January 10th, 2012

Bayern Munich: Blinded By ‘The Bright’

We’ve spent a lot of time fantasising that Thomas Muller will one day gaze dreamily into our eyes. Honestly? We’re a bit scared of the repercussions now. Image: REUTERS/Adnan Abidi.

It’s that time of year again, folks. Yes, while you’re labouring through the debris of another expensive holiday season, hiding whenever the postman comes ’round for fear of your credit card statement being delivered, rich footballers are off getting free swag.

Would you risk permanent blindness by hopping into a car with these two? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons and have calculated it may well be worth it. That’s how desperate we actually are. Images: REUTERS/Adnan Abidi.

Well, alright. The Bayern Munich players took delivery of their shiny new Audi’s in July last year, as part of the company’s partnership deal with the club, so they’re technically not getting free stuff here. We’re just bitter.

The boys, who are in New Delhi  for an exhibition match tonight vs. the India NT, were hanging out in the vehicles on display at the Auto Expo this morning, though, to imply that a trade-up or 20 might be in their near futures. Mario Gomez and Thomas Mueller wasted no time getting behind the wheel of a red convertible, giving us a glimpse of what life on the road would be like with these two: Mueller would drive, Gomez would crack jokes and forget to co-pilot in the process and we’d be the annoying girls asking for potty breaks every 15 minutes.

Oh the places we could all go together!

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9 Responses to “Bayern Munich: Blinded By ‘The Bright’”

  1. sa335 says:

    Hello, I like you page. I’m glad Yahoo pointed me to it. I was able to get the know-how I was searching so badly for days now.Thank You very much for your really good web page. Have a good day.

  2. BeyonceStan says:

    Yes i want to see more of the Germans,too <3 <3 <

  3. littlegreenpea says:


  4. Annika says:

    Finally something about the Germans! Bayern, apart from being a ridiculously great football team, oozes attractiveness and perfection!

  5. sıla says:

    Bayern Munich players are very attractive, really love them. I love him very much, especially Neuer :) )

  6. Alone- Brazil says:

    I love Mario Gomes in total despair

  7. Alone- Brazil says:

    ask for an easy ride, Super Mario I love you with all my heart!