October 18th, 2006

beck talk: dirty laundry

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You gotta hand it to our boy Becks… even with his football career rapidly heading south, he’s all about alternate career planning.

The latest is his plan to re-enact a famous Levi Jeans advert for the charity, Children In Need. The ad featured a sexy boy stripping off his dirty jeans whilst in the laundrette (much to the delight of the mouldy oldies washing their polyester pants and grey socks in the background).

David in his briefs? We are so down with that plan of action.

Mr. B was recently dropped from one of our favourite ad campaigns for Police Sunglasses – his six year deal came up for renewal and they did not maintain the eyewear love.

Might just be time for Vicky to step up to the Brand Beckham plate and send David home to look after the kids. She’s severed her ties with Rock & Republic jeans and is going it alone with her own line of denim and handbags for label DVB, to launch in Jan 07.

We hate the idea of David being out of the limelight, but the image of him as a hardworking house husband will get us through these dark days.

Link: Iconic Levi’s Ad To Be Recreated By Beckham For Charity.

Link: Brand Beckham Is Kicked Into Touch

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