October 4th, 2007

Beckham Shares the Halo3 Love

image: adidas

We’re not the video game geek type, but we might have to reassess after hearing the latest news about David Beckham.

Halo3 is the fastest-selling game for the Xbox, and has caused many a die hard fan who enjoys shooting the crap out of others virtually to queue for hours to get a copy.  When it was released last week, Becks was one of these fans – waiting his turn in line like everyone else.  The games went on sale at midnight, and David bought a copy for himself and the boys and also for all twenty geeks in the queue with him.

All this time spent not playing footie has obviously gone to the man’s head.  Why on earth didn’t he send one of his minders or peasant workers to wait it out on his behalf?  Where was the carefully placed call to the paparazzi to ‘inform’ them of the photo op?  Has he learned nothing from Victoria and/or every other celeb in Los Angeles? 

Random Beck stuff: we caught this video interview of David and Mia Hamm.  Anyone else observing some awkward body language from Mia when in the presence of Sir Becks? Relax and work some cleavage for God’s sake, woman. What are you, a serious HOF athlete or something? Dayum.

via David Beckham Fans Online & CDAN

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14 Responses to “Beckham Shares the Halo3 Love”

  1. Rita says:

    Good they are such geeks, and I love them so damn much for it.  As good looking and successful as both are, you would think they would be suave jocks, but they’re kind of like the socially awkward kids at school.

  2. Jacey says:

    Dadgummit. She looks like that after having twins five months ago???!!!! That’s a lot of good hair in one room, even with all the awkward.

  3. Tammyv says:

    awww…. some much to awww about in that.  Sweet, generous, adorible and down to earth Becks. 

    Mia = American Soccer.  She has been the face of it for over a decade now and as many people have discribed it (all in the states of course) Becks is the female Mia Hamm.  They are the top of the top in image for the sport, around the world really.  Mia has the most goals of any player male or female in FIFA history. 

    HOF = Hall of Fame. Mia was inducted into the US Soccer Hall of Fame this summer

  4. Bella says:

    1) I was worried that with this long a layoff we might end up with another arm or leg full of tats. That boy can NOT sit still (obviously nor should he ever have to).

    2) Mia and Becks – meeting of the pathologically shy. Becks has clearly never minded splashing the gorgeous face and bod around, but he did have a job to get used to speaking to the camera/even strangers. And Mia had an even harder time. [warning serious fan comment here] Good for both of them to step up all these years to promote their teams and the sport.

    But the two together? Shy and adorable—and of course their was the part where she mentioned Becks gifts and class…so we know she’s been paying attention…

    3) Excuse ignorance but can someone let know what an HOF is?

  5. Bella says:

    Thanks Tammy! I watched the HOF induction. My kids are pathological Red Sox fans as a sideline to the footy madness, so the Mia and Nomar wedding was as close to royal as you can get around here. We had to watch Nomar sitting in the front row holding the twins and gazing adoringly at Mia during her speech at least seven or eight thousand times.

  6. Becca x says:

    She Seemed Really Arkward.. And Bless Beckham That Just Shows How Down To Earth He Is… Dont You Just Love Him??

  7. Doug says:

    Mia’s kids are going to be better at soccer than Beckham’s will be.  You heard it here first.

  8. brandy says:

    Can someone please explain why her forearm is in between her thighs in this interview?! I mean, come on! I know it is Sexy Bex and all, but kids are watching!

  9. kooliokayx3 says:

    i think it makes us look awsome we look retarted b/c we r like that

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