November 29th, 2010

Beach ‘Baller: Landon Donovan In Sydney – UPDATED

Landon? While we seriously appreciate a sneaky glimpse at your epic hip dips during a stroll near the beach in Sydney, there’s a ¬†price for our pleasure: their proximity to your hideous shorts. We only deal in freebies, if you don’t mind. Image: via¬†Zimbio.

UPDATE: Landon’s response to this is all kinds of brill. He’s also got a new commercial out for The Wild Soccer Bunch. But, sadly, he keeps his shirt on.

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55 Responses to “Beach ‘Baller: Landon Donovan In Sydney – UPDATED”

  1. nodnarb says:

    Hip dips? Ya'll know those are called cum-gutters. :-)

  2. tammyv says:

    I love that hotel:… It is my favorite in LA.

    The commercial is adorable..landy is doing his thing as one of our reps for Thursday

  3. Jaz says:

    Landon is soo cute! I can’t get over him. Supercute face & body! he gives that shy guy-next-door type vibe. He’s not too Hollywood or over flashy he is just Landon. I respect him for being such a good guy. He does soo much for my country; makes me PROUD! :] When the MSL was in need he was there. He always delivers… REAL stand-up guy. I respect him most for keeping it legit all the time. May not be 6’4 but he is still a very handsome fellow!

    And before you jump on his shorts… THOSE SHORTS ARE BETTER THAN THE LITTLE SPEEDOS that all of our euro boys love to wear! I’ll defend him till the end! LOVE YOU LANDY!

  4. Jen says:

    I don't get his appeal?? Although not a big fan of MLS….there are a few American players that can hold their own in cuteness……Landycakes doesn't.

  5. miimis says:

    Landon is cute and a great player. I feel that Carlos Bocanegra and Bryan Jordan are hot!!! I know, I already said that in the blog…..I used to like him until he was talking **** about la seleccion mexicana. He is not welcome in mexico, most of the time. But here in U.S.A., lots of mexican girls like him…I think he should be thankful for that!!! I think he is racest! Although, he does speak good spanish!

  6. tiff says:

    love ya lando, but them shorts be lookin like culottes!
    becks, we need a style intervention here, stat.

  7. reneebree says:

    I used to be attracted to Landon Donovan back in the day until I saw him up close several times. I live in Manhattan Beach, where he lives, and have seen him up close and personal (well, not personally, literally) but definitely up close several times… and let me tell you, he is a LITTLE man. I mean very little. Pictures give him justice and I hate saying that because he does seem like a good guy. Respectable in the public, funny and humble but STILL he is super little. I'm 5'7 about 125 (being honest) an with the littlest heels, I TOWER over him. His muscles in pictures him 3x bigger than they are, and I almost feel like I'm voluptuous standing by him. Such a "CUTE" guy, but hence the word "cute" not hot. Bless his heart, great soccer player, does so much for his country, got GQ baller of the year but when you see him up close… it's a totally different story. Sucks!!! :) if you want to continue to have dreams of being with Landon Donovan… pray that you keep up with the dreams and not actually run into him because believe me…. it seeing him ruins it. ;( Ugh, hate saying that, like I said, seems like a cool guy but… it's better to keep it mysterious than to stand by him and realize that your little 21 yr. old bother has got it going on more than him. BUT Thank you Landon, if you read this for all that you have done for the MLS!!! Have to go back and stick to Kaka or Beckham. :(

    • reneebree says:

      Believe me guys… again, not trying to hate on Landon Donovan… but he's a little, little guy. I was shocked. Guess it's true as they say, camera adds 10 pounds of weight, muscle, whatever… he def. looks WAY BIGGER on tv or in polka dotted shorts in Australia. STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH LANDO!!!!

  8. Colleen says:

    How could anyone hate on Lando? He's done more for american soccer than anyone. He's also pretty cute and he seems like a good guy.

  9. Laura E says:

    Aww, I think the shorts are cute! Ugly-cute counts as cute! Landon's an all-American boy. He doesn't spend his money on designer bathing suits. He spends it on his dogs and video games. <3

  10. MaryElla says:

    I never found him attractive… until now. Nicely played Landon.

  11. anna says:

    trolololol he posted this on twitter. hopefully he doesn’t read the comments.

  12. mimis says:

    yeah, he is a great player and he is cute! but I think that carlos bocanegra and bryan jordan are hotter than him!!!

  13. Lucy says:

    Landon is so freakin sexy. So much hatin on him here. He is also a very nice guy. Met him a few times. Just lovely.

  14. Violets says:

    Wow, lots of Donovan hate here. I don't really get it–he's grown up a lot in the past four years, and he's played a huge part in the surge in popularity that soccer has had in the US. I don't see how you can be a USMNT fan and not at least respect and appreciate what he does on the field. I know that we tend to focus on looks here on Kickette (of which I am wholeheartedly and happily guilty), but some of these comments just seem kind of shallow and mean. I think that he's adorable.

    Haterz be hatin'. USMNT & Godovan for life :)

  15. Lauren says:

    Some of you need to have your eyes checked. He's hot!

  16. tona says:

    he posted this article on twitter lol

  17. Amandinha says:

    mmmm… hip dip…. mmmmm…. abs…… mmmmmm…. arms…….. mmm- wait, OMG what IS that hairline?

  18. JesseH8sLandon4ever says:

    once gross, always gross.

  19. LM says:

    Loved LD in his first world cup, but now that I’ve learned the game I only like him in a US jersey. Fire till I die! I do agree w Jackie his Twitter cracks me up.

    • FireFan20 says:

      I totally agree w/you LM. However ho would look great in a #10 Fire kit. Now off to support the USWNT @ Toyota Park!

  20. Johanna says:

    I have never liked him personally but I do appreciate his dedication on the field to score goals for the US. His personality just rubs me the wrong way and I don't like his whiny voice either.

  21. Lex says:

    Oh Landon….I love you and I hate you, it just depends on the day.
    And am I the only one who thinks the shorts are kinda cute? In an I would wear them if they were cut for the female body kind of way, for sure though….. Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut….

  22. Vivi says:

    Am I the only one who laughed when they realized that the only tan part of him is his hairline?

    • Says_Who says:

      He's got some serious farmer's tan going on in that picture! But at least his pale torso highlights his yummy hip dips.

  23. Jackie says:

    I really don't know how people do not like Landon. He seems ok. Just look at his twitter ppage. He's pretty funny, actually.

  24. aps says:

    After seeing this I’ve come to he conclusion that Europe has the honest men. Ld falls waay short.

  25. Landon you know i love you but, seriously those shorts?

  26. rainstarmcgee says:

    he still looks good, i likey hip dip A LOT

  27. Yaha! says:

    And if i may add happy to see some chicks are coool!…..Wassup!

  28. Yaha! says:

    oh my goodness gracious all the hatin' is makin my head spin.. i personnaly, if anybody cares love LD because he is an amazing player and means alot to U.S Soccer and he is also an idol of mine. ..he SEEMS to be a great guy idk tho but… honestly he is probaly a way better person than all of y'all….PEACEE!

    • bri_saldana says:

      yeah…totally surprised with the hating fervency, but no one can deny he's a great footballer. ANND he's look'n great!

    • LoS says:

      I love him. He and Paul Rudd have similar high foreheads and I think they're both boyishly adorable.

  29. mimis says:

    sorry, I forgot to say that Carlos Bocanegra- and Bryan Jordan are hotter than Landon Donovan. Papasitos!!! I wonder if they like latinas???

  30. mimis says:

    Why don't you post Brian Jordan's Pictures from the L.A. Galaxy??? He is much better looking than Landon Donovan!!! ohh yes, Brian is!!!

  31. footieflu says:

    I'm really not the one to hate footballers…. sure, i find a couple of them ANNOYING but this guy…..

    I just had to say it and get it out of my system…..
    …… feels much better now that its out…..

  32. Georgina Sanders says:

    I'd take him if he covers his head (because I don't wanna see that balding forehead!) and removes those damn-awful shorts..

    Oh wait..

    On second thought, just have him. There are enough plentiful of footballers that I can frolic around all day, who are way, way hotter than his face and body. :-)

  33. Missy Manchester says:

    ugly fugly
    cringe-y, wince-y
    polkadot pajammies

  34. Let's face it – a hip dip does not a hottie make. No thank you.

    • Missy Manchester says:

      What little interest I had in him completely evaporated the moment he made a cape out of the American flag during the World Cup. I also have not forgiven him for dissing Davey Becks in public. He's a slithy toad.

      • Violets says:

        Really? Landon is actually a really nice guy (not to mention quite cute)–he does a lot of charity work and has been incredibly influential in popularizing soccer in the US. I'm not quite sure what you mean by the whole cape thing (basically every single athlete who wins anything in any sport for the US does that). He also publicly apologized and was forgiven by Beckham. He was the star of the LA Galaxy until Becks came along and then suddenly he had to hand over his captain's armband because one of the world's most famous people was joining his MLS team. Becks joining the Galaxy was not the "OMG Becks is going to save MLS!" thing that the press made it out to be, and I think that it was very hard on his new teammates and they didn't quite know how to handle it.

        • Lucy says:

          Well said!

        • Missy Manchester says:

          Well written response. Landon should hire YOU to be his publicist!! :)

          That being said, I still belong to the side that doesn't like him. LOL And if I go detail for detail into the specifics of why I don't like him…I'm afraid of needlessly needling all the lovely Kickettes who do love Landon.

          So…let's just say…he's all yours Ms. Violets!! :)

      • leyla says:

        In case you didn’t know, most fans of the team agreed with him about Beckham. Would you think it was fair if a new player joined your team, was immediately heralded as its savior, and got the captain’s armband? And did nothing of significance to help them (at least in that season)? Put away your bias and try to see it from an objective view, you’ll see why there was strife.

  35. landon donovan? mmmm???
    europeans are uncompetable!

  36. Alex Samuel says:

    I don't know what Katy Perry was talking about, it's all about those
    CALIFORNIA BOYS they're unforgetable
    Nike shorts Adidas on top
    Sun kissed skin so hot they melt our popsicle

  37. Leya_S says:

    Oh yes! Those hip dips might be even yummier than my sister's apple pie (and my sis makes EPIC apple pie!).

  38. blake2108 says:

    Hello Landon! *drools*

    Wanna bring that sexy body of yours back to the EPL while it's the MLS off-season??