April 18th, 2007

Beck Talk: 12 Hours, £110,000

image: thefashionspot

This is why we will forever worship at the altar of Sir Becks: to celebrate Victoria’s 33rd birthday, David planned a surprise trip to Paris including dinner and shopping, to the tune of £110,000.

Victoria woke up to a birthday presentation of a homemade card and other such slushiness from her children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, who were then ceremoniously abandoned so mummy and daddy Becks could get their foreign shop on.

Take a moment to consider that having David Beckham as a husband already is a gift one would maim doe eyed puppies for. So to throw in a Parisian shopping spree kind of puts your situation at lottery winning happy dance, no? But nary a smile was to be seen from Victoria – not even one of sheer gloat as she tottled past the various shop assistants kissing her ass and bowing down with designer objects.

David whisked Victoria around to numerous private appointments he had arranged for her at Christian Louboutin, Azzedine Alaia and the fabu boutique Colette before taking her to din-dins at Guy Savoy. It goes without saying that David hired out the entire restaurant. Because, god forbid any peasant-like, ugly people might be dining nearby and ruin the vibe. Not to mention it probably makes Victoria uncomfortable to see other people eating.

Transport to and from Paris was provided for by private jet. Again, avoiding lowly commercial travelers/the unattractive/the poor is key to simulated marital bliss. Remember this, Kickettes, make it your mantra.


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3 Responses to “Beck Talk: 12 Hours, £110,000”

  1. uneditedmara says:

    Men, take notes.
    Bitch isn’t even human.

  2. kickette says:

    LOL, yes she definitely strikes one as giddy with happiness on the inside doesnt’ she?

  3. Laurie says:

    Nary a smile?  Don’t be so hard on the poor woman.  She’s obviously had a massive botox touchup in honor of the big 3-3, and it’s SO hard to smile when your facial muscles are frozen by botulism toxins. 

    I’m quite certain she’s smiling inside.