September 8th, 2006

becks watch: venice

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David is feeling broody. He told the Daily Mail: “Suri is gorgeous. I have spoken to Tom (Cruise) loads since the birth but it was the first time I had seen Suri. It made me really want a baby girl, so fingers crossed we will have one.“

Good to know if (when) they have another boy, the kid will feel wanted.

Becks also declared that his international career isn’t over yet: “I’ll be back.“

Victoria told the press she has her hands full with her three sons and will probably be trying for a baby next year sometime.

Also, Victoria’s failed/cancelled/canned solo album has been leaked on the internet (remember that whole “kickin’ it” with Damon Dash PR scam?).

It’s the law of the Google: if you have a past, it will re-surface, and it will sound bad). Mrs. B is tres pissed because she thought the songs were “useless” and doesn’t want others to hear them.

Download (and enjoy, natch) the music here: Open Your Eyes

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