February 1st, 2007

beck talk: stupid pet tricks

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  We were too busy staring into space thinking about the large muscular horsepower of Sir David to consider the potential consequences of his actions in his photoshoot for Disney/Annie Lebowitz.

Like, let’s see: the horse rears, David falls off the horse, breaks his ass, and the LA Galaxy crumples up and folds into the sea.

Read more here, and see the video clip of David hanging on for dear life here.

Well, actually, it’s like 5 milliseconds of David hanging on, but it’s a dramatic 5 milliseconds, we swear.

A word of warning: watch it with the sound off.

Otherwise you’ll have to hear him say, “it’s very honouring… it was very honouring”, or something terribly terrible and you don’t want to lose your Beck-on, dear friends.

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