October 7th, 2010

Basket ‘Ballers: The Sequel

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Having recently noted that football players are currently undertaking a ‘cool’ by association’ program through basketball, we feel it is our duty to bring you the latest examples of this sporting symbiosis.

First up, David Villa, who has clearly taken a shine to the theme and run with it. Sitting about observing others playing the game is clearly not sufficient for the Spanish striker and the above video sees him swapping shirts with Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard and then throwing a few choice moves on the court. Who knew the Baron of Bitchface was in possession of such thrillz and skillz?

Slightly less enthusiasm was evident when the French NT attended the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New York Knicks game at the Stade De France last Saturday. In fact, Les Bleus look like a bunch of sulky school boys on a group bonding session, determined not to enjoy themselves at all costs. Which, essentially, they are.  (via fff.fr)

Meanwhile, Yoann Gourcuff abandoned the program completely, choosing to pose with French singer songwriter Pascal Obispo at the game. Still. How sweet are they? (via fff.fr)

Whaddya think, Kickettes? Are you buying this ‘pursuit of hipness’ through basketball thing? Or is it just that pictures of players in casualwear rings your bell? Either works for us.

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61 Responses to “Basket ‘Ballers: The Sequel”

  1. Liz says:

    Villa and his mad b-ball skills actually remind me of the stuff Steve Nash does on the court sometimes. Wonder if thats where they got the idea for the commercial.

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  4. MissTorres says:

    I just love Howard's reactions especially in 0:50 hehe

  5. PINKY says:

    Yoann twice in one week?! YEAH!

  6. Rainstar says:

    hahaha that video is sooo cute! little David in that big jersey!

  7. Izzy says:

    AWWW DAVEEED how CUTE are you?!!??!?! SUPER CUTE thats how CUTE!!! LOL (times like infinity)

  8. GracieB says:

    When Villa gets bored w/ soccer, he can always move to the US and play basketball. One baller to the next!!!!

  9. dontaskmetosmile says:

    Tooooo cute! But was that really 100% Villa?

    And he was swimming in Howard's jersey, it was so big (or he was just tiny).

  10. @AgnesWonka says:

    I think David's ad was very cool! but, here's one thing….BALLERS DON'T BASKETBALL TO LOOK COOL! FOOTBALL IS COOLER!!!
    thanks :)

  11. Zinny says:

    I wanted to hear David speak in adorable broken English!
    But I love love love this little convergance of basketball and footy. I grew up in LA and there's a huge culture of basketball there (hah, I even played as a kid), and so it goes along perfectly with the beautiful game.

  12. @DebStimson says:

    lol…yeah..the looked like they really didn't want to be there, didn't they?

  13. aps says:

    I would be bored and less than enthused as well if I were watching the Knicks and Timberwolves. I don't blame 'em.

  14. JVD says:

    I love this commercial. Partially because I heart Barca and partially because I love it when sports crossover.

    Yoann, now that I have accepted the inevitable and admitted you are incredibly hot, might you stop popping up and distracting me with that smile?

    Oh, and Yoann and Danillo Gallinari (uber hot NY Knick) in the same place? Yes, please.

  15. Pique_Xavi says:

    Well I haven't really been into basketball since the Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman era which was grrrrrreat!!! Ballers have been attending basketball games not only international one but their local ones and this just makes it even better. Villa looks so cute. And for those who watch the Barca games, doesn't he seemed even better playing for that club? I mean before I did noticed him but he seems more confident and manly in Barca oh and his tongue thing that kills me!!! I'm starting to think is something they get training for at Camp Nou LOL Pique, Messi and now Villa keep it up guys!!!

    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

      LOL, you´ve also noticed the tounge thing? But the best tounge wriggler is in Sevilla. No one beats Jesus Navas. His tounge seems to have a will of its own.

      You are right, he looks confident and comfortable in his new surroundings. And thank God for that!

      • @DebStimson says:

        I noticed that the last time he played. Of course, the video posted on Kickette about his tongue action during an interview made me look even more.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        I saw this gif on a website and I just sat there looking at it for a couple of minutes. The same thing over and over it was Aaamaaaziiiing. Or at least it was to me :) Pique needs to step up he's getting some tongue action competition. I think him and Xavi are going to become lethal or should I say even more lethal?

        • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

          Talking about Xavi, did you see the post on the "Con la roja" blog where Xavi was celebrated in his hometown Terrassa? I had a hard time recovering from seeing him blowing kisses from the balcony!! He is luverly!!

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            No I hadn't seen that but now I will look at it. I hope there is video of it. I saw this one youtube video that was amazing, at least to me. He showed his bed in his family home and his parents and the way he joked around with his dad made me love him even more because I joke around with my dad about his belly too :)

            • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

              There is a better video of it at the Totalbarca blog. And i saw the video that you are talking about! He is so sweet and down to earth. How is it possible that he is single?

              • Pique_Xavi says:

                Thanks!!! I'm getting lots of great info, the youtube videos I have seen but I don't find things like the ones you tell me about. I need to search in spanish maybe. He's only been single for a couple of weeks now so I'm actually glad. I might just accidentaly go over to Terrassa and cross his path, lol. He seems like a baller that when you meet him he won't act all important like some do. And I didn't expect him to be funny and he is. He is the sweetest baller… or maybe cus I love the guy :)

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Jesus Navas? Reeeally? Well I will look for evidence on youtube. One has to make sure you know, lol. What do they spanish men have that is so damn addictive? Before during half time or commercials I would try to find a snack or walk around stretch out my legs but now I look at the backgrounds while the commentator chat about the match in hopes of finding something or 'baller running around or taking his shirt off. Also I just to hate some goal replays because if a goal was good they took time to see it like 4 times from all angles and often I missed on good plays but now I check out tongue or sometimes abs action.

        • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

          LOL, yes those spanish footballers will be the ruin of us all! TV-producers really needs to understand the importance of exposed abs or tounges!!
          I am spending a large proportion of my spare time theses days stalking the spaniards on the net. Preferably Jesus with his eyes and tounge;). I his case it seems like nervous tic or something. I think he´s pretty shy, but that just makes him more attractive.

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            Yes, they want more audience or sell more they should do a special halftime thing just for the ladies. I mean I love watching football I'll watch any game even if the guys aren't exactly my drooling type. I have never seen Jesus Navas play for long periods of time but I will search you got me curious. And I do hear he is a nervous boy. He I think has a problem with being away from his home and family. But it must not be easy to deal with all the people always yelling your name or wanting something from you. I guess everyone handles it different and its great he doesn't choose to sleep around with strangers like many others do. Spanish men seem to be so respectful and good people.

            • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

              He had panic attacks but after going to therapy he has gotten over it. He is still very shy though. And he is very religious. He stated in an interview that he doesn´t think about sex(!). But he does have a girlfriend, don´t ask me how that adds up. So he´s kind of an odd bird, and he really doesn´t seem to understand the effect he has on the female fans. But i think involuntary sexiness is very attractive, and he is so very beautiful.

              • Pique_Xavi says:

                Oh yeah, someone mentioned that but I wasn't sure if they were kidding around. He is part something else other than spanish no? I think some countries from early age they are taught certain things should be talked about and probably sex is one of them in their family. Some parents are very protective of their children when it comes to subjects like that but if he doesn't know how much his cuteness and those gorgeous eyes affect females better for his gf, lol. Too bad I haven't fun a video of his tongue action… Still looking though. I really want to see after you mentioned it.

                • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

                  Check this out at 0:36 and 2:43:
                  He does the same thing a couple times more during the interview. I don´t think he is aware of it:).

                  • Pique_Xavi says:

                    OKAY!!! Pique has hot tongue action, but this kid is whoa! That shouldn't be allowed on regular broadcasting. The video almost melted my laptop. I agree, I don't think he is even aware of it and the thing that got me too was that he raises his left eyebrow while he does it. And don't see why this kid doesn't think about sex if he has to look at a mirror with that face.

                    • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

                      lol agree!! In many ways he is the total opposite of my babe Zlatan, but my oh my, what a boy!!

                    • Pique_Xavi says:

                      Zlatan, very yummy.. good choice. That's the best thing about not actually being a WAG you can have your favorite and still be able to drool over someone else even like if my case are too young and talk about it here on Kickette. The best part is not feeling guilty if your mind is cheating on your love because there are other gals on here who feel the same way you do :) I wonder how much football I actually miss whenever I watch a Spain match?

  16. mia_bellouere says:

    haha, ^ love it :) 'Yo, Dave' haha :) Davheed has some serious skillz hehe :) Lovin the shirt fittings haha :D

  17. chefdi says:

    Dearest Kickettes ~ warm greetings to all of you from LA ! I haven't posted for awhile but oh my … I do not even like basketball but I LOVE this segment and these visuals, and for that matter yes, I guess I do love the 'hip' by association! Thank you so much!!

  18. David I don't think i properly expressed my true feelings for you! I lovvveeeeeeeeeeeeee you!!! Ditch your missus, marrry me and sign for Liverpool!

  19. luckylou says:

    More like basketball players trying to be cool by associating with football players. Kobe Bryant was practically drooling at Stamford Bridge.

  20. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    "Yo Dave!!" lol

    I must confess something. It took me until now to discover how hawt he his. Daveeeed, i mean. He is actually gorgeous. And a Barcaboy. Life is good!!

  21. Says_Who says:

    Dang David, you got some skills!

    I'd be slightly less enthused too if I was watching a Knicks game. I say this because I've seen the Knicks play last season when they came to my town and boy do they reek! If the footie players are in pursuit of hipness, then wait until the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic, San Antonio Spurs, or Phoenix Suns, providing that those teams will be in Europe during their Pre-season. But yay for them for going to an NBA game!

  22. Emily says:

    Apparently the great majority of fans at the Knicks game booed when Gourcuff and co appeared on the video screen at the venue. Hee hee.

  23. Leya_S says:

    Hahaha "Dave"!
    That gets me. I think I'll stick with "Daveeeeeeed"

    Also, why is the FNT in uniform? It's a little overwhelming.
    The Arsenal boys did it better with their impeccable style (and Cesc's sweater vest!).

  24. Maribel says:

    Adorable! I LOVE when sports (and players) collide!

  25. gin_in_teacups says:

    Haha that commercial! David's shirt is so small on Dwight Howard! And how he keeps kicking it around at first instead of dribbling! And that basket at the end with his foot! I also love how he doesn't speak in it, I'm assuming because he doesn't really speak English, but the whole time he was busy not speaking all I could think was "I bet he sounds so cute when he tries English." I wanna kiss the bitchface right off him!

  26. BarceLisa says:

    check out this video ESPN made during the World Cup: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=5351779

    Footballers are probably just a little jealous of NBA players because they have higher salaries (some second-string players earn eight-figure salaries) and also because of basketball's association with hip-hop culture.

  27. Baller says:

    Basketball, football and Villa?! That commercial somehow included my 3 favorite things! Love mr Bitchface!

  28. sarrible says:

    Dwight Howard is my very favorite NBA player. And since he's about a foot and a half taller than David Villa, I expected that shirt to be a whole lot tighter! That was adorable.

    • @DebStimson says:

      OMG! That's exactly what I thought when I saw this video yesterday! I thought Villa would be swimming in Howard's jersey too. Howard rocks!