October 3rd, 2006

Beck Talk: Fantasy Football

News arrived yesterday that five-year-old Maddox (he of Pitt/Jolie parentage) has been enrolled at David Beckham’s football academy in LA, and papa Pitt wants him to get some one-on-one coaching with David.

We will say this on the matter: If the day ever comes where Brad Pitt gets in his environmentally-friendly people carrier and personally brings little Maddox to meet David Beckham, surely the combination of so much visual talent in a square mile radius will bring the world to an end.

Think about it: the Pitt, Becks, soccer balls… add Angelina pulling up on a Harley and it brings a whole new meaning to Fantasy Football.

Wait, we’ve said too much.

In any case, we’re booking our flights to LA today, and anticipating the apocolypse eagerly. But not too eagerly, we still need to work on getting that pesky restraining order dropped.

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