June 18th, 2012

Beck Talk: Mustaches & Movies

Whilst Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz form some kind of open-mouthed, consonant-loving supergroup, we’d like to take a minute out of your day to talk about David Beckham’s mustache.

He’s been growing his five, six and seven o’clock shadows out for awhile, but this handlebar nonsense is a bigger letdown than waiting months for your favourite singer’s new download and then discovering they’ve released an album of Crazy Frog Christmas remixes. It’s just like a big ole build up with promises of glory and fireworks and instead of the huge levels of potential and satisfaction anticipated, it just peters out and fades… and dies.

Trufax: David’s Captain Hook look is plain heinous.

Speaking of plain, embarrassing (and awkward), we took a trip down Victoria Beckham’s hair from ’94 memory lane after learning of whispers about a Spice Girls documentary that’s supposedly in the works. It was a quick trip, one that involved us skipping at a sale-at-Harrods pace. But at the same time, it’s one not to be missed, Kickettes.

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6 Responses to “Beck Talk: Mustaches & Movies”

  1. eca kombi servisi says:

    Airfel klima servisi
    Baymak kombi servisi
    oh my .. is beck losing the look!?

  2. drea says:

    Pornstache alert! Victoria cannot possibly allow him to show up at the Olympics looking that way. By the way, I never noticed it until now but their 2 younger boys REALLY look like her.

  3. sarab says:

    oh my .. is beck losing the look!?

  4. Gabss says:

    Worst look to date!! Maybe he's joined a club that celebrates life from a 100 years ago or something.

  5. tammyinlalaland says:

    My guess is that is the moment that Dad had that looked like a goal but was somehow waved off… not even sure why

  6. Rachael says:

    She should smile more often she actually has a beautiful smile what a shame she seems to prefer her pout.