August 30th, 2010

Bank Holiday Baller Bylines: Patrice Evra & Dimitar Berbatov

Image: AP Photo via Daylife

Patrice Evra: And here we see Dimitar, modelling the latest in obtrusive base layers. You will note the stretchiness of the fabric is sufficient to hint at the abdominal muscles nestling on Dimitar’s tummy, but coverage is such that any further visual probing is both pointless and inordinately frustrating. We therefore recommend that such base layers be gathered into a huge pile and burned until they are dead.

Thank you.

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16 Responses to “Bank Holiday Baller Bylines: Patrice Evra & Dimitar Berbatov”

  1. manutd(L). says:

    that is so cute that he writes it on his top in marker pen instead of spending a small amount of his massive salary on a printed t-shirt, but either way it’s so cute! and he’s gorgeous ;)

  2. Mrs Fabrique says:

    One word. Amen!

  3. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    LOL that had me howling with laughter…

  4. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    “We therefore recommend that such base layers be gathered into a huge pile and burned until they are dead.”


  5. Kar says:

    The announcers on my TV know where it’s at. When Berbatov scored, tore off his jersey, and recieved a booking, they were like, “why would he rip off his shirt if he just has another one on under it?” “Kind of pointless” lol!

  6. Jo says:

    This wins! :D

  7. KW says:

    I'll forgive the dreaded base layers for that message to his pops, what a sweet thing for him to do :D

  8. cherryboomboom says:

    What Patpat was really saying : dude why the f did you take off your shirt … if your wearing another one ?! Now you got booked for nothing you dumb*** … ahh whatever .. I mean you did score ..

    • cherryboomboom says:

      I just realized I always say bad words and then my comments get changed .

      must be annoying to always "clean up " after me

      I'm sorry Kickette , I'll try to control myself next time :)

  9. viya says:

    it was message for his dad who had birthday. it was like: "Dad, for you"

  10. Hilarious pic! Patrice is adorable. BTW, Berba had something written on his base layer in marker. Conflicting stories about whether it was a message for his father or his daughter.