches? He stepped up and took responsibility. You can see how much he loves his son and CRjr loves his dad. There was a video of him at the prematch warmup where he looked up at him in the box and you could see the love between him and his son.

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      how can anyone not love that adorable baby!?! it would be a crime! A SIN!

                    • Shelley says:

                      Maybe he shouldn't buy a baby, Ricky Martin style, in the first place if he can't look after it.

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      what is your damage, Shelley? you say you don't care about sexuality, and then you spew snarky, baseless vitriol via your keyboard. hypocrite much? again, where is your proof that Cristiano had a surrogate? and who says he doesn't look after his kid? unbelievable!

                    • Shelley says:

                      well……his sister denied the whole story about a poor student from England, or maybe Holland, or maybe somehwere else giving up his love child. You can read what she says. Plus, Ricky Martin was one of the first people to congratulate him on his new family.

                    • Sarah, Madrid says:

                      This comment just calls for a thumbs down, really buying his kid, then he didnt take care of him? I understand the hate for Cristano or I know it is there, but he bought a kid jeeeez!!

              • xoWinnie says:

                exactly. people roll their eyes at me when i say guys are jealous of Ronaldo. even one of my guy friends who is obsessed with him says so. the way he sees it, what guy would be comfortable supporting a guy who looks like that, plays like that, and makes no bones about letting the world know how confident he is with his skills and his looks? no, let's put him down. "he's a f*g, he's a diver, he's this and that." pure jealousy. like Kyle said, for guys our age, it takes a guy who is confident with himself and his sexuality (he's been called homophobic slurs for liking Ronaldo….pathetic, huh?).

                then there's Messi. short for one, which makes him seem less threatening, and "humble". with Messi, most average/attractive guys could be his friend, take him out and still get girls (granted that they don't know who he is lol). leave them around their girlfriends, come back and not discover that they've taken off with him. that, AND he's an amazing footballer to boot? well, of course that makes him more relatable.

                if i'm around my other guy friends and say guys like Sergio Ramos and Ronaldo are hot, all i hear is a Greek chorus of "he's a pu*sy, he's a f*g". yet when my friend says she thinks Messi is hot, everyone laughs…i don't think they are laughing with her.

                • Shelley says:

                  LOL amazing rant. If Ronaldo is straight, why did he spend more time in New York going to gay clubs with former boy band members than going out with his girlfriend? I have no problem with Ronaldo being gay, I actually think its great that there is such a high profile gay player. But why do people get so stressed about sexuality? I thought the debate was about performance on the pitch?

                  • xoWinnie says:

                    is that so Shelley? and you came accross this information through….?
                    an extremely reliable source, perhaps you were out there and, ooh, i dunno joined them!
                    whether Cristiano is gay or straight is none of my business. and if he is,
                    that gives people the right to call him a f*aggot? if you don't care about sexuality,
                    you should at least be outraged at the fact that this slur is being used against
                    another person, gay OR straight.

                    millions of guys (gay or straight) want Cris to be gay so badly.
                    the straight h0mophobic losers want to find a reason to be "better" than him
                    and the gay guys probably wanna date him. he should be flattered in that respect.
                    and if he is a gay footballer, i'm sure there are many in his position.
                    i personally think these gay rumours about Cristiano are total bullsh1t.
                    just as they are most of the time with other celebrities. if he's so gay, prove it!
                    everyone and their grandmother has a camera phone. so snap a shot of him
                    at a so-called gay club before running your attention-seeking mouth!

                    • Shelley says:

                      There are pictures of him and Lance Bass in New York having dinner together and going to gay clubs together. Perez Hilton etc etc.

                    • xoWinnie says:


                      these show me nothing other than the fact that Cristiano is comfortabl enough with his sexuality, whatever that may be, to hang out with gay people. as far i know, the Tribeca hotel is not exclusive to gay people. he hung out with Lance Bass (in a setting where there is clearly a woman present as well), so he is gay? he met Perez Hilton, so he's gay? no honey–no. if people are so anxious to prove Cristiano is gay, cut the crap and get some REAL evidence. i'm talking Kevin Spacey grabbing bare male ass, or John Travolta kissing a grown man on the lips. if he's so fond of gay clubs, someone should creep pictures of him at one! not this "he hung out with this and that gay person" so he's gay too, bullsh1t! no. people are ridiculous.

                    • Shelley says:

                      Well, you can believe what you want, you have your own mind and I have mine. I'm not anxious to prove he's gay, I just believe its pretty obvious that he is gay, I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks that.
                      Football is an industry where top, top footballers make more out of endorsements and commercial deals than wages these days. I imagine top players don't come out as they are advised that ignorant fans would not accept them and because it would not be financially prudent to do so (sadly). Rather like in Hollywood where top male gay actors (of which there are plenty) are advised not to come out as it would harm their chances of getting the top roles. We have gay rugby players and cricketers and no-one bats an eyelid, but in football there are still silly ignorant prejudices.
                      I don't think it's offensive to be called 'gay' or 'homosexual' as much as its not offensive to be called 'female' but agree the other words people use are simply nasty.

                    • Shelley says:

                      PS: Saying you are confident in your sexuality does not mean you are straight. You may be confident being bi-sexual or gay. Its just meaningless PR speak IMO. But anyway……I admire Ronaldo's skills very much and when I was a football player I would watch his video's on you tube and practice his skills all the time – well try! But I just don't like his personality very much as I think he is selfish….particularly when playing for Portugal.

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      "comfortable with his sexuality, WHATEVER THAT MAY BE"

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      yes, and knowing all this, it still seems like you are anxious to prove a point ant be "right" about his sexuality. why? and why is it obvious? because of the way he dresses? the way he carries himself? people said this before he had his baby and i really can't see any reason why besides stereotyping on their part.

                    • Shelley says:

                      Maybe you just don't want to consider the possibility as you like him so much. I don't know many guys who hang out in gay bars when they go on holiday. The failure of Ronaldo to hold down any relationship of note. The mutually beneficial relationship with Miss Shayk where she gains a lot financially as his partner. The surrogate child which is the way other famous gay men have children, like as I said Ricky Martin. The cross dressing, the 'kiss and tells' which were obviously written by a male PR person rather than a woman. I mean Rnaldo's rich, why didn't he get a super injunction. Ronaldo's PR profile and lifestyle is a textbook closeted gay man, it couldn't be more obvious to me. The fact that he also speaks out in support of gay marriage etc. This way the newspapers in England for example would have no basis to out him for being hypocritical etc etc.

                    • xoWinnie says:

                      again, stereotypes. he was in a long-term relationship with Merche, and is also in one with Irina. and he is not the first and only man not to be tied down, particularly in his professor. do you mean to tell me that all philandering footballers are gay? also, any nobody would benefit from a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. the surrogate thing just does not wash, imo. unless of course, you are desperate to believe he is gay. why would he have a child right then? during the WC? wtf? wouldn't he wait until he retired or something? like Ricky? as a formerly closeted man himself, i don't think he would purposely draw attention to Cristiano (if he is gay) that way. why can't a congratulations be just that? and stories about Cris go both ways–there are the tranny-hooker stories, the cross-dressing stories (by a bitter ex), and then there are the womanizing ones. of course the cross-dressing ones stand out.

                      i like Ronaldo enough as a player not to care, but i know that other people do. i just don't understand why for someone who knows the consequences homosexuality could have on his career you seem so eager to prove he's gay. i will give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he is not if that is what he wants people to believe. that aspect of his life is none of my concern, or anyone else's for that matter.

                    • Sarah, Madrid says:

                      +1 WINNIE :)

        • Agnes Wonka says:

          I agree with you. Image has an effect on this terms.

        • Anonymous says:

          That's not true. When Cris won his ballon d'or the press crucified him waaaay more than now, so its a non issue

          • xoWinnie says:

            i think the press' criticisms of Ronaldo then (i.e. lack of sportsmanship and constant diving and complaining) were much more warranted then they were now. then they were concerns, now they're just more for the store more or less. they will make a mountain out of a molehill for days on end.

        • camille says:

          thank you that is EXACTLY what i was about to post

    • Raven says:

      Definitely not unfair. Messi was right up there with Cris. How was Cris better than Messi last season? Plus Messi won the CL (I know you said that :) ). If he isn't a just winner of this thing, I don't know what. I understand that you want Ronaldo to win, but to call Messi an undeserving winner is a bit much.

      • Sergz says:

        I hate it when people say "but Messi won the league & the CL, Ronaldo didn't". There are 11 players on the pitch, not one. Messi may be brilliant but he did NOT win all of that on his own.

        I'm not a Messi hater, I just believe in team work, individual brilliance can't win it all…

        • Raven says:

          "Judged by their individual performances, he was superior". That's what you said, not I…And Messi is a team worker with far more assists than Cris. And as brilliant when it comes to individual skills. Sorry, but I
          it's beyond me that people do not think Messi a worthy winner.

          • Sergz says:

            I did. Sorry, English is my third language so i'm not always very clear when I speak/write.

            There is a big difference between an individual performance and a collective achievement. Messi may be brilliant on the pitch, and Ronaldo can be too (in my opinion Ronaldo was slightly better) – but Messi did not win the liga & the CL by himself.

            What i'm saying is, you can be the best player in the world and still play for a team that doesn't win. This just means that maybe Messi's teammates are better than Ronaldo's or that Barcelonas teamwork functions better. But Messi is not better simply because he won something which Ronaldo didn't.

            • _Titi_ says:

              Would barca have won the CL if Messi didn't make that solo run against all of the Madrid defense in he semi final?

              • xoWinnie says:

                so you're saying that because Messi scored a "crucial" goal,
                Barcelona won the CL? implying that in this 11-men per team sport
                one team is being carried on the back of one little man?
                hmm, never heard a Culé admit that one before.
                but anything to dog Ronaldo i suppose!

                • Anonymous says:

                  I think what the poster was trying to say is that Messi is the type of player who can create goals seemingly out of nothing. He is the type of player who with individual plays can win games, I'm not saying that he carries the team because that is simply not true but Messi has scored goals where he has beaten 2,3 players on his own and it's magic. When Barca isn't playing well he does have the talent to lift the team. Obviously Messi played a very important part in winning the CL

                  And c'mon Barca without Messi is not the same, just like Cris is an instrumental player for RM

                  • _Titi_ says:

                    Yes, , my point exactly. Messi is the type of player who can create goals out of nothing, there was no buildup to that goal, just Messi got the ball and made the run. We played like shit during the supercopa but Messi's goal and assist helped us from loosing. Any team would be lesser without their best player.

      • Agnes Wonka says:

        Messi wins everything with Barça, what about his NT? A complete player should do more for the NT than Leo does.

    • Shelley says:

      Have you forgot how CR9 or CR7 (or whatever silly name he gives himself) was totally to blame for Madrid not beating Barca in the UCL because of his outrageous selfishness in hogging the ball? Why should he win after that? Its a team game. Have you forgotten Ronaldo's hissy fit when he wasn't given a penalty last season and while his team mates were celebrating he was complaining to the ref. Jose had to tell him to "shhhhhh….." As Jose said himself this season, "Maybe Ronaldo will win something more important this year" rather than the golden boot.

      • Sergz says:

        I actually watched those games and I blame Mou and the RM players. I saw Ronaldo run around chasing after a ball all by himself while Barcelonas defenders calmly passed it around. All alone because his teammates didn't show up and because Mou fielded a team without a single striker…

        Also, I wouldn't say he's selfish, he passes the ball a lot. Sometimes I think that people still look at him as the same immature boy that played for United that constantly lost the boy and dived. He has grown up, you know.

        • xoWinnie says:

          i think some people think Cristiano is Peter Pan, and will never grow up.

        • Shelley says:

          He has been a lot less selfish this year I agree. But he was selfish last season, not sure how anyone can say he wasn't. If I was playing football and someone ran towards goal, got tackled, the ball came to me and I scored……and then the player ho got tackled chose to complain to the referee rather than celebrate with me I'd be absolutely furious. But horses for courses. Personal taste and all that. The award was for last season so that sticks in my mind.

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        Who said we blamed cris os losing clasico? We madridista blame no one, I find it kind weird that you are quoting Mourinho, since you know what he meant by important ucl, liga and so did cristano who said the same.
        I do believe that Messi deserves this award for individual skills, however if cristano wins it too, I won't find ispt surprising, the guy who broke a record as old as I am, should be recognized, a guy who won 2golden boots in two different leagues, who is the scoring goals already reached the 100 in real Madrid.
        Cristano is a machine, he is a true professional, I never heard a player or a coach complaining about him, if anything his current teammates always praises him the most, always talk about his leadership, his previous teammates still misses him, for example rio said it once for united. For me cristano is actually not given the enough credit he deserved because as you mentioned you only remembered him being whinnying and the fact that he is " selfish".

  44. PepaCandela says:


    (he won't win, but I really really want him to)

    • Kristina says:

      Me too!! But I think it will go to Leo, which is no bad thing.

      • PepaCandela says:

        Right? Last year I was bummed and it took a few minutes to remember that Messi winning wasn't exactly bad news.