April 6th, 2011

Bayern Munich: No Risk, No Reward?

Image taken 2nd April, 2011.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we hear they say.

More often than not, as you can probably attest, we prefer taking the easier way out. We do wonder, though, if in a year from now, we’ll find ourselves agonising over all the times this site fell short of your skin expectations. ‘Don’t carpe diem on the carpet’ is our HQ’s mantra, used to weigh up which gossip, news and pectoral muscles merit your time and attention. People, places or things such as Franck Ribéry’s mere existence normally provides ample reason to skip the story sharing, but to hell with him today.

It’s obvious Ribéry isn’t high on our list of footballers who are worthy of appearing alongside well-oiled men like Mario Gomez and Luiz Gustavo. Just this once, however, are we willing to throw off the fugly bowlines in a 4-for-2 tents and torsos special.

Your vision may be blurred due to our irrational choices, but with the body part odds heavily in our favour, we couldn’t resist the temptation. Now that you’ve had the pleasure of observing Gomez and Gustavo’s lower halves have a good time with one another, would you agree or argue our point that Ribéry’s photobombing tendencies was worth the risk?

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23 Responses to “Bayern Munich: No Risk, No Reward?”

  1. NandosBitch says:

    Lol i know me too. but his bod WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Who gave ugly old NOT superfly ribery the right to wear superfly boots?
    Ugh. I think I might barf looking at him.
    Well at least marios there to save the day. Yay!

  3. Lizzy says:

    Who gave ugly old NOT superfly bribery the right to wear superfly boot?
    Ugh and least marries there to save the day. Yuuuum.

  4. Dar says:

    Who cares? As long as Mario is in the picture I am more than satisfied ;)

  5. Sarah, Madrid says:

    WHY? RAMOS AND CRIS DONT TAKE THEIR SHIRT OFF, but RIBERY MANAGE TOO and there is pictures too :'(. Every game I am rooting for some apps and they end up exchanging shirts in TUNNEL, WHYYY WHYYY! *nervous breakdown* lol

  6. D0li says:

    So sorry to be the bareer of bad news, but shouldn't Ribery be in jail for having sex with an under age prostitute?

  7. Jen says:

    M. Gomez is so hot I barely even noticed the fugly frenchie.

  8. naylovee says:

    oh hot damn! i dont care if this is tmi but i need to change my under apparel because of this picture! lol.

  9. simone says:

    Mario One word:STUNNING

  10. Americus Killaponius says:

    Mario Gomez, wow Wow WOW.

    And fret not, Kickette. It's nothing a little cropping cannot fix, right?

  11. JA7 says:

    *pushes ribery outta da pic* :P

  12. Doug says:

    Two words: 1. Photoshop; 2. Crop.

  13. spvrp says:

    Mario Gomez = perfection.

  14. Zahara says:

    mamma mia mario gomezzz!

    ribery, he thinks ugly thoughts, so he becomes ugly, no offense

  15. BayernG says:

    ah, thank you :-)

  16. Lily says:

    I think Mario Gomez should be the hot list wawa weeee wa

  17. mochara says:

    Oooh so sexy, but then you see Ribery…….

  18. Cara says:

    Mario.. I know your happy to see me but this is becoming a recuring thing. I dont mind though, just a shame that the shorts get in the way all the time!

  19. chay says:

    helloooooooo short tent! ah, what a lovely wednesday morning …