October 23rd, 2006

Beck Talk: Sir David

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David isn’t happy.

And when he’s not happy, we’re not happy.

When anyone messes with Mr. B’s psyche, we feel the need to do some serious Manolo Blahnik-footed ass kicking. We do love David so. His message to Real Madrid – I’m sad. And also, get my superfine fabu hairstyled behind off the bench, damn it.

Why do we love David so? This photo says it all: the sneer. It’s really all about the sneer. And the hair. That’s it, really. We don’t ask for much. Use some hair products and look grouchy and we’re good to go.

Link: Beckham Finds Lack Of Play A Real Pain
Link: My Misery in Madrid

The Beckhams’ former bodyguard has been killed in Iraq.
Link: Bodyguard Killed

It looks like the underlings will finally have to address Mrs. B the way she has always wanted. She’s about to become “Lady Beckham.“

The rumour mill is in high gear with anticipation of David Beckham becoming Knighted. Before Prime Minister Tony Blair steps down, he has to submit his 2007 honours list, and Mr. Blair loves him some celebrity ballers.

Vicky, honey, it’s been a long journey from singing (okay, miming) “Spice Up Your Life” to becoming a Lady, and we give you full props, gal.

More importantly, for those of you with a vivid fantasy life, consider this: David will be a “Knight of the Realm”; you can call him “Sir David”. Just imagine the fun you could have with a chain metal vest and one of those jousting sticks.

Link: Beckham Set To Become A Knight?

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