September 12th, 2007

Beck Talk: On the Loos


Rebecca Loos, former personal assistant to the Beckhams/web-spinning spider, has arrived in Los Angeles.

We have no idea why she would need to be in Cali, other than to cause Victoria Beckham to have a hernia.

Gossip is that she’s in town to discuss a new reality TV program, but regardless of the reason, we would bet our GHDs that the tension at the Beckham breakfast table would be, well, tense.  With a side of icy rage, hold the brown sauce.

Link: Beckham’s Alleged Nookie Nanny Blows Through LA

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18 Responses to “Beck Talk: On the Loos”

  1. SMS says:

    Wooooooh………….She’s hot.

  2. I can not believe what a “bottom feeder” she is, even by the standards of the Hollywood Scum.

  3. brandy says:

    Jeez… I can almost hear her chest skin about to completely rip! I bet she complains about guys never looking her in the eyes too. DUH!

    Luv ya TammyV – so funny. But the appropriate noun for her is not “chick”, but “ho” put forth by Anna.

    And Ella – I don’t think Posh could beat anyone up. I bet her kids laugh at her when she threatens a spanking.

  4. Robin says:

    Will anyone in LA know/care about her? I think not.

  5. I don’t like her…

  6. Gina says:

    I guess she’s out here since the Leeds/Greater Manchester “hookers & gin” industry is all of a sudden getting an influx of new talent?

    Or maybe she’s an actress now, and is auditioning for the american version of Footballer’s Wives?

  7. tammyv says:

    Welcome Jacey

  8. Ella says:

    I don’t like that woman(?). Kick her ass Posh!

  9. Jacey says:

    Perhaps she just wants to visit a plastic surgeon so they can do something about those things bolted onto her chest.

    (new here btw. love this site)

  10. tammyv says:

    Did anyone in American EVER care about this chick?

  11. Anna says:

    I guess, Posh better get her scrawny butt back to LA.

    Reality show? Does anyone really care about this ho anymore? Seriously, now.

  12. tammyv says:

    Wow.. desperate and crazy/stalker is not a good look on anyone.

    Seriously sweetie, making money off the scandal in London, a/k/a home, is one thing, not classy but it is not sick; HOWEVER, following your *cough* ex (if true) to his new contient with his STILL wife is both creepy and tacky. 

    ANY way you slice it, he made a choice that was not you.  You following and hoping to make money/trouble is desperate and distrubing.

    Here in LA, we have already have a whole lotta fame-seeking whores, really we don’t need to import anymore.

  13. Gal Friday says:

    She does seem to have two talents.

  14. Tammyv says:

    Thanks bella.. I loved your point as well!

  15. Bella says:

    Hey tammyv,
    If I had been more conscientious and read what everyone else said before going off on my own, I could have just said ditto after your comment. I like your point better than mine anyway. Well done.

  16. Bella says:

    The mood at MY breakfast table was tense after I read that news this morning! Are there NOT other cities in the world she could be blowing through, efficient as she is, she can’t have done them all.

    OK, I know you all think I’m delusional to think there’s anything real left between Becks and Mrs Becks. Whatever. This woman has been on my last nerve since she spilled her lying guts to the entire human race four years ago…I don’t care for how much cash.

    And you can’t deny she was lying because (and this is irrefutable evidence I promise) hard as I tried to come up with them, there just are not enough words applicable to the human anatomy that would fit the blanks in the alleged phony text messages the tabs generously provided for our reading displeasure). Plus I’ve always asserted they couldn’t have come from Becks since the word amazing is not seen once. I rest my case. She needs to go away.

  17. Cinghiale says:

    “blows through LA”


  18. S A R A H ;; says:

    I Would Bet More Than My GHD’s!!
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