January 13th, 2011

Barca ‘Ballers’ Love Files: Gerard Pique & Leo Messi – UPDATED

On Wednesday, Pique only had eyes for NFL star Chad Ochocinco. Who knows were his baby blues will wander off to next? Image: Twitpic.

Trying to act oblivious to the consistently erratic reports concerning his love life, Gerard Pique spent the earlier part of his week hanging with everyone’s newest footy BFF, Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson.

Similarly, we’ve been coping with the influx of partially hysterical e-mails questioning his dating status by hanging out with our newest BFF, Peppermint Schnapps.

But we both know better, and our responses were inevitable.

‘Tis true that since Shakira, 33, announced her breakup with Antonio de la Rua under suspect pretenses, no social network was safe from going on the fritz. GP fangirls were deffo out in full force.

But upon touching down in Zurich to attend the Balon D’or ceremony, Pique insisted there was much ado about nada:

‘We’re just friends. There’s nothing more to it. I don’t know anything about the break-up – just what you have said. We’re just friends and that’s that.’

And don’t forget, when the initial Pique/Shakira gossip started spreading, he was still dating (and kissing) his girlfriend, Nuria Thomas.

So for now, we’re telling the rumours to get to steppin’ as we move on to safeguarding our server from future attacks.


Leo Messi & Antonella Roccuzzo

Balon D'Or winner and his relationship issuesUPDATE: Messi has semi-refuted his Grandfather’s comments from earlier this week, by saying at a presser today: “Is it true I broke up with my girlfriend? No, that’s a lie. But for the rest, I don’t talk about my private life”.

So is he saying they’re still together or that HE didn’t break up with HER? Hmm…

Per Messi’s Grandpa and his big mouth, this coupled has apparently called it quits.  Our hair envy can stop now.

Despite the fact that the couple was going strong for two years, and the fact that she willingly endured the awkwardness of having Messi’s mother stare back at her each time she lovingly embraced her man, media speculation says the distance between the two youngings proved to be too much (Antonella still lives in Argentina).  According to Don “Toño” Cuchitini, though – whose name rocks our socks, btw – his grandson should be out having ‘healthy fun’ and not (supposedly) fighting with a girlfriend.

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77 Responses to “Barca ‘Ballers’ Love Files: Gerard Pique & Leo Messi – UPDATED”

  1. Janice says:

    Lionel Messi is so gorgeous.

    Did you see him play Real Madring the other day? Just melting hot sexy.

  2. I don't know if Javier Sarda is right or not! But what's written in the link you guys offer in spanish is just… appalling… really. No mountain of fudge oreos will ever let me get this image out of my head:
    "Shakira would kiss him and her tongue would come out Gerard's ear"
    I'm gonna go cry. won't even try hiding it

  3. Laura says:

    Look at what Javier Sarda said about Shakira and Pique. You should really look for it, it describes what he saw them doing in pure detail.

  4. BlackRose says:

    Piqué with Shakira, I do believe that can be true. Many paths leading to it being for real, at least. Their birthday is on the same day (February the 2nd), which he even celebrated (allegedly) when he scored against Atlético de Madrid in September: http://www.sport.es/vivo/recursos/fotos/foto_450/…

    So, I'll just go and comfort Cescy </3

  5. Pique_Xavi says:

    About Pique, just because Shakira "brokeup" with her bf doesn't mean PQ is dating her. She could have done it because she has a thing for him, and honestly, she doesn't have the best reputation always on gossip shows saying she has had flings with people she has worked with on videos. I won't sit here and say they are true but come on, people will believe a lot of things. To me, he seemed like he really liked Nuria but that she didn't exactly feel the same way :( … I however didn't like her (I know it doesn't really matter), she seemed like she was dating him just because she was probably attracted to him physically but not so much romantically. Did she even ever went to see him play? Don't know. I would imagine one would be happy to go see our man… many fans though, lol. Plus, he's on twitter too much for him to be "busy" with Shakira. Sadly girls, if PQ is "dating" her it won't last like Cescy, the Catalunya boys most likely (97% be my guess) will end up marrying Catalunya women.

    • @SweetNohemi says:

      I have to say that I have to agree with you on almost everything! However, I watch Spanish news, shows, and let me tell you that Shakira is one of the most respected artist in the Americas. You could find trash talked about Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and more artist! Shakira is like a goddess in the artistic world! I mean, everyone has a secret past, and I bet Shakira too. But she is loved by the media and her fans! I do believe that she is a little old for Pique though.

  6. Pique_Xavi says:

    Too many 'if' and 'buts' in the two lives of these two lovely and talented men. Who wouldn't want them single and some of us would love to see each with a lovely girl who appreciates them for who they really are, their football skils, and those adorable faces they have and not for their money. Maybe I'm just hopeless romantic, who knows. I do know that when I was in a longterm relationship we fought and we argued about dumb things, someitmes we didn't talk for days and sometimes we still talked but spend time apart. I don't know why but I think that's what is going on with Messi. He doesn't seem unhappy even before Ballon d'or. I mean, he loves this young woman, and of course they are going to have distance issues if she lives in Arg. but she can travel and she has so I don't think NOW it would break them up. As far as I know they had announce somewhere they were getting married this past Dec. and I suspect maybe one of them wanted it put off a little while longer. Can't say is him for sure because in interviews the family has said she's around their family all the time. They love her. .

    • Poppy says:

      How do you know Messi loves her? From their pics on the internet, I could see that HE LOOKED BORED! Didn't you see their pics in the beach??? They didn't even sit closeby and she even carried the big bag for him, that is a surething clue that he didn't really love her, a man who really loves a woman won't let her carry that massive bag! And I have heard some unpleasant news about that antonella in Argentina especially Rosario, she only wanted his fame and looking forward to become a celebrity. I am very sorry to say, he truly deserves someone better! That's my honest opinion and I am entitled to that!

  7. @AgnesWonka says:

    is it true that Piqué cheated on his girl and they broke up?

  8. Leá says:

    PQ and Shakira would have beautiful babies… This is one superstar relationship that I'm crossing my fingers for.

  9. Laura says:

    Oh man, I'd just managed to forget about Messi's tattoo! D: I shake my fist weakly at you for reminding me.

    Personally hope Messi and Antonella are still together so that her hair is more likely to continue to be photographed. My hair envy will never stop.*_*

  10. Anna says:

    I think Pique should get with Shakira..I like her and I think that she will treat him right.. The would be perfect together.

  11. Cescy says:

    Didn't Pique say on twitter when Cesc, Puyol and him had that tree fiasco battle thing that he "doesn't have a Malena Costa or a Carla to help me out"…I'm guessing that he's single and from the jokey way he said it he's OVER the break-up

    • mel says:

      yeah! i saw that one too and that was exactly what i thought! if he was kind of sad about the whole break up thing he wouldn't have mentioned it in public, right?

  12. ella says:

    i really hope that they didnt break up, if he cant be with me i wld rather see him with a girl like antenella rather than some blond money seaking bimbo who wants 5 seconds of fame on tv….

    • indianmuggle says:

      good point. If not me, then a childhood friend is what's best for him. though he said in a tv show he prefers blondes to brunettes. but Antonella is neither nor am I either.

  13. rainstarmcgee says:

    ochocinco is too much! i am a fan now :)

    Pique and Shakira would make an amazingly sexy couple just sayin….

    Messi doesnt need to explain to anyone if he has broken up with his girl or not, if they are together or not i wish him all the happiness in the world!

  14. @SweetNohemi says:

    What are the Barca boys doing with Ocho Cinco? (By the way that is a wrong way to spell and say 85 in Spanish!)
    He was hanging out with Cristiano and Irina last week. He even joked about the Barca boy being afraid of him for joining the Real Madrid team!!! I only like him because he said he was a black mexican. lol

    • Amy says:

      I certainly don't know Spanish but I suspected "ochocinco" was incorrect somehow. I refuse to call him that so he's still just Chad Johnson to me. I don't mind him and don't care which football team he supports but it's too bad he's with the Bengals. Didn't Marvin Lewis sign a new contract recently? Dude! Get out while you can!

      I hate to sound like I'm dissing the Bengals…I love Carson and I have a soft spot for them but they just cannot get it going for any length of time. Then again, I shouldn't criticize anyone for that. I'm a Liverpool fan, for the love of god.

    • beebe says:

      hahaha i'm embarrassed that i thought it was kind of geeky-cool with his name "ochocinco" , until i saw your comment about how it's the wrong way to say 85 in spanish, now it's not geeky-cool anymore, it's just hilarious!

      • @SweetNohemi says:

        Ocho Cinco=Eight Five. Ochenta y cinco= Eighty Five! So Chad J. is weird but I am ok with him cause he is not racist at least!

        Sorry, I know he has the right to like both teams. But I am just more into El Barca than the Real Madrid. Ohhh and I have issues with CR.

  15. Carla says:

    hey Dani Alves say something at the celebration of the Liga: "in honor to Pique and a special guess sinf waka-waka…"
    and Lio, well Anto and him are so cute… grand be more carefull

  16. Stefania says:

    Wait im so confused, did he or didn't he break up with Antonella? I mean I think that Messi and her are cute together but I kinda want to see him with a new girl even though she is really pretty. And i don't know about you, but Im not a big fan of Nuria i don't really like her that much, just saying.

  17. Winnie Mata says:

    Antonella's ass is out of this world. she is freakin crazy-hot. Messi better not pull a Peter Crouch on her.

  18. Leya_S says:

    Dammit Geri!!!!
    Chad Ochocinoc??!?!?! The guy had his name LEGALLY CHANGED TO HIS NUMBER SO HE COULD PUT IT ON HIS JERSEY….

    Sorry just had to get that out, as I can't stand Ochocinco.
    I'm really hoping Messi and Antonella didn't break up, I think they're so cute together. I'm happy Geri's single if HE'S happy being single. Since I know that it will NEVER happen with me and Geri (haha, I still dream, though), I just want him to find a nice, normal, disinterested-in-being-a-WAG girl to be with.

    • Lissete says:

      Haha I didn't know this about that Ochocinco guy. I'm American but I didn't even know who this guy was! Lol he changed his name to Ochocinco?? That is so laaaaame and dumb. Yeah a part of me was a bit happy when I heard Leo was single(*envisioning myself with him*) but yes I know it will NEVER happen so right now I would rather see him happy and still be with her. I actually kinda like her, so if my Leo has to be with anyone I approve of her haha ;P

      • Leya_S says:

        Yeah, in the NFL the rule is that you must have whatever your LEGAL last name is on the back of your jersey (which, as we know, is definitely not the case in soccer). So Chad decided that he wanted the back of his jersey to say "Ochocinco" and had his name legally changed.

  19. aps says:

    I really hope they are still together. They're one of my fave couples

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      I know!! Both of them seem like sweet, humble people. Messi is adorable :) and Antonella is not your typical WAG, which I like a lot.

      Other than Raúl and Mamen, they are my favorite.

  20. C16 says:

    Just here for Ochocinco… Did he really get and Audi or it was BS?

  21. Angela says:

    I think the Pique/Shakira rumor is beyond stupid and needs to end already. Also with Nuria, no one knows for sure because it appears Pique likes to keep his private life, well, private. Good for him.

    I also hope Leo and Antonella are still together, and not just because she has a ~glorious~ head of hair (seriously, what kind of products does this woman use??). He's always seemed to be very much in love with her.

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Totally agree with everything you said…

      But I gotta say, I think its just wishful thinking XD It would be cool if Shakira and Pique were a couple, just saying. Sorry to all you PK fans out there, I just think that would be kind of funny XD.

      That said, this rumor is completely unfounded and doesn't make any sense at all.

      As for Leo and Anto, they're one of my favorite couples, and I congratulate them for staying together so long with them being miles apart. :)

  22. iram says:

    as pretty as shakira is, she is 33! That's a heck of a lot older than Pique. That's cradle robbing!!!

    • Angela says:

      And she looks 23. Not seeing a problem with her age!

      • Gill says:

        Ditto. Shakira is GORGEOUS, that would be a major pull for any 'baller

        • Crackers says:

          Yeah, global superstar singers (and Shakira IS one) are normally way out of the league of footballers, not that Pique isn' t hot enough to pull anyone.

          And so what if she's 33? Like ppl say, she's got the face and booty of an early twentysomething, no problem there.

    • ~Ang~ says:

      Love doesn't have age…. my parents are 8 and half years apart… and Besides Puyi is 32 and Malena is 21 … & being 20 i wouldn't care if the guy is 30 … if he is everything i want in a guy … then I don't see a problem with age… except ..BUT I probably wouldn't date someone who can be my dad or grandfather….

    • Amy says:

      Really? I didn't know how old she was. She's the same age as me. I don't have that killer booty, though. PS – I'm all for someone my age "not dating" someone younger. ;-)

    • @SweetNohemi says:

      I don't belive in many years of diference in a couple! I hate when young people date older people!
      However, I must say that if a footballer dates Shakira, that footballer will be the luckiest man on earth! I don't know what Shakira was thinking on dating that guy for 11 years!!!

    • chay says:

      how and why is that craddle robbing? as i say, you cannot steal something that is given to you. pique is old enough to figure out what he wants. i doubt she forced him to do anything, if there is even anything going on between then.

  23. CescForever says:

    oh Pique, he is just so nice to look at :)

  24. Mia says:

    Ok so I think it's obvious to everyone that our beloved Pique is single! Also I kinda believe him with whole Shakira scandal, I don't think they're together or anything because there's no proof?!
    He's so hot… and looked so smart at the fifa ballon d'or 2010!

  25. Cara says:

    Why are people begging for Messi to have broken up with Antonella? Would you rather him be happy and happy in a relationship with a girl that wants him for him and not for the name tag of 'Lionel Messi's WAG' or him going around and sh*gging most of Barcalona and having countless Kiss and Tells against him? I'd rather have him in a relationship with a few arguements here and there then have him screwing half of Spain!

    • Kelly says:

      LMFAO…true that ,true that

    • Crackers says:

      Considering that someone else on this board once told me they were getting MARRIED next month, I'd say this is a surprise. It's a pity, though, she seemed nice and down-to-earth, they were an adorable couple.

      And I agree with you- I'd much rather our boys were in happy relationships than out shagging anything that moved (not that it wouldn't be understandable considering how young many of them are)

    • me :) says:

      Sorry, but her body language does not show that she "loves" him because of who he is, always she keeps distant from him, even hugging each other pictures she tends to the other side … It is not love. Precisely her, who should admire him and be proud of him … It always seemed he is the one that trying to get close …

  26. Mel says:

    Ö I feel betrayed by this nfl dude. He must desice who he supports!!!! You CANNOT be a Barca AND a Real fan, you must choose one!!!!

    Here is Ochocinco with his 'very good' friend Cristiano Ronaldo, visiting Real Madrid and having access to a closed training session. http://unamadridista.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/wil…

    • sarrible says:

      Ochocinco likes to hang out with famous people. He's not really there to be loyal to one team. (Also, as many of you can see, his Spanish is quite poor.)

    • bri_saldana says:

      Acutally….Ochocinco is doing American soccer a solid by giving soccer exposure in the States (though he's quite douchbager-ish) I appreciate it. Sadly the sport in the U.S. is in need of the "any press is good press" type opportunities. I'm try'n to show all my friends in Texas this Ochocinco crap….who know's I might even get a tangible conversation about football, soccer to them, anyway here's hope'n….

  27. Liz says:

    Is Pique and Nuria still together?

    • pooky says:

      Judging by the amount of time he spends on twitter, the clear lack of a woman's touch on his Christmas tree, that he took his mum to the Goldenballs and the recent pics of Nuria near-straddling some other dude, I guess not. D*mn, I've gotta get out more…

  28. ~Ang~ says:

    well …. is he calling his grandfather a lier … or did his grandfather NOT get the memo they got back together… they could have broken up and gotten back together… OR it could have double meaning an he means he didn't break up with her… and she broke up with him…

    W/E it is … I hope is ok … and happy ….

    as for Geri and Shakira… I don't believe it… & for those who care

    Shakira's Boyfriend was the one that cheated…. he was caught with 2 different women… I saw yesterday in spanish gossip show… that showed pictures of Shakira's Boyfriend with 2 different women!!! If the show puts up the video or something I'll try to remember to put it up here!!! :)

  29. Jenna says:

    Technically, his name is Chad Ochocinco. It was legally changed. It’s what’s on his jersey. It’s his name. Personally, I think that it is the dumbest thing, but it’s his legal name.

  30. Cammie says:

    If they didn't breakup …GOOD..but that is alot of distant…

  31. Alia says:

    Gerard Pique isnt dating Shakira, he's dating me ;) i wiisshhh hahaha

    ive never really cared for messi, but he's starting to grow on me

    • indianmuggle says:

      Messi was what inspired me to watch football and I still love him just as much as I did when I got the first look at that awesome flowing hair and a smile that can kill. And now I love football too but it all starts and ends at Leo Messi. viva la pulga

  32. Summer says:

    Gerard Pique….Every time I see him he always surprise me, how it's possible that this man increase every time his sex appeal and his gorgeousness. However I think he's a concentrate of pure beauty and the others things that a woman could desire. 100% sex and love

    • anna says:

      amen sister..

    • indianmuggle says:

      i like Leo Messi much more. I love him more than I could ever love a real -life guy. this guy was crafted by the perfect sculptor. It's hard for anyone to not like him and to love him is when you just can't think about anything but his smile.

  33. aurrie says:

    um with messi and his gf..people are taking the double meaning to seriously lol….he could have broken up ith her just but she could have broken off with him lol …but she is too good looking for him to break up with her…i mean look at her and her hair lol i want her hair….so stick with her if they are indeed still together…. maybe his mom's tat scared her off lol

    as for gerard and his wakawaka….who knows they are both attractive…it could happen..i mean shaki has been with the same man for 11 years ..and her " we love the way we are….why fix something that isnt broken" speech…i wasnt buying it lol….

  34. @DebStimson says:

    "So is he saying they’re still together or that HE didn’t break up with HER? Hmm…"

    I too wondered if he meant it as "HE didn't break up with HER". It just seems strange that Gramps would come out and say that they broke up and now Messi says they didn't.

    And really..She still lives in Argentina, even though they've been "dating" for 2 years? Talk about a long distance relationship! Surely she had to realize that he wouldn't be leaving Barca anytime soon, right?

    • Crackers says:

      I think she's still a student? That would explain why she might have to stay in Argentina, and even if she is a WAG (albeit an un-WAGlike one), education is important.

    • indianmuggle says:

      I read somewhere else she has moved to Barcelona and is continuing her nutritionist studies there.

  35. Whitney says:

    I agree with Messi's grandfather. Drop the girl and have as much drunken fun as you want. Just make sure your shirt ( and the shirts of your fellow footballers who you may be partying with) comes off in the process though.

    • sarrible says:

      But heed the example of Pato! That's not the way we want wee Messi going—fat, shaggy, greasy, and slow.

  36. aurrie says:

    i mean come on shaki is too old for ger….10 years blahh but i mean they both are attractive so it COULD happen…who knows…but the height difference would be funny..she does like tall guys though or she is just short (5 foot)….

    anyway messi…im sure they maybe back together but if they did break up..SHE broke up with HIM..not the other way around…he may be rich but look at her and look at him and then im pretty sure you can see …they were cute together…and i still want her hair…so if she decideds to cut off some ..she can give the rest to me to use as extensions lol

  37. blitzenTO says:

    Messi, God love him, isn't exactly a wizard with words, so he's not likely to play games with semantics. If he says they didn't break up, you can bet that's what he means. Bless.

    Pique, however, does seem to be somewhat single these days, although I'm sure Shakira has nothing to do with that. Maybe Puyol can introduce to him to one of Malena's model friends and they can double-date.

    Oh, dear. I just responded to a WAG post. Well at least it wasn't fashion-related. :)

    • Crackers says:

      Hahahaha, that'll be the day- imagine Pique and Puyi on a double date, you just KNOW hilarity will ensue.

      I don't think Shakira was the cause of the breakup either- the rumours have been around since WC-time, and his breakup with Nuria was a fair bit more recent than that.