July 7th, 2010

Bastian Schweinsteiger, Germany: Dignified In Defeat

No one wants to see a sad Schweini. Not now, not ever.

But, let this be a lesson to us all: there can still be great dignity in defeat. Silently suffering, Bastian took a moment to compose himself. And then stripped off, like a real man does.

German-supporting Kickettes, we may be talking abs, but we feel your pain. To see such a talented and exciting team go out at this stage is agony. Do tell: what do you think would have made the difference for Germany?

More on Sunday’s Netherlands/Spain final to come!

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83 Responses to “Bastian Schweinsteiger, Germany: Dignified In Defeat”

  1. Chai says:

    Found your page just now… i know it's a long time since the aforementioned semi-finale… but it's so good to hear that you all loved the german team so much. that time I was so sad that they lost against spain, but reading your comments makes it kind of better. ^__^
    I love your paige by the way. It's bloody brilliant =)
    Love from germany, Chai

    • Dyonisius says:

      Unfortunately, yesterday he was suffering worse defeat which was much tougher to swallow :-(

  2. Riina says:

    Poor Schweini.. poor Miro, poor Arne.. I truly hope that Miro will play 2012 and they will take the Cup.

    Just have to ask, why Jogi used Trochowski and not Kroos/Marin… that was stupid mistake, because both Toni and Marko are more talented and better than Troche.

    Now, destroy Uruguay, I’ll always love you.

  3. Riina says:

    Poor Schweini.. poor Miro, poor Arne.. I truly hope that Miro will play 2012 and they will take the Cup. Now, destroy Uruguay.

  4. LB says:

    Did anyone notice he wiped his face with David Villa's sweaty jersey?

  5. Isabella says:

    I'm a Spain fan all the way, but I did feel bad for the Germans. They really have performed the best the whole tournament through. I think if Muller had been in, they would have won, hands down.

  6. Dot says:

    I was so depressed after the match. But Die Mannschaft will always be my fave. esp Schweini n lahm. gogo Deutschland!

  7. Ava says:

    I was absolutely devestated to see Germany lose, but they did themselves proud. No one thought this young team would ever get this far and they proved their critics wrong. They should be very proud of themselves for getting this far.

  8. Katee says:

    I'm so completely bummed to see them out, even thinking about it today bums me out. I've just loved them so much since watching them four years ago. Spain was my second favorite team up until yesterday seeing how they played that "nick one in then play keep away all game" style though and I really think thats a cheap way to play. I just don't think that the best teams are in the finals, no offense to any Spanish or Dutch fans- congrats to whoever wins but Germany will always be the winner in my mind.

    • Yao says:

      Hear hear, Katee! Die Mannschaft will still be #1 in my heart and true winners of this World Cup. :)

      • Katee says:

        Yao I know right?

        They played SO incredibly well and I'm so proud of my boys! But I'm sad that this is probably Klose's last World Cup.:( He better score tons against Uruguay to beat Ronaldo's record and get the Golden Boot as a consolation! :)

        Side note: I love finding German fans so much and I'm glad I came across kickette. Living in America kinda sucks for football fans and if I wanted to strike up a conversation about Müller, Schweini, or Özil people would look at me like I'm crazy lol.

        • tResa says:

          Katee, Yao, I totally agree…
          still gutted about that loss, too. They would have deserved to advance to the finals, they played freaking amazing soccer/football! For me, they were definitely the best team in this WC!
          Well, I guess they’ll keep rockin’ the pitch, most of them are still young enough to have a couple of tournaments in them, so GO GERMANY all the way! :)

          I sure hope Klose’s back will be okay on Sat so that he can kick some ass! He deserves it!

          Anyway, die Mannschaft is definitely Weltmeister unserer Herzen! :) GO GERMANY!!

  9. Tasha says:

    why why why do we always get so close and then lose like that!!!

    Love u Deutschland, will always do!

  10. Iris says:

    can't believe we're out… i'm sooooo sad!

    the better team won… i dunno why my boys were playing so scared…

    müller would have been a difference, but i don't think we would have won with him… spain was just better.

    and of course it is stupid to let ppuyol run towards the ball after a corner… everybody knows that, he did that in 1st half and of course they let him do it again -.-

  11. Gigi Neville-Brown says:

    I love the site of a German player in tears, since they eliminated my boys. The better team won. Viva La Furia Roja, and thank you, Carlos, for that beautiful head of yours. Wonder how that humble pie tastes, Bastian.

  12. Liya says:

    Germany definitely missed Meuller. They also relied too much on counter attack football but Spain managed to snuff them out. I cried like a baby last night and managed to break a couple of glasses along the way. Bastian was awsome this entire tournament and so was the entire Mannshaft. I still love em and will always do. You guys made us proud.

  13. Jackie says:

    So sad that germany didn't win the whole thing. They were and always are my favorites going into any tournament even though I'm not german. sad day but atleast they place again.

  14. lala says:

    I'm a German supporter (I was mostly-Spain initially, but I switched over a few matches back, yes, I'm as bad a traitor as that octopus!).

    I'm not quite sure what would have made the difference for the Germans – Thomas Mueller playing/Spain screwing up in defence like the Argies and English/a Plan B that involves Germany imposing their game a bit more?

    Still proud of what these young lads have done in this tournament, cos they certainly made football a little more exciting to watch. Consolation is that we still get to see them once more on Sat night…

  15. Elisa says:

    I am German girl!

    I'm so sad.

    Four Years ago, we lost against italy and now against spain in the semi Final!

    But we played so much better then Four Years ago!

    But i am proud that our Young Team reached so much , nobody thought it before.

    And maybe the German Football is more atractive for other countries

  16. stereobleedout says:

    Sarah Brandner has some cheering up to do…

    I wish I had her male equivalent to cheer me up! :(

  17. Zlatanista says:

    I don´t know what would have made the difference. But i do know that i have never felt for a German NT the way i do for this one. They were spectacular!

    I am all for Spain and i´m a Barca-girl, (there were seven Barca players on the pitch last night (if you count Villa)) so last night was heaven to me. BUT Germany was one of my favourite teams this year! Sad to see them go. I prefer them any day to Holland, no offence.

    • Lisa says:

      yay a fellow Barca-girl. I too was over the moon that so many of our blaugrana boys contributed. That Puyi scored the winner was icing on the cake. I was equally just as nervous in case in Spain lost because, knowing the Madrid-based Spanish press, they would have no qualms about dumping it all on our boys (google Julio Salinas) which is why when Pedro had that brain-explosion instead of passing it to Nando, I nearly had a stroke. All this is trivial now. Club allegiances must be put aside, congrats go out to the whole Spanish team.

      • Zlatanista says:

        I agree with you that club alliances should be put aside. The win was due to beautifully performed Spanish tiki-taka !

    • I so agree with you! I am ALWAYS all about my Barça players, and in fact I was so happy when Puyol scored(got EXTRA love for him!) and sooooo freakin excited about Villa coming(CANNOT WAIT!!!!) *squeals in excitement*. But I was rootin for Germany with all my might and it ABSOLUTELY tore me to pieces to see them get out of the tournament without AT LEAST getting to the final, after how hard they worked. And seeing Joachim Loew's shake hands with the Spanish coach after the game just crushed me inside. I think he's one the best in the world at the moment. In all fairness though, Germany were not as great last night against Spain, I don't know what happened, but Spain properly deserved yesterday's win.

    • Emma says:

      Yay Barca chicas unite! haha! I was SOO happy yesterday! La Furia played fantastic and when Puyi scored I cried so hard my Dior show mascara was running down my face (we need something waterproof Dior)! He deserved to score, he's the heart of the defense, one of the leaders of the team and this is his LAST World Cup. Well done Puyi and the entire squad. Kudos to Grandpa Del Bosque for realizing that Torres shouldn't play the entire match (bc of fitness) and having to guts to change it up. Can't wait for Sunday! A Por Ellos!!

      Germany were great this entire tournament and the fact that they're young will make them a very strong force to be reckoned with come the next World Cup (or even the Euros in 2 yrs). I love that they all shook hands afterwards. Very classy of both teams. Love =)

      • Lisa says:

        Just looked it up, there wasn't a single yellow card in the entire match. Come to think of it, the only time I remember noticing the referee was the coinflip when I was telling myself "hmm… he's cute for a referee". Thanks FIFA but you would have created a world of goodwill if you brought out the good (and attractive) referees earlier on in the tournament.

    • Barcelista says:

      So good too see more Barca chicas in here :)

      I completely agree with you ladies.. I was so happy when I saw that the line up included Pedrito.. and when I say the way my beloved Barca boys – Erhh I mean Spanish boys ;) – played I almost jumped up and down with joy.. Thats how happy I was :D It was ALMOST like seeing Barca play.. And Puyis goal.. Wauw!! Thats how it's supposed to be done! And thats how a team is supposed to play football!!

      I have been supporting Argentina and Spain all along and after Argentina got kicked out well.. then this is it.. This is the year that Spain, tiki-taka and Barca style football is going to win the WC!


  18. aristeia says:

    I’m in love w/ the Germans. I cannot help it. I should be rooting against them all the time as an Azzurri supporter– we don’t want them matching our WC stars. But I really just can’t help it, I love them. Even when Italy knocked them out last WC in what was the best game of the competition, I still felt so sad for the Germans. Obviously I was elated for my team, but there’s just something about the Germans (especially being the home team then).

    I would have been happen w/ either team to win today, either one’s loss would make me sad so it was the old rock & hard place feeling. Happy for the whole “new winner of the WC” guarantee though. And Spain’s 1st WC final too.

    But sad Germans are sad. Thank Zeus Schweini bared his flesh to ease my pain. If he needs help easing his, I’m available 24/7.

  19. Malena says:

    I feel sorry for them now. I think I only like the German team when they lose.

    Actually, the world cup is a pretty cruel procedure. Only one team gets to celebrate in the end while I guess almost thirty teams and their fans are left in agony…

  20. Tommie says:

    I want to say, so far the German fans of all ages and gender have been outstanding in their show of support for the team. All over the Internet, I see silly things being said such as “Spain avenges Argentina/England” and the likes. That is ridiculous, if I may say so myself, because Spain’s victory is Spain’s alone. Germany losing has nothing to do with Spain wanting to avenge the other countries Germany trounced. *cue eye rolling motion*

    Die mannschaft fans, though, are all, “Future looks bright because we have great young players, congratulations Spain, looking forward to the Uruguay match!” Very classy, German fans. I love you all very much right now.

    I’ve only truly supported Germany 110% in this World Cup, because I have other favorite teams in previous tournaments that played better (in my opinion anyway) than Germany. But I’m now all for this group of brilliant young (and old) footballers! Schweinsteiger has always been my favorite German player, but his teammates are also made of complete win – everyone from Mueller to Klose to Neuer to Friedrich. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all positively good-looking. It doesn’t hurt that they care enough about their fans to send a letter. It doesn’t hurt that their coach and his assistant are sexy. No, it doesn’t hurt at all.

  21. missdeutschnetherland says:

    I love how Germany played the entire tournament, and they claim the title of scoring 4 goals in 3 straight games, SCORING THE MOST goals in the world cup (hopefully), and congrats to Klose for #2 most goal scorer in FIFA World Cup right after Ronaldo? or Pélé?
    Yes I wish this game would have NEVER happened, i wished muller was in this one, and I wish they won,(I wish a lot of things) but they will be the great Germans that will honorably receive 3rd place. They will own 2014 in Rio!

    and to Schweini, NICE! ;)

  22. Ella says:

    I was rooting for Spain today, but I have to say this German team was so impressive throughout the tournament. And I was totally rooting for them against Argentina, where they played incredibly well. They have a lot to be proud of. But now it will also be nice to see a team win who has never won the Cup before!

  23. miss_lashes says:

    Iam sooo gutted!!! Can’t believe that my Germany is out, who have been by far the best team in the tournament after beating cup favorites england and argentina with 4 goals each. And spain went through with another narrow 1-0 win to the finals! Football can be so cruel sometimes! But the absentences of Mueller was defo felt (thanks to messi who probably did it for his barca teammates). Spain did play better today than their previous games and with their crazy ball possessions, it was clearly hard for germany to play their game. But I wouldn’t say that Spain was much better than Germany, they took their chance and scored whereas the germans didn’t.

    Anyways Iam still extremely proud of my boys and know that they will have an amazing future together with many trophies ! They’ll be back soon with more experience! I really hope that Holland wins the Title to see van persie lifting the cup, as iam still angry with Cesc wanting to leave my Arsenal n he already is a European Champion! But what would I give to have Khedira at Arsenal!!!

    • Trillian says:

      Spain completely outclassed Germany last night. The German team did not even remotely resemble the one that beat Arg, Eng previously and that was not because of the absence of one player (Mueller, because Trochowski did ok). As for taking their chances, Spain had 13 shots versus 5 for Germany. So if you say Germany did not take their chances and could have won, I would say it could have been a nightmare for Germany, if only Spain could have taken THEIR chances.

  24. Patricia says:

    I am from Mexico and I like soooo much the german team, however this time Spain was better team. You german guys are very young and you reserve a better time for next time. Please don’t be frustrated for the future. Spain from my perspective was not good enough during all the tournament but they did very well this time and is good for the soccer we can have a new Championship and I hope is Spain, even I always like Netehrlands.

  25. Lisa says:

    oh schweini, there there babe. At least you have a beautiful girlfriend/drinking buddy Sarah to console you. If you could out-drink her, I guarantee you would have destroyed enough braincells to bring on amnesia. Speaking of which Kickettes, have all your hangovers subsided yet? Judging by the lack of posts so far, clearly not! I am still mad at Pedro for his moment of selfishness that luckily didn't cost Spain the match (but gave me a stroke). Germany were not as dangerous as they were against England and Argentina. They really missed Thomas Muller. What happened to the rule that makes yellow cards redundant after quarterfinals? Don't worry German Kickettes, you have enough talent in your country to win the next two World Cups. Klose will get more than enough chances against Uruguay to pass Ronaldo, he deserves it.

  26. zztop says:

    poor schweini! He's not the best looking but he is such a graceful loser. After seeing him devastated post Euro Cup and again I hope he wins a big title some time soon.

    Kudos to the German team for bringing the sparkle to this World Cup and for being gracious losers. Both teams were class acts today as they usually are. None of the diving/fighting stuff for them.

  27. Jheanelle says:

    Today’s victory was bittersweet for me since I’m a fan of both teams. But, you ladies sure know how to make everything better with the pictures lol. Thanks ;]

  28. caitanya says:

    How about some sad "we want to comfort you" pics of lukas podolski, that fine specimen of a blond polish footballer? :-D I could definitely get into those :-P

  29. caitanya says:

    Wow, talk about utter happiness for me! Sorry, but i was supporting Spain 500% and germany not at all. I am a little upset at villa for missing so many opportunities and pedro for being an idiot at that perfect opportunity to make a goal, but three cheers for puyol's header!

    I was feeling sad at the prospects of having a personal apathetic final match of NL vs. DE (a personal sleeper, no offence to anyone else!).

    I am so happy to know that i will actually be excited to watch the final now!

  30. Laurie says:

    Spain was so good. I enjoyed watching it.

    I missed Fabregas, though. And I’d love to see Albiol against the Netherlands :)

  31. elnino says:

    I wish Germany and Spain had clashed in the final. Germany is a very good team and they don’t deserve 3rd place again. I think they shouldn’t have let Spain take the midfield and control the ball. Also, how did Puyi get a HEADER on Mertesacker?????? Either way, I’m happy for Spain (can’t wait to see Iker holding the Cup) and sad for Germany (Arne Friederich is H-O-T).

  32. Alicia says:

    good job for the germans though! i’m sure they will win 3rd place! they just weren’t at the top of their game.
    haha i found this link: they’re trying to interview the germans on their loss, and the spanish boys appear singing and dancing, hogging the camera. HILARIOUS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdXIc5Z67gk

    • AnnaBlume says:

      That's from 2008. I thought it was a little rude actually, but who can blame them really…

      • miss_lashes says:

        Yh you are right…its absolutely rude to celebrate infront of the defeated team especially when they are giving interviews!!! What do u have a changing room for or didn’t u celebrate enough on the pitch! No respect!!!

    • caitanya says:

      i had a great laugh! What a great clip!

      • Riina says:

        Wow, I think that clip is just terrible, because it shows that Spain had no class at all. Very unrespectful. But good that you had your laugh, huh.

  33. AnnaBlume says:

    For some reason I just thought of this video and thought I’d share, maybe it can put a smile back on the faces of some of my fellow Germany fans:
    If you forward to around the 5 minute mark, you can see footage of Bastian Schweinsteiger competing in a ski race at 2 1/2 years old. I swear, it’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. :)
    Most people don’t know, but Bastian actually used to be a pretty good ski racer and at one point he had to decide between skiing and football.

  34. cescyspain says:

    i love schweini, i dont know why, but he just seems so intense. i wish he comes to madrid this year, i think he's brilliant. me and my friends were looking forward to see cesc play. we even had our fabregas jerseys on. it was sooo disappointing. still, im glad del bosque didnt start with torres cause there was a lot more fluidity to the team today.

    • mcdreamy says:

      I hope he is not going to Spain this year because frankly speaking it would hinder his development. He's not a player for that league.

  35. sara says:

    Schweini did the best he can. Germany just can´t play against Spain, their game just falls apart. They played the way that are not used to, Podolski was nowhere to be seen, Ozil played too backward. But this team has enormous potencial, I´m sure they will win something in the next years.

  36. AnnaBlume says:

    Spain simply were the much better team tonight (they certainly played their best game of the tournament so far), so congrats!
    I’m not sure what could have made the difference.. I guess it didn’t help that many of our players seemed incredibly nervous and they didn’t really seem to believe they could win. Oh well, the future still looks bright, so I’m not quite as heartbroken as I thought I would be. Hope we can at least win against Uruguay on Saturday.

  37. tResa says:

    it is so very, very sad! i can totally not stand to see men cry or be so sad…it made me cry…i wanted to beam myself to SA and give them all a giant hug! :( so, so sad!

    i guess spain just was the better team tonight…they shut us down. shit happens, life goes on. eventually, anyways. for now it’s okay for us to cry…

    but we love our Mannschaft anyway…they are THE BEST!!

  38. Anastasia says:

    I’m devastated. Devastated but still proud of my loves.

    I don’t know what would have made a difference. They seemed so strong, but it just didn’t work against Spain. They didn’t seem like the same side, whether that was because Spain shut down their plan or whatever. Whatever it was…I’m tired of people trying to say it was because Mueller was missing. Love him, but I hate when people insist that one missing player lost a team the match.

    • Sorry this comment comes really late, but you pointed out something very important: One missing player can't affect the entire team performance. Perhaps it affected the team a little… like when Kroos could've shot that goal in the 2nd half. He missed.. Mueller wouldn't have missed such an opportunity….. but oh well.

      To anyone curious as to why the German team weren't "like themselves" in this match:

      WATCH THE 2008 EUROCUP FINAL GERMANY-SPAIN. Explains a LOT. That game was dirty, dirty, dirty, (Ballack wanting to avenge at Marcos Senna; Podolski was headbutted by David Silva; older German members like Kuranyi, Rolfes Hitzelsperger etc kept fouling their opponents, kicking ankles/shins instead of playing good football, and lastly, goalkeeper Lehmann was as nervous as a cat, kept yelling the whole game. They all played like crap compared to Spain) SO UNLIKE the young, respectful, quick-footed German team of 2010. Well, in the first place, Michael Ballack was Captain in 2008… and he acted like a real prick…. so unprofessional, keeps losing his temper. In my opinion, Philipp Lahm should stay as Captain. Anyway, the thing is, the German team had some sort of a "mental block" when it comes to fighting Spain. They lost so convincingly to Spain 2 years earlier (Torres outrunning Lahm for the solitary goal). Plus, notice that the older members of the German team did not bring their A-game against Spain in this WC Semi-final. The younger German members were befuddled by the timidness of their senior members.

      If you want to download the 2008 Eurocup Match, just message me on facebook.

  39. adnama says:

    I'm a Spain supporter, but I think the problem was that they were not aggressive enough in the beginning. Spain tends to hang back and score late in the game, like they did in this game. And by the time they score their passing game has tired out the other team and there isn't much time left on the clock.

    They may not win by much but the timing of their goals kills it, Spain slow and steady tactic usually leads to them being fresher later in the game.

    Germany is crazy dangerous on the counterattack but they can't counterattack well with a team like Spain who don't give up possession easily and often. Muellers absence hurt the Germans who couldn't pull together their attacks.

  40. Rusty (Mrs Clemens F says:

    I think the Germans missed Mueller, full stop.

    And I feel physically ill. This sucks.

    • Jovana says:

      I totally agree. I was crying and I almost had a heart attack when they lost :(

      • Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

        I’m not sure why a football game gave me a migraine, but it did. It also screwed up my stomach.

  41. missd says:

    Wow, the octopus was right! Germany isn't my team but I was hoping to see them play against the Oranje (Holland v Spain doesn't have that traditional rivalry). They seemed to run out of steam against Spain. I wonder if they'd started thinking ahead to the final, which is always a dangerous thing to do? But they're such a young, exciting team that I'm sure they will build on this experience. Germans should be proud of what they've achieved. Now, onto the final!

  42. JaneSpotting says:

    Gracious in defeat? Stunned was more like it. Yes, enjoyed the beauty of Espana. Too bad no Fabre-gas gas gas to view.

    Spain just pounded and pounded..took shots on goal all the time. Lover-ly.

    Casillas was of course super gorgeous. Yum.

    Can't wait to see the Dutch vs the Spanish. Let the babefest begin!

  43. micha says:

    completely gutted at germany's loss today. while both teams were in my favorites book, i was still holding out for a schweinski win. best of luck to them against uruguay. and best of luck to espana in the finals. i hope something amazing happens for Klose in the 3rd place game. as well as for the rest of the german lads.

  44. Kristina says:

    I can't believe I'm only finding this website now, so close to the end of the World Cup. I get an F in internet.

    But I gotta agree with VeNia – I think Müller was missed. I have no real idea what happened out there, but all in all Germany played brilliantly in this world cup, so I really am not that sad for my boys.

  45. Trish says:

    I'm gutted. I had to work so I missed the match, but my daughter told me the Spanish defense was just so strong. Still, like Tash, I'm proud of the boys and since they're a young team I'm sure we'll see more awesomeness from them to come.

  46. VeNia says:

    although I am a Spain fan,i think Muller would have made a big difference in the game…MVP is Xavi as FIFA said

  47. GraceGibson says:

    Devastaed. I am from Germany, supported them fully with my heart and painted face.

    But we played this game so different from all the other games in the WC. Trochowski really slowed the side down. We normally attack with the Lahm side. Yes Müller was missing, but with Kroos and Marin we had brilliant chances to cover him up. But Trochowski was the worth possible replacement, imo.

    We were the surprise of the tournament, young brilliant team. I have HIGH hopes.

    Now Holland will have to do the job and then Bayern can play with 3 World Champions :)

    Game for the 3rd place is important. If Klose scores 2 goal he has the same as Ronaldo in the WCs. Not much, but something to look forward to.

    Still heaps proud of my boys! :)

    • elnino says:

      Oh I do hope Klose gets his goals. A wonderful end to a spectacular career =]

    • SoccerDuckie says:

      Well, I'm not the only one who thought Deutschland played differently! A bit Jekyl and Hyde, with the three matches of scoring 4 goals each, and then this.

      At any rate, this second semi was agony for me to watch, as will be the final. I hate it when teams I support go up against each other!

    • aristeia says:

      Actually, he only needs 1 to tie Ronaldo. If he gets 2 he’ll surpass him! I’m completely rooting for that to happen. <3

  48. senora ramos says:

    sorry german ladies. i feel your pain, but germany looked spectacular all cup. congrats on getting to the semis. some days just aren't yours and today was one of those days.

    • Thea says:

      Sad for Germany, Happy fpr Spain – hungover like hell.

      • Zlatanista says:

        Hahaha, you just summed it up, didn´t you.

        • Thea says:

          So not funny – doing a double shift at the resort as I took time off yesterday to watch the match. AM DYING THE HEAT AS WELL.

      • senora ramos says:

        yeah, that's me too; drink lots of water, hun. :S

        • Thea says:

          Finished work and getting some MUCH needed ZZZZZZZZZ’s, note to self by the time the next tournament comes around I need a job that does not depend on looking acceotable whilst gretting holiday makers!

  49. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    For me, the best player in this World Cup.

  50. Tash says:

    you've actually managed to make me smile-thank you!!

    would've been nice if we had been more offensive from the beginning of the match instead of after Spain's goal.

    still proud of the boys though (seeing Schweini at the end just made me want to cry more!)